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Chapter 10

Love Left or Right 10

The gates of hell opened for him…

In the face of such a cruel ‘caught cheating’ scene, Xie Xi looked calm and indifferent, as if he wasn’t a slag man playing two people.

Oh, this wasn’t true. Xie Xi wasn’t standing with one foot in two boats. It was four boats! (TL: having two lovers at the same time or in Sein’s case, four)

Xie Xi, “…”

He became even more indifferent.

This happened to calm down the gloomy Gars. It was Greenton who took the initiative to kiss him. Not only did Xie Xi show no response, indifference was also on his face. This greatly calmed down Gars who was drinking a jar of vinegar.

If Xie Xi showed panic then Greenton probably wouldn’t live to see the moon tonight.

Xie Xi didn’t want to save Greenton. Based on the previous inference, this person was probably the only one who wasn’t abnormal. However, this person killed him once. Upholding the basic courtesies and sending him away was already beyond reproach.

Still, he didn’t want Gars to kill Greenton. Didn’t another problem occur when the housekeeper committed suicide? Who knew what out pits there were in this game.

As soon as Gars appeared, Greenton took two steps back and distanced himself from Sein. Of course, he didn’t know the relationship between Gars and Sein. He was just a gentleman and unwilling to do intimate things in front of others.

Xie Xi saw Gars’ eyes soften at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

“Sorry.” Gars didn’t show any sincerity or fright at all. “My hands weren’t steady and I broke the tea set.”

Greenton unexpectedly wasn’t angry. Instead, he said to Xie Xi, “I will find you next time.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare reprimand Gars and replied to his cousin, “Cousin, your heart is enough.”

He said this but he didn’t think he had a higher position. It was because Sein truly was scum.

Gars focused on the title of ‘cousin’ while Greenton focused on the second half of the sentence.

The result was the maid’s eyes gentled and his cousin smiled sweetly.

Xie Xi had a question mark. What did he do?

The shocking fifth day passed and he welcomed the night.

Greenton said goodbye to him, reluctant to leave. Xie Xi blinked innocently at Gars.

His cousin was moved and ashamed. ‘Sein is so shy that he is embarrassed to look at me in front of his servant. I can’t imagine how much courage he had to muster to confess to me.’

Greenton’s eyes were sweet again.

Xie Xi, “…” Cousin, what were you thinking about?

Gars’ feelings were very useful. He couldn’t stand Xie Xi’s anger or fear. Gars wanted to hold Sein in his hand, in his mouth and in the softest part of his heart.

“Young Master.” Gars said. “I’ll wait for you to undress.”

Xie Xi hurriedly nodded. “Okay.” He hurried to separate from the two people. He didn’t do anything but he was inexplicably tired.

Damn person stepping on X number of boats, you should live well and not toss yourself!

Xie Xi washed up, changed into pyjamas and got into bed.

Gars was full of tenderness. “Sweet dreams.”

Xie Xi was afraid Gars would give him a good night kiss and replied honestly, “Yes.”

Gars whispered, “Young Master, don’t worry. I won’t hurt him.”

Xie Xi blinked. What did this mean? Gars wouldn’t hurt Greenton? Why?

Gars arranged his quilt. “He might be rude and too affectionate but I know your intentions and won’t disturb your plan.”

Gars knew what he was trying to do?

Xie Xi thought that he needed someone to tell him his intentions. The key was this person still had things he wouldn’t say. This made him anxious to death.

Gars didn’t explain his meaning to his master. “Good night.” Then he kissed the back of Xie Xi’s hand.

Xie Xi, “…” Okay, it seemed this person wasn’t going to say it.

After Gars left, Xie Xi lay down for half an hour. Then he lightly got out of bed and walked barefoot through the house.

The castle was covered with thick carpets and there was no need to be afraid of the cold when walking with bare feet. It was just that nobles were well-dressed and would never be like him.

Xie Xi had Gars follow him during the day and couldn’t act alone. He could only sneak out at this time to investigate.

He was very curious about his situation.

The man who tried to assassinate him said he was a devil who climbed out of hell. Greenton advised him to stop and said he was willing to be a sacrifice. There was also a lot of information hidden in Gars’ words.

He always felt that Sein Hall was doing something big. If he didn’t understand this matter, the game wouldn’t end so easily.

Survive for seven days, this task must have a lot of traps buried. If he acted perfunctory in the last few days, wouldn’t he usher in a must-die ending? Xie Xi had played many games and knew a lot of routines. It was impossible to clear this game when the fog of the story wasn’t completely resolved.

The biggest mystery right now was the original owner of this body. What was Sein Hall planning?

Xie Xi wanted to go to the study but he heard a conversation as he walked past a guest room. The castle was beautifully decorated but it was old and the soundproofing was ordinary.

