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Chapter 17

Fairytale Town 1

Xie Xi didn’t know that he was exposed. He had been baptized by passing the Love to the Left or Right game and knew the best way to deal with abnormal people like this was to lie.

He was angry but the other person was stronger than him. He would bear it for now, stabilize himself and do great things in the future.

Jiang Xie looked at the red colour of his goodwill bar and asked: [Did you receive the game reward?]

Not only did he mention the game, he said these two words…

Jiang Xie was stunned as he saw the -99 goodwill become -100.

Cough, it turned out that -99 wasn’t the lowest.

Xie Xi replied: [I received 1,000 gold coins. It is really too much.]

What was the use of gold coins? The beginner players could only buy a handful of things.

If it wasn’t for the goodwill falling again, Jiang Xie would’ve really believed these clever words.

[It isn’t just gold coins.] Jiang Xie tried to redeem himself. [There is a special reward.]

Xie Xi was startled. A special reward? He had been somewhat curious before when Zhong Jin and the others had mentioned that clearing a S-grade quasi-world would give a special reward. He had looked closely at the Items column and found it empty.

Jiang Xie patiently explained: [The special rewards have a separate column. You have to pull it down.”

It turned out the water curtain interface could slide… this was Xie Xi’s ignorance.

Xie Xi slid down and saw a particularly conspicuous golden icon—Special Rewards.

There really was a special reward! Xie Xi was slightly happy. He had cleared a perverted game. If he could get a satisfactory reward then he would be a lot happier.

Xie Xi opened the special reward. A golden light flashed before disappearing.

What was the reward?

Xie Xi blinked and saw the Skills column had a small red dot. Was the reward a skill that directly entered his skills bar?

Xie Xi was played countless games and was familiar with this type of interface. He clicked on Skills and sure enough, there was a new skill.

[Summon Designer X’s body. The duration is three minutes.]

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie didn’t know what he did. He just saw that Xie Xi’s good feelings towards him dropped.

-1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1…

Jiang Xie immediately asked: [What’s wrong? Don’t you like the reward?]

As soon as he asked, the goodwill became -2, -2, -2, -2…

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi finally calmed down after some time passed. He looked at this skill of little value and felt complicated. The so-called special reward was to summon X’s body? This was the special reward?

Xie Xi then looked again at the message Jiang Xie had sent him. Did he like the reward? This special reward was designed by the designer! How could he be narcissistic enough to design his own body into a special reward?

Xie Xi would rather get another 1,000 coins!

Jiang Xie was truly wronged. The rewards pool was random and he couldn’t control it. The reason why he guessed that the reward was bad was due to the sharp drop in goodwill. This was also normal. Jiang Xie had once cleared a SSS-grade quasi-world and got the goodwill skill as a special reward. However, it was only for players below the intermediate level. At this moment, he thought the skill might not be accurate.

Xie Xi sighed and replied: [I received a summoning technique and can summon God X’s body. I am looking forward to it ^_^.]

The goodwill fell by another 10 points…

Jiang Xie laughed awkwardly. This skill had a one in one million chance of being drawn. Xie Xi’s luck was truly good.

Of course, he didn’t say this. He knew that the goodwill that had already bottomed out would drop even further.

Xie Xi had a question. [By the way Great God, the public world plot on the water curtain, did you buy it?]

Old Jiang wasn’t stupid and he replied: [No.]

Xie Xi didn’t believe him for the time being.

Jiang Xie spoke again: [After clearing an instance, selling the world story will give the designer and person who cleared it gold coins. Yunge must’ve done this to decrease our income.]

This statement… it clarified it wasn’t him and directed a wave of hatred at Yunge. The little rose hated him but don’t join Yunge after anger.

Xie Xi didn’t want to join any organization and didn’t change his mind now.

He didn’t care about the gold coins. He just didn’t like his miserable experience being someone else’s entertainment. It might be anonymous but he was still uncomfortable.

Since it wasn’t X, Xie Xi cleared up one thing in his heart.

Jiang Xie finally saw a green +1 in the goodwill bar. In front of the red -168, this little green was really helpless and… cute.

Xie Xi finished and was too lazy to talk to him any longer. [God X, I am going to clear a new game. Goodbye.]

Jiang Xie was self-aware and in order to not lose any more good feelings, he spoke carefully: [Refuel.]

Xie Xi was suddenly reminded that the game he searched for was designed by X.

As a result, the point of goodwill that just rose fell again.

Jiang Xie, “???”

Old Jiang’s intelligence was really worthy. He thought about it and guessed the reason. It seemed that the game Xie Xi found was designed by him.

Which one was it? Jiang Xie stared at the water curtain, waiting for the game to be activated. He was a designer and had the privilege of watching ‘live broadcasts.’

Xie Xi had just left the water curtain when Zhong Jin ran over. “How is it? Are you ready?”

Xie Xi replied, “Yes.” He would go and get rid of the mission. He didn’t want to deal with crazy people one after another.

Zhong Jin reassured him. “Don’t worry, a D-grade task is very easy.”

Xie Xi nodded.

Zhong Jin asked him again, “Did you change professions?”

Xie Xi replied, “I chose a collector.” He had studied all three professions. The explorer received a physical bonus after entering the game, the collector had a vision bonus and a recorder had an agility bonus.

They were beginning professions so the bonus was weak and didn’t mean much. Xie Xi’s choice of collector was out of personal interest. Compared with exploration or recording, he preferred collecting tasks.

Zhong Jin’s eyes flashed. “That’s good. A collector has a night vision ability and will be useful.”

“I hope so.”

They entered the game together. It was similar to the first time but the words ‘game loading’ appeared in front of him, followed by an information board.

[Welcome to the quasi-world. Please read the information board carefully.

Game Name: Fairytale Town.

Game Summary: A beautiful town with simple and lovely villagers. They live surrounded by mountains and rivers. Life is comfortable and the only trouble is the dark caves that suddenly appeared at the back of the mountain. What is hidden there?

Main Task: Collect the dragon heart.

Side Task: To be refreshed.

Number of Loads: None.

Items Carried: Beginner collectors can carry three items.

Pending Privilege: None.

Yan Zhe sent Jiang Xie a message. [Are you clearing land?]

Jiang Xie: [No.]

Yan Zhe: [The little rose has gone to another world. Why are you waiting in the garden?]

Jiang Xie: [I’m looking at his instance clearance.]

Yan Zhe was surprised. [Is the released assembly task your design?]

Yan Zhe was shocked. [Old Jiang, isn’t it too low? You made a D-grade quasi-world? It was agreed that God X never makes less than an A-grade world!”

Jiang Xie opened the communicator and saw Xie Xi’s name, followed by ‘Has entered the quasi-world Fairytale Town.”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Oh, it was deliberately getting rid of his game.

The author has something to say: The road to chasing his wife is long~

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