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Chapter 11

Love Left or Right 11

At the same time, the housekeeper Randy also looked over. The two men stared at Xie Xi, whom they hadn’t seen for a while.

Xie Xi was choked up and felt desperate.

He wasn’t the scum man and didn’t talk about love. He wasn’t the one stepping on two boats but he had to face this deadly torture!

How should he answer? What should he choose? Sein Hall, hurry back and clean up your mess!

Sein didn’t come back and his cousin Greenton strode forward fearlessly to protect Xie Xi.

The vampire Aix-en’s eyes filled with a dangerous and bloodthirsty light. “Get out of the way.”

Greenton didn’t move. “Vampire, I won’t let you hurt him!”

Then Gars emerged from the shadow, showing a pale and delicate countenance.

Aix-en glanced at him and the red eyes narrowed. “You are still alive.”

Sure enough, he turned Gars into a vampire!

Gars wasn’t afraid of this ‘predecessor’ and even raised an eyebrow in a provoking manner. “Young Master is mine.”

This sentence was like an explosion in the deep sea, causing waves to surge.

The housekeeper Randy looked cold. “Gars, do you think you can replace me by wearing my clothes?”

Ginger was spicier as it got older (TL: The older the wiser).

The old housekeeper provoked the new housekeeper with a single sentence.

Gars’ fists clenched. “I am me. Young Master is clear about this.”

Randy sneered. “How did I never see how arrogant you are?”

Gars exclaimed, “I didn’t want to make things difficult for Young Master!”

The smell of gunpowder grew heavier and the vampire Aix-en added to the fire. “Two lowly servants, how can you fight for my Small Sein?”

Randy turned his head. “You are evil and unworthy of the Young Master.”

Gars was even more miserable. He was a lowly servant and also an evil vampire. The arrows shot through his heart. However, he said he would fight. The young man pulled out a sword and directly stabbed it at the nearby vampire.

Aix-en didn’t stay still. His fingers caught the sword and he said sarcastically, “Hairy boy, you actually dare play in front of me.”

Gars was anxious and his eyes turned red. The housekeeper Randy couldn’t miss such a good opportunity. He and Aix-en had been fighting for five days and six nights. They were exhausted. Now Gars was distracting Aix-en and Randy could take the opportunity to kill this evil!

Aix-en was sensitive and instantly became aware of Randy’s intentions. He sneered and stabbed back towards Randy.

Randy snapped, “Gars, hold him down!”

Gars used to be a lowly maid and had to listen to Randy. Now he had strength and had been alone with the young master for so long. How could he listen to Randy? He thought about how Randy served the young master for so longer and wanted to kill him.

“Don’t order me around!” Gars didn’t contain Aix-en but turned back to attack Randy.

Randy quickly retreated and shouted, “I forgot, you are also a ghostly evil!”

The three men fought together.

Xie Xi, “…”

He suddenly realized the true meaning of stepping on N-boats. He had to wait for them to tear out one, two, three, four?

Oh, he hadn’t even talked about love before and didn’t want to know this bullshit!

Aix-en and Randy were strong enough to crush Gars but they consumed too much energy before. Now they were exhausted and it was hard to win.

Xie Xi felt complicated. He prayed for them to fight for 30 hours and let him complete the mission.

Greenton had no fighting power and suddenly made a mistake. He took Xie Xi’s hand and said anxiously, “Let’s run!”

At almost the same time, the trio stopped and three pairs of eyes stared coldly at the hands holding each other.

Xie Xi, “…” This cousin had no skills but his ability to find death was big.

“Don’t touch him.” Aix-en ordered angrily and pulled out a bow, firing an arrow.

Greenton was an ordinary person and couldn’t escape. Despite this, he didn’t release Xie Xi’s hand. He just held it tighter.

Xie Xi couldn’t save him and thought one of the four boats were eliminated. He didn’t expect Gars to use his sword to block the arrow, saving Greenton.

Aix-en’s eyes narrowed. “What are you doing?”

Gars explained, “He is a sacrifice. You can’t kill him.” Then his eyes fell on Greenton’s hand holding Xie Xi.

Xie Xi took advantage of this to break free and move away from his cousin.

Greenton was full of sorrow and his thin lips moved. Xie Xi didn’t dare say anything in case his words killed Greenton.

Aix-en raised an eyebrow. “Sacrifice?”

Xie Xi was interested. The vampire was clueless. Perhaps he could use this opportunity to get a clue.

Gars sneered. “You don’t even know this?”

Aix-en’s head jerked and he glanced at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was speechless. ‘If I say I don’t know, will you believe it?’

The housekeeper Randy smashed Gars again. “You are just a failed sacrifice.”

Gars was furious.

Xie Xi listened in a daze but didn’t dare ask anything. In this situation, he could only stay as quiet as a chicken since anything he said could tip him over the edge of the boat.

Aix-en wanted to ask Xie Xi but then his expression changed.

The door was originally smashed and the torchlight coming from outside was particularly glaring, as if it wanted to burn this own castle.

There was no time for chatting.

Louds sounds and the clacking of horseshoes were heard. Then people pushed through the door.

They rode horses and were dressed in the clothes of the church. The old man in the lead was pale and holding an old book in his hand. He stared at the few people in the hall and ordered. “Quickly hand over the devil Sein Hall.”

Greenton stepped forward. “Bishop! Sein has already stopped and he won’t hurt any more innocents. Please spare his life!”

The knight on the side of te old man felt it was easy to clean up these few people. Thus, he was arrogant and his long spear stabbed at Greenton.

Xie Xi didn’t have to say anything as Gars and Randy saved Greenton.

The old man solemnly placed a hand on the book. “Sein Hall is obsessed with the wrong path and killed innocents!”

The people outside held up their torches and shouted. There were more than a thousand people present.

Xie Xi understood that this was probably the final level. Whether he could survive tonight or not was the key to the mission.

Aix-en, Randy and Gars, the three people who wanted to kill each other had an unprecedented moment of unity. They stood in front of Xie Xi and said the same words. “Don’t be afraid. No one can hurt you.”

Xie Xi, “…” His mood was even more complicated!

The next one or two hours was extremely impactful for Xie Xi, who had lived in modern society.

The three people challenged the entire army and created a sea of blood. Both Aix-en and Gars had amazing strength and a powerful self-healing ability. Randy had subtle swordsmanship and a body that didn’t seem like a human. They stormed into the army and cut through the human warriors in armour as easily as cutting tofu.

The screams and blood turned the castle into human purgatory.

This scene was so real that Xie Xi was pale.

At this time, Greenton asked safely, “It is irreversible?”

Xie Xi glanced at him, speechless due to the surging in his stomach.

Greenton stared at him, eyes full of guilt. “It is my fault. If I had taken you away earlier, you wouldn’t… however, this is all I can do for you.”

He picked up Xie Xi’s hand and placed it against his heart.

Xie Xi’s pupils became smaller.

Greenton closed his eyes. “I love you and will give everything to you.”

As his words finished, the blood that soaked the ground moved and drew a sinful circle.

Xie Xi stood in the centre of the circle, his hand piercing Greenton’s heart.

In an instant, a red light surged up to the sky and an indescribable force surged in Xie Xi’s body.

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