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Chapter 18

Fairytale Town 2

Jiang Xie felt deep regret at not seeing the live broadcast but his game wasn’t so easy to get rid of.

He just needed to wait a few days and the D-grade quasi-world would be cleared.

He checked the assembly task. Due to his level, he had high authority. He couldn’t watch the situation but he could see some basic data.

For example, the designer…

Yan Zhe also checked and exclaimed, “Shit, this is designed by those Double Beheading School brutes!”

There were very few independent designers like JIang Xie. Most of the low-level designers worked together in an organization. Yunge also had its own team of designers. Double Beheading School was a similar organization, but the scale was smaller and more deceitful.

They had the nickname of the ‘New School’ because they were dedicated to killing newcomers to obtain generous mission rewards.

“Little Rose is in danger.” Yan Zhe was concerned. “We are restricted from entering these low-grade worlds and can’t save him.”

Jiang Xie told him, “It’s fine.”

“Why are you so confident?” Yan Zhe suddenly understood. “What special reward did the little rose gain?” Completing a S-grade quasi-world gave special rewards. As for what reward it was, this all depended on luck.

Jiang Xie replied, “Summoning.”

Yan Zhe exclaimed, “Old Z is becoming more and more miserly. How can this junk be used as a special reward?” The Old Z he mentioned was ‘zone’. This referred to the will of the central government.

“Wait…” Yan Zhe was suspicious. “Don’t tell me he can summon a holy beast?”

Jiang Xie asked, “Do you think I am a holy beast?”

Yan Zhe almost went bald. ‘You’re an old dog thief’.


The silver haired-elf shouted, “The special reward drawn by Little Rose is to summon you? What the hell is this luck?” The famous people were put into the list by Old Z but the probability was low. He had never heard of anyone drawing such a reward.

It was necessary to know that summoning wasn’t restricted by the world grade. Originally, Jiang Xie’s status meant he couldn’t enter ordinar S-grade quasi-worlds, let alone a D-grade. However, if he was summoned then he could enter a D-grade world or even a F-grade.

The even deadlier thing was that while the summoning had a time limit, the person summoned would be in their full state.

In this full state, Old Zhang could kill a god or Buddha.

Yan Zhe wasn’t worried. Forget the few small fish in the D-grade world and the Double Beheading School. A S-grade quasi-world and the full staff of the Double Beheading School wouldn’t be enough to stop Jiang Xie.

Yan Zhe couldn’t help sighing. “Little Rose’s luck is really invincible.”

“It’s not all luck.” Jiang Xie spoke in a low voice. “It is mainly fate. Fate can’t be blocked.”

Yan Zhe, “…” He had never seen such a brazen person!

Jiang Xie said, “You go to clear land. I will wait for him.”

Yan Zhe, ‘Fuck, I have a toothache.’

His gaze shifted and he asked, “You should be able to see Little Rose’s goodwill towards you.”

Jiang Xie hesitated. “…Of course.”

Yan Zhe gloated, “Let me guess. It is one point or two points. Perhaps it is 0 points? Hahahaha!” It was a pig laugh.

He and Jiang Xie had known each other for a long time. He knew about the mostly useless skill but didn’t know it could have negative numbers…

Jiang Xie had no sense of shame. “169.”

Yan Zhe was stunned. “So high? Impossible!”

Jiang Xie glanced at Xie Xi’s name and said, “It just changed again. 170.”

Yan Zhe made a shocked face. “How is this possible? Why did it rise? You aren’t together!”

Old Jiang replied calmly, “He is probably thinking about me.’

Yan Zhe, “…”

Slip away! He couldn’t listen any more!

Yan Zhe resentfully walked away and Jiang Xie looked at the goodwill that had fallen to -170. How did it fall again?

On the other side, Xie Xi was carefully reviewing the information board.

The game summary and main task made Xie Xi suspect that there might be a dragon hidden in the caves at the mountain behind the tower. His mission was to collect the dragon heart. It was highly likely he had to chop up a dead dragon and punish evil.

How simple was it compared to Love to the Left or Right? It was different from the sweet love game that required him to stand on four boats!

Thus, Jiang Xie lost a point.

Xie Xi glanced at the side mission and saw that it had to be refreshed. He pressed it and the line changed. Blue words appeared: [Track the tornado.]

This… what… how could he track the tornado?

Xie Xi saw the relevant introduction on the water curtain and learnt a lot of settings related to the task. There was no hierarchy for the main task but the side task was different. Not everyone could get a side task and not everyone could get a good side task.

When distinguishing by colour, it basically went from white, green, blue, purple, gold… in this order.

In a D-grade quasi-world, the blue side mission was already the highest level. There should be a generous (relatively) reward after completion.

However, this tracking the tornado was a bit mysterious and might not be completed.

Xie Xi looked down and found that he couldn’t load the file. Did this mean that he would actually die if he was killed here?

