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Chapter 16

Assembly Task

Jiang Xie wondered, “Why?”

The silver-haired elf, who was like an ice flower, laughed like a duck. “You are asking why? You designed that fucking world. Who wouldn’t want to kill you?”

Jiang Xie paused before firmly saying, “No, it is just a game.”

Yan Zhe’s face was full of gloating. “Don’t forget that your little rose is just an ordinary person. He had to accept the baptism of your old rogue soul at the age of 19. He must be doubting life!”

Jiang Xie refuted, “He isn’t so fragile.”

Yan Zhe dealt a blow to his heart. “He isn’t fragile. He just holds a grudge!”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Yan Zhe saw the rare scene of Old Jiang being stunned and his mood was very good. His footsteps were almost floating as he left. If his fans and sisters saw this, they would doubt themselves. Wasn’t this their untouchable and high flower? Who was this stupid ass?

Once Yan Zhe left, Jiang Xie stroked the air and the water curtain appeared. He opened the communication section and sent a message to Xie Xi: [Hello.]

The word sank like a stone. There wasn’t even a sound, let alone a reply.

…Was he really angry?

Jiang Xie thought this and the corners of his mouth rose upwards.

Zhong Jin had been talking for a long time. After his mouth became dry, he summed it up. “Well, they are all characters in the sky. We can’t see them.”

Xie Xi nodded. It was best not to see them.

Zhong Jin saw that his little friend didn’t speak much but didn’t mind. He was still enthusiastic. “Let’s go, I will take you to change professions.”

Xie Xi emerged from his thoughts and asked, “Do I have to change it now?”

“Of course,” Zhong Jin replied. “It is a waste not to change professions.”

Zhong Jin patiently explained to him the rules of the Central World and Xie Xi developed a general understanding of his environment.

The place they were currently in was called ‘Central’. Of course, everyone was used to calling it the Central World. Everyone who came here were ‘players’ selected by the central government. Their mission was obvious: achieve a certain goal in different quasi-worlds.

Players also had a rating from beginner, intermediate, advanced and finally god. By continuously completing tasks, they would accumulate experience and improve their level.

The difference between beginner and god level was huge. Thus, the time spent in the Central World was different.

Beginner players could only stay for one or two days, intermediate players were one to two weeks, advanced players were one or two months and god players had no restrictions.

Zhong Jin explained, “That’s why I suggest you don’t touch the entertainment items. Many new players who come to the Central World eat, drink and have fun. They forget the time and after two days, they directly turn to ash.”

Xie Xi was stunned. “Turned to ash?”

“Yes, our physique isn’t good and we can’t bear too much of the force of the central government.”

“The force?”

Zhong Jin knew he misunderstood and clarified, “It is their will. I don’t really understand it. Just know that the central government is full of power and beginner players can’t bear too much. If they stay too long, they will be swallowed up.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Then in two days, I have to start a new…” He wanted to say game but changed it into, “Task?” He noticed that although Zhong Jin mentioned players, he described the game as quasi-world.

Zhong Jin agreed loudly. “Yes! That’s why we must hurry to change professions. It is only after changing professions that we can accumulate professional experience.” If they wanted to move from beginning to intermediate, they must first have a job.

Xie Xi understood.

Zhong Jin asked him again, “Do you have a profession you want to choose?”

He could only choose between explorer, collector and recorder.

Xie Xi was still thinking about it when Zhong Jin suggested. “In fact, you don’t need to worry too much. As long as you have enough silver coins, you can change professions at will. The loss is just a bit of experience and our time is based on when we passed the Central World. Thus, don’t be afraid. If you choose a profession you don’t like, you can change it.”

Just losing a little bit of experience? Xie Xi stared at Zhong Jin and didn’t say anything.

Zhong Jin continued, “Think about it first. By the way, search for your next task as well. You can choose a profession based on the next task.”

Zhong Jin’s advice was good and Xie Xi told him, “Thank you, I will take a look first.”

Zhong Jin smiled. “Don’t mention it. I’m just learning how to show off!”

Xie Xi smiled back at him. Then he placed a hand in the water curtain and carefully took a look at his situation.

He could only stay in Central for two days. This meant he had to familiarize himself with the situation as much as possible before proceeding to the next game.

What about after finishing the next game? Would he be able to go back to his original world in the future?

Xie Su flashed through Xie Xi’s mind. She was pregnant and would have a new child. She didn’t need him at all.

