Galactic Dark Net

Chapter 470: Final Alliance

Chapter 470: Final Alliance

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Black Egg’s dragon breath blew a hole in the dark original body of the Universe Insect, and they rushed inside.

Who could even imagine that the Dark Net that Han knew so well was actually just a stupid insect? Maybe Han’s mother didn’t want Han to use the login key that she gave him before she died, but rather destroy it.

Those pink huge routes were the veins of the Universe Insect, now due to the growth of the Universe Insect, these veins have expanded bigger and bigger. Even Black Egg, whose body was as large as a planet had no problems with flying inside.

"Black Egg! Go find your people!" Han ordered Black Egg loudly.

As of right now, all of the dragons was sealed inside the body of the Universe Insect. In such a dark space, maps and detectors were all useless.

What Han could rely on was just Black Egg’s senses. As the offspring of the dragon race, Black Egg should naturally know where Dragon’s Valley was, and where the group of dragons were.



Black Egg let out a roar and moving rapidly inside the Universe Insect. The Universe Insect had already changed the laws of space and time and they couldn’t jump inside its body. Space was operating under a different law than the universe originally.

Han was sitting on Black Egg’s back. Everyone was kind of nervous.

This gigantic insect could swallow the whole universe. One could imagine how it definitely wasn’t easy to kill him from the inside.

So Han needed the help of the dragon race. Only the universe’s strongest creatures could challenge this monster that brought destruction wherever it goes.

But, the dragon race was so proud. Even though Han had been to the Nirvana era and warned the dragon race, would they listen? Could they live until the time and space of today? This was all a mystery.

If there wasn’t a dragon race left, then God knows how they would destroy this huge insect. The possibility of life was given to these unreliable dragons. This was the biggest concerns of everyone.

As Black Egg was flying, Duo Sun from the special mission force of the humans found Han, and carefully gave him a crystal. Inside the crystal was the last spore of the universe.

"From now on, you can keep it." Duo Sun said.

Han was taken aback. He observed this crystal carefully, inside the transparent crystal there was something that was swimming freely around like a tadpole. This was the spore.

The spore was very very little. A normal person might only be able to see him using a microscope, and even though Han was able to see it, but he couldn’t see it very clearly either.

But Han could clearly feel that this spore was full of life. He swam back and forth inside the crystal restlessly, playing his own games. Sometimes he would chase after his tail, other times he would lie inside the crystal and sleep, extremely carefree.

"This is the spore that brought life to the universe?" Han asked curiously.

"Mhm." Duo Sun said, "We put him in this crystal to protect him, he was pretty comfortable but sometimes it is pretty boring."

Han nodded and said, "Maybe he wants freedom. That is the ultimate dream of every life after all."

Duo Sun patted Han’s shoulder and said, "Then give him freedom, we all believe you."

Suddenly, Han felt a lot of pressure, but he didn’t have the choice of going back, so he could only sigh.


Sounds of war came from the front, everyone looked forward while Black Egg rushed over with a roar.

This was also a battle between humans and insects. The numerous space stations from the Big Five were fighting to the death against a fleet from the insect race. There were remains of fleets and insects everywhere.


Black Egg shot out Dragon’s Breath. The peerless dragon breath was like the shadow of darkness, quickly sweeping past and taking away all the lives of the insects.

The warriors from the Big Fives all looked up and stared at Black Egg. This penta-colored dragon descended from the sky, using his powers to quickly wipe away the lives of all the insect race.

Han saw a lot of familiar faces here, there was Bruce, Time Activator, Dark North, and Kabri from All Gods.

"How are you guys?" Han asked in a deep voice.

Kabri said depressingly, "How else can we be? This is so stupid! These insects suddenly rushed into the Dark Net. The Big Five were forced to bond together and fight. There were a lot of losses and deaths.

"When we wanted to go back to the universe, we found out that we couldn’t return. It was like there was a strong force that separated us from the universe."

This was a very complex problem, right when Han was about to explain to Kabri, Xiao Yue stood up.

"I have the power of mental communication, let me tell everyone the truth!"

Han nodded, and then a color light floated out from Xiao Yue’s body. The light went into the brain of everybody, leaving information created from memories in everyone’s heads.

And so everyone knew the truth about the issue, there were sweat on everyone’s faces.

"So, the universe is ending?!"

"The so-called Dark Net was the original body of the Universe Insect!?"

"Dragon race? Only the dragon race can save the universe!?"

An infinite number of questions were asked, Han said, "It isn’t that the dragon race has to save the universe. It is the fact that in order to defeat the insect race, we all need to contribute our energy and efforts."

"Now we are heading to Dragon’s Valley, and meeting up with the dragon race, if you believe me, then come on up."

Most people were hesitating. The Big Five all had leaders after all. If the leaders didn’t speak, nobody would dare move.

"Luo Ying."

Suddenly, a cold voice came from the distance, and Luo Ying shivered from fear, and her Banshee protector immediately appeared, covering Luo Ying in all aspects.

Han saw Luo Shuihan, the so-called biggest demon head of the Milky Way. He had a lush beard, his eyes were deep as the night sky, he was expressionless and radiated air of a murderer.

Having seen the reaction to fear, Luo Shuihan didn’t say anything and jumped onto Black Egg’s back.