Xie Xi quietly moved back and stopped at the door.

The wooden door was closed but there was a glimmer of candlelight coming from the gap. Sound also leaked out because of this gap. Xie Xi didn’t have to stand too close to hear.

It was Gars and Greenton. The two of them didn’t fight during the day so they were fighting at night?

Xie Xi held his breath and listened.

Greenton opened his mouth first. “Where did Randy go?”

There was no humility and respect in Gars’ voice. “Master Greenton shouldn’t ask about matters regarding our house.”

He was so arrogant yet Greenton still wasn’t angry. “Are you taking over for Randy now?”


Greenton paused before saying, “Sein can no longer go on like this. The church can’t bear it any longer and they will…”

Gars scoffed. “Where were they when the young master was wronged? That woman had a violent nature and killed Young Master’s mother. She also abused Young Master. Why shouldn’t he retaliate?”

Greenton exclaimed, “Princess Xilin is dead!”

“So what if she’s dead?” Gars questioned. “The queen is still there, the duke is still there and the whole empire is still there!”

Greenton’s voice was tense. “What do you mean?!”

Gars smiled. “No matter what Young Master does, I will accompany him.”

Greenton was angry. “You are harming him!”

Gars’ feminine voice replied, “My only wish is to make him happy.”

The conversation between the two men stopped abruptly. Xie Xi was afraid to expose himself and quickly left. He returned to bed, drank from his cup and replayed the conversation he had heard.

What did it mean? Sein wanted to retaliate against the whole empire? How would he retaliate…

This world had vampires so wouldn’t there be even more deadly things?

The sixth day.

Xie Xi’s right eye twitched after he woke up. His intuition told him that today definitely wouldn’t be simple. The current calm was definitely a precursor to the storm.

Gars waited for him to get up and change clothes. Xie Xi had only slept for four or five hours last night and was a bit confused.

Gars told him, “Young Master, if you are sleepy then sleep for a while.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “It isn’t a hindrance.”

Gars didn’t say anything else and helped him wear his clothes.

Xie Xi noticed that today was a new black and white outfit. It was very cold with a fierce touch. However, the complicated style and embellished black roses made it 70% feminine and 30% charming.

Xie Xi stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself. The medieval outfits were based on beauty. Most of his previous clothes were dark blue, light blue, green, light green, etc. There were some dark colours but it wasn’t like today. The polite neckline, the cuffs and the black rose on the chest gave it an oppressive feeling.

Sein Hall’s complexion was extremely white and his facial features were filled with a delicacy that walked between youth and adulthood. Then there was the pale lips and dark…


Xie Xi finally noticed the abnormality.

How did Sein Hall have black eyes? Xie Xi was Asian and having black eyes was very normal. However, Sein was European. Why would he have black eyes?

Gars brought him a ring with a black pearl and kissed his white fingers. “Young Master, you are so beautiful.”

Xie Xi recovered and gathered the doubts in his heart.

He felt that today wasn’t simple.

But it was actually okay… for the whole day, the three people were inseparable. Greenton kept his promise and accompanied Xie Xi everywhere. Gars didn’t give Greenton a chance to get close to Xie Xi by also following.

Xie Xi was happy. The two of them were competing with each other and he had time to think carefully about what might happen.

Evening arrived and nothing happened.

Xie Xi was very puzzled. He could pass this way? In 30 hours, he could complete the mission?

Would it be that simple? This damn broken game wasn’t so easy.

It was when they were saying goodnight that this abnormal game was finally broken.

There was a loud bang and Xie Xi jumped. Gars immediately moved in front of him.

Such a big move was like setting off a mine at home!

Xie Xi stabilized his heartbeat and stared…

The door of the castle was smashed to pieces and a silver figure plummeted through.

Dust scattered. Under the moonlight, the silver-haired Aix-en’s clothes were messy but everything else was the same. He strode forward, looking like ice.

Xie Xi’s expression wasn’t good. The creditor had come looking for him!

The vampire ignored everyone and stared straight at Sein Hall. “Randy has betrayed you. I will take you out of here.”

Xie Xi, “…”

A dark shadow followed behind the vampire and revealed himself. Randy’s neat tuxedo had obvious scratches but this didn’t obscure his temperament. It just added a bit of wildness to his elegance.

Randy sighed. “I won’t let you hurt him.”

Aix-en’s eyes narrowed. “I’m going to give him eternal life.”

Randy’s thin lips slightly curved. “He doesn’t want it.”

Aix-en sneered before glancing at Xie Xi, his eyes deeply affectionate. “You don’t want it?”

Xie XI: MMP (TL: Abbreviation for a swearing phrase)

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