He could only carry three items with him. Xie Xi looked at the piled of things in his backpack and picked the most likely to be used.

There was no privilege to be selected. This line was greyed out, as if it was unavailable. Xie Xi estimated that the level of the game was too low to receive a privilege.

After reading it carefully, Xie Xi had a basic understanding. He turned off the information board and a bright light flashed in front of him.

“Be careful!” Zhong Jin’s voice was heard in his ears.

Xie Xi couldn’t see in front of him but he could smell the pungent scent of blood.

What was going on? He squinted and finally adapted to the strong midday sunlight.

“Zhong Jin!” Xie Xi hurriedly held him, staring at the bloody hole in his chest with dismay.

“I…” Zhong Jin wanted to say something but blood flowed from his mouth and blocked his throat, making him unable to speak.

His eyes widened and his body shook violently…

Xie Xi shouted, “Don’t talk! I will help you stop the bleeding!”

Zhong Jin used his last strength to hold Xie Xi’s arm and whispered, “…Be careful.”

Then his head lowered and he died.

Xie Xi hadn’t expected something to happen as soon as he entered the game!

He frowned and looked at the wound on Zhong Jin’s chest…

“Dead! Someone is dead!” A girl’s screams were head and many people approached.

“Crazy, Bai Xia is crazy!”

“Grab him!”

“Ugh…” Someone was nauseous. “There is a lot of blood…”

“Bai Xia is afraid to even kill a chicken. Now his expression isn’t changing despite seeing so much blood.”

The former Xie Xi was afraid of blood but after the baptism of the last game, how could he keep being afraid?

However, Zhong Jin’s death was too shocking. He didn’t have any deep feelings for this person and even had a lot of doubts, but Zhong Jin died…

The file couldn’t be loaded but didn’t the uniform they bought help resist fatal injuries? Didn’t Zhong Jin bring it into the game? Or perhaps…

Xie Xi was dragged by two strong villagers and tied up in an underground cave.

The Fairytale Town… it didn’t seem like a fairytale.

Xie Xi wiped at the blood on his body and thought about it.

The name of this body was Bai Xia. Zhong Jin died beside him and the villagers thought he killed Zhong Jin, so he was locked up. The situation just now was too chaotic and there were too many people. Xie Xi couldn’t resist and could only temporarily comply.

What about the other players? Apart from him and Zhong Jin, there should be eight more people. Were they in the crowd? Or had they woken up elsewhere?

Xie Xi was treated as a murderer as soon as he entered the game. How could he go and investigate the dragon heart?

In addition, was Zhong Jin really dead?

Xie Xi’s reasoning wasn’t disturb by everything that happened suddenly. Rather, it made him calmer.

He couldn’t take this lightly, even if it was just a D-grade game.

He looked at his location. It was a dilapidated cage, wet and cold. The bars were red and gave off the smell of rust.

“That…” A soft voice was heard from the corner. “Can you give me your underwear?”

Xie Xi, “???”

He turned and saw a shadow trembling behind him.

The light in this cage was very dark and it should be impossible to see the other person. However, Xie Xi was a collector and had a night vision ability. Thus, he could roughly see the person.

It was a 17 or 18 year old boy. He was pretty but his clothes were ragged. He seemed to be hungry for a long time and he was injured. The scars covered his thin arms like a snake winding around a tree trunk.

He had big eyes that were timid and covered with a layer of moisture, making him look pitiful.

Xie Xi almost suspected there was something wrong with his ears. Such a poor ghost, how did he have the guts to ask for such a thing?”

The poor ghost cried out miserably, “Little sister, please! I will get down on my knees and knock my head against the ground three times. Please give me your underwear!”

Xie Xi, “…” He didn’t hear wrong. This person was a pervert!

“Sob… I want to go home. I miss my mother, my father and even my small rhubarb QAQ!” This wasn’t fake crying. It was really crying from the heart!

Xie Xi wanted to ignore him but couldn’t help looking at him.

Unexpectedly, this poor ghost continued to howl, “Please give me your underwear. I want only one, please fairy sister!”

Xie Xi, “…” He had seen beggars but he had never seen this type of thing!

Maybe this pervert was a key person. Xie Xi suppressed his temper and said, “I am a man.”

“A man?” The poor ghost got up and stared at him with wide eyes. “How can a man be so beautiful?”

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed.

The poor ghost instantly wilted. “How can you be a man? I am only collect ladies…”

The word ‘collect’ touched Xie Xi’s mind. “Are you a player?”

The poor ghost rushed forward in shock. “My compatriot?”

Xie Xi, “…” No one wanted to be his compatriot!

The poor ghost cried. “My name is Song Qi. I am a beginner collector…’

It really was the case… Xie Xi asked with a dumbfounded expression, “Your main mission isn’t…”

Song Qi made a wronged expression. “When I go back, I will change professions. I never want to be a collector again in my life! I am gay. Why should I collect young ladies’ underwear like a pervert?”

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