"What are you…?...." Lu Shui Jing Tao asked confused.

"Go to Dragon’s Valley."


"Because I am a man too."


"But I am cruel and brutal? But I have the worst reputation? It doesn’t matter, I don’t care how other people see me, if I can survive, then I will still be myself, but now, I want to do what men should do."

Luo Shuihan’s actions explained everything, and then he called a couple of names and brought the best warriors of the Mass Demon Corporation to go with him.

Humans clearly never turned back until they saw their coffins. Only when faced with a real crisis would they unite together, even a demon head like Luo Shuihan didn’t hesitate. The other people all scrambled onto the back Black Egg urgently.

All the pros were here, except for one person, he never showed up.

Jacques, who was ranked first didn’t even show his face.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin patted Han’s shoulder and said, "Let’s go, Jacques won’t come with us."

Han nodded and rushed Black Egg to take off again.

Everyone knew that it was over for Jacques, even though he was the strongest warrior amongst the humans, but he was inhumane. At a time like this, even a demon head like Luo Shuihan was going to Dragon’s Valley without saying anything else, but Jacques was still hesitating. From now on, nobody would trust him ever again, including those loyal subordinates of his.

"Let’s go to Dragon’s Valley!" Han ordered to Black Egg loudly.


Near Dragon’s Valley, a huge war was going on.

To be accurate, this war had been going on for a very very long time. Nobody knew how many eras, it’s been so long that no dragons would remember the development of this battle.

When Han was nearing Dragon’s Valley, the dragon race was under an intense attack of the insect race, but the dragon race in front of him was extremely different from the dragon race Han met when he went back in time. They were great in numbers and many of them were of mixed bloodlines, it looked like the younger the dragon, the most colorful they were.

"Han! You finally came!"

A huge roar rang through the sky. It was that one-eyed Hell Fire Dragon, it’s been many years since they’ve seen each other. He was old, and the scars on his body were uncountable. But he was hale and hearty. Right when he saw Han, he rushed over.

"It is you!" Han was shocked.

"It is me!"

"Didn’t you leave Dragon’s Valley in search of freedom?"

"Under these battles, what is freedom anyway, when I left Dragon’s Valley, all I saw were devastation everywhere, the troops of the insect race caused huge damages to humans, beasts, and the kind spiritual plants."

"And then?"

"And then I finally understood what you said back in the days. Regardless of how strong the dragon race was, we still cannot ignore the existence of the rest of the universe. So I came back. My kin also came back. From Dragon’s Valley, we started fighting to the death with the insect race."

"How long had this war been going on?"

"I don’t know, I just know that when the battle just started, I just had three wives, and now, I already have numerous offsprings."

"You have three partners? Isn’t this against the rules?"

"F*ck the rules! The dragon race today is no longer the dragon race that was stubborn before. We live freely, it is our freedom to find however many partners we want, it is also our freedom to find whatever kind of partners we want, we are now fighting for freedom!"

"When you came back in time to come see us, it completely woke us up!"

"Compared to living freely, divinity is nothing!" The dragons all agreed.

They were all swearing and laughing loudly together, compared to the dragon race that was once proud. They were no longer royal, but they were definitely cuter when they were together like a group of brothers.

As he watched the numerous dragons on the battlefield, and watched the fleets of the insect race getting pushed back again and again by the dragons, Han couldn’t not even imagine that the dragon race had turned into what they were today. Not everyone could throw away their honor and status.

Han also noticed some weird plants, a group of old trees, and tons of colorful flowers.

"Who are they?" Han asked curiously.

"Spiritual plants, the friends of the dragon race!"

"What about them?"

"Beasts, they are also our friends."

"And those humans…"

"Humans are of course the friends of the dragon race, the only reason the dragon race is still here today was because of you, a human."

Now all the powerful dragons all approached Han, surrounding him.

"Now what should we do? We have been waiting for you for a long time." The blind Hell Fire dragon asked.

Han looked at Duo Sun, Duo Sun shook his head.

He looked at Pluto, Pluto shook his head.

He looked at 9527, 9527 also shook his head, saying that he didn’t know how to end this battle.

"No problem." Han said, "I believe, as long as we unite together and fight with the same goal then we can do anything! And we can kill off the evil insect race for sure!"

"That’s right!"

"Then let us begin! I will call for all my brothers and go in together!"

"Whenever we see the insect race, then we will kill them!"

"Whenever we see the fleets of the insect race, then we destroy their fleets!"

"If we could find the brain or heart of the Universe Insect, then we will destroy him the same way!"

"I don’t believe that way we still can’t destroy this group of stupid insects!" Han said loudly.


The dragons flew through the veins of the Universe Insect, letting out roars that would shake the whole universe.

Dragons, plants, beasts, humans, they united together!

For the same goal, they will fight with their blood till the end!

Translation of Author’s Note:

The story will end here. Although there is suspicion of it being a rushed crappy ending, but I don’t want to write about how Han fights the Insect race with the dragons. To an author, the ending is always the most brutal part, and I rather not write it and leave the rest of the story to your imaginations. One thousand readers, then we will have one thousand endings.

Until today, whether Han will die or live, it’s no longer important, because he had already won against himself.

As for the story, until now, whether there is an ending it isn’t important anymore, because we have already accompanied each other throughout this journey.

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