In fact, she always regarded him as cumbersome.

Xie Xi sighed, controlled his thoughts and looked at the water curtain. The most urgent thing was to survive. This unknown place was far from the calm and stable appearance it showed on the surface.

He observed all the buttons on the interface.

He clicked on Quasi-World and the first line was in grey: [Love to the Left or Right, novice S-grade trial, designer X, has been cleared.]

Xie Xi stared at the designer’s name before feeling itchy. It was just that the level between them was too big. This matter wasn’t urgent right now.

The second line was in blue: [Search for a new task.]

Xie Xi had already heard it from Zhong Jin. Every player could search for a new task every two days. Intermediate and advanced players could sty in Central World for a long time and could casually clear the tasks. The beginners could only search for one.

Xie Xi touched it and the ‘search task’ interface turned into the row of small funnels. Then a sub-message popped up.

[Quasi-world: Lost Atlantis, the difficulty is unknown, designer X, not challenged.]

Xie Xi, “…”

It was lucky this water curtain didn’t have a physical body. If it was a mobile phone or computer then Xie Xi would’ve smashed it!

He could only search for a task every two days and he couldn’t stay in Central World longer than two days. Was it necessary to play this designer’s perverted game?

Lost Atlantis sounded more normal than Love to the Left or Right but the designer was X…

Xie Xi rejected everything about X!

“Wow, there’s an assembly task!” Zhong Jin’s voice was heard beside him and Xie Xi pulled his hand out of the water curtain.

Zhong Jin quickly told him, “My luck is too good. I unexpectedly ran into an assembly task!”

Xie Xi looked puzzled and Zhong Jin explained, “The assembly task is randomly opened. The general difficulty is very low and we can team up for it. Let’s go together!”

Xie Xi asked, “If I go in and come out again, will the task be refreshed?”

“Yes!” Zhong Jin exclaimed. “You just searched for a task, right? Don’t be discouraged. Us beginner players can choose too few tasks. They are generally E-grade tasks that are garbage. This assembly task is D-grade and the difficulty is just right. You can use this to get rid of the garbage task. It is really lucky!”

“That’s right,” Xie Xi nodded. It would be great to get rid of X’s garbage task.

Zhong Jin didn’t know what task Xie Xi had searched. If he did, his eyes would be green with envy right now.

The designer was God X! Lost Atlantis It was the famous blue quasi-world. The difficulty was unknown but anyone with eyes knew it absolutely wouldn’t be lower than B-grade. Perhaps it was S-grade!

Zhong Jin excitedly said, “Go and prepare. It will open in one hour and I will send you a message.”

Xie Xi wondered, “A message?”

Zhong Jin exclaimed, “Come on, add me as a friend!”

It turns out that they could add friends… Xie Xi wasn’t worried about his name. In any case, it was anonymous and no one knew that he had cleared Love to the Left or Right.

Zhong Jin added him as a friend and said, “I wonder if the S-grade newcomer joined Yunge.”

Xie Xi hadn’t joined. He might be agitated but he wasn’t going to bind himself because of a neuropath.

It was true that there were many advantages to joining Yunge but XIe Xi wasn’t good at dealing with people and didn’t like to be controlled. He preferred a free and unfettered life.

If it hadn’t been for X’s game popping up, Xie Xi would hesitate to do this assembly mission.

Zhong Jin was very warm and took good care of him but Xie Xi didn’t like to act together with others. Of course, participating in the assembly task wasn’t just to get rid of X. He needed to understand the difficulty of an ordinary player’s game as well as the use of various props available in the mall.

He had a lot of money to spend and bought one of all items in the mall.

It was after he added Zhong Jin as a friend that Xie Xi saw a message.

[X: Hello.]

Xie Xi, “…” When was this person added as a friend? Was it the designer’s privilege?

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow and replied: [Great God, hello.] It was followed with a ^_^ expression.

Jiang Xie thought this was cute. His lips curved and he felt that Yan Zhe was thinking too much. Xie Xi wasn’t angry at all… the next moment, he saw his goodwill plummet to the negatives.

Xie Xi’s goodwill towards you: -99.

This was Jiang Xie’s skill that had little value. He could see the goodwill of players below the intermediate level.

This was the first time he had seen such a low score since gaining the ability.

Jiang Xie let out a laugh. “Vengeful little fellow.”

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