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Chapter 28

New Task

Xie Xi literally wanted to rip apart the words ‘Designer: X!’

It was too obnoxious!

How come it was his game again? This type of ‘good’ luck, where did it go?

Xie Xi was angry enough to get liver pain and immediately closed this subpage, not wanting to look at it.

What should he do? As a beginner collector, he could only stay in Central World for two days. He had to go to the next quasi-world sooner or later and the world he searched for was Lost Atlantis.

Did he have to go to this quasi-world?

Xie Xi calmed down and planned to wait. What if there was another assembly task? He didn’t believe that he couldn’t get rid of it after refreshing two times!

This side felt stifled while Jiang Xie’s side had a rain of red -1, -1, -1, -1…

Cough, it seemed that Xie Xi had searched for a new task.

Jiang Xie was very certain that Xie Xi would definitely get a quasi-world he designed. After all, the fit between them was too high.

He silently took back the message he wanted to send to his little rose. He shouldn’t provoke the other person for the moment.

Xie Xi suppressed his temper and tidied up his belongings.

He got 100,000 silver coins from passing Love to the Left or Right. He bought a set of character freezes for 10,000, bought a search mirror for 30,000 and bought the universal translator for 90 silver coins. There was also the enhanced uniform that cost 10,000 silver coins.

His level was too low and the items that the mall sold were limited. Xie Xi desired the fatal injuries immunity items but unfortunately, only one uniform in the mall had such an effect. Fortunately, the uniform could be enhanced. After being enhanced, it could resist two fatal injuries. The price was a bit expensive and ordinary newcomers were absolutely reluctant to buy it.

From the Fairytale Town, he received 10,000 silver coins and the energy storage stone.

As for the short blade snatched from Zhong Jin, it couldn’t be brought out because it wasn’t placed in the items bar.

If he added and subtracted everything, he still had 59,910 silver coins, which was a huge sum.

Still, what was the use of money? Ghost knows how many pits were waiting for him in the next quasi-world!

Xie Xi thought about it and made up his mind to wait for the last second to go to X’s world. Once there were no other choices, he would go!

Xie Xi spend a lot of time reading the information shown on the water curtain…

Then his communication column flashed.

Song Qi: [Brother Xi! I came out!]

XIe Xi said: [Congratulations.]

Song Qi: [Where are you? I will give you the character freeze and search mirror.] Xie Xi asked, [Were they useless?]

[You don’t know, after you left…] Song Qi trailed off before saying: [Let’s meet up and talk!]

It wasn’t long before the two of them met, Song Qi holding two drinks in his hand.

Xie Xi was startled. “Where did you buy this?” There was no such thing in the mall.

Song Qi asked, “You haven’t been to the market yet?”

“The market?”

“I’ll take you to see it later. First, let me tell you about Fairytale Town.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Okay.” He also wanted to know the follow-up.

Song Qi took a big sip of the drink. “Originally, the white stone is an energy storage stone. The so-called collecting a dragon’s heart is actually collecting Aaron’s power…”

Xie Xi had already thought of this.

Song Qi continued, “After you left, the energy storage stone with Aaron’s power because the sun on the horizon. Light was slowly restored to the tormented town and the villagers came to their senses…”

“What about the golden dragon?”

Song Qi replied, “He gave up the extra power and actually became a resident of the town.”

Xie Xi was stunned before smiling. It was the long desired wish.

“He actually asked me to thank you. Thank you for saving Xiao Feng and also clearing the town.”

The follow-up was very logical. Song Qi was involved in liberating the town and as a result, collecting the underwear was very easy, no matter how ridiculous.

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow. “Who hid the storage stone under the blood pool?”

“I don’t know but Aaron gave me a key. He wanted us to go to his house to take a look.”

“He has a house in the Central World?”

“Yes!” Song Qi looked at him. “Do you want to see it?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Let’s go.”

The Central World was a very abstract existence. IT seemed small, with only one hall, but it was also big, with no boundaries. All players could buy their own accommodations from the mall. The so-called key was just a permit since the house had absolute privacy and security.

Of course, players whose levels were too low couldn’t stay in Central World all the time. No matter how safe it was, they couldn’t rest at ‘home.’

Song Qi invited Xie Xi to join the team and the two of them came to Aaron’s house.

It was similar to a scene change when playing games. They had just been standing in front of the water curtain, only to stand in front of a slightly messy study.

Xie Xie Xi saw countless drawings with the front, back and sides of the figures drawn.

Song Qi muttered, “All the residents of the town…”

It seemed that Aaron designed them here.

Xie Xi’s sharp eyes saw an album. He opened it and saw the golden-eyed boy in various shapes.

It was drawn in crayon but was vividly lifelike.

There was golden handwriting every few pages—

Page 7.

I placed Xiao Feng in the town. Zhong Jin said that I am crazy.

Page 10.

I know very well that he isn’t a puppet, he is my child.

Page 18.

Akin says that a designer has no heart, because God doesn’t need a heart.

Page 19.

However, a designer isn’t God.

Page 22.

Xiao Feng smiled at me. I miss him very much.

Page 32.

I can never be a designer because I can’t help loving them.

Page 39.

I just want to give you the best. I hope you will be happy in another world.

Page 42.

What exactly is the real world?

Page 43.

There is everything I crave for, while there is only empty reality here.

Page 45.

It worked.

Page 60.

Why would you do such a thing to my children? They are independent lives!

Page 68.

Xiao Feng, don’t be afraid. This time I will protect you.

There was different handwriting on the large page. It was written using a black pen and was filled with anger: Idiot.

Somehow, Xie Xi felt that the last word was written by Zhong Jin.

The album stopped here and there was nothing else.

Aaron’s words were vague. Xie Xi stared at them and countless doubts surged in his heart.

What exactly was a quasi-world?

What was the central government?

What about players?

Why were there designers, collectors, explorers and recorders?

What was the significance of the tasks released by the Zone?

The instance clearance of Fairytale Town was closely related to Aaron…

How did this task appear? Was it because Aaron put himself into the world that the clearance task changed?

Xie Xi couldn’t figure it out.


Central World, the Double Beheading Group.

“Zhong Jin, what do you mean by this?”

“What could I do? He is a person recognized by Yunge and I could only cooperate with him to complete the task.”

“We finally upgraded this quasi-world to D-grade. We were going to be promoted to C-grade yet you helped him clear the world!”

“I didn’t expect him to be so lucky. He actually got all the core tasks.”

Then a hoarse voice was heard. “What about the energy storage stone?”

Zhong Jin replied, “The old dragon has power. I thought it shouldn’t be wasted and intended to fill the stone with energy. Who knew that it would become a task item?”

“You’re just messing around!”

“It’s fine.” Zhong Jin signed. “Designing a world depends on talent. Rather than wasting time on this, it is better to think about something more valuable.”

For example, the upcoming ‘open world.’


They left Aaron’s residence and Song Qi took Xie Xi to the market.

As the name suggested, the so-called market was spontaneously formed by players.

Players received rewards when completing a task and they could buy or sell the items if they couldn’t use them.

However, the market had little significance to Xie Xi. There were a variety of things on sale but not many of them were useful.

The two people strolled around and Song Qi asked, “Have you searched for a new mission?”

Don’t mention it or his heart would be clogged.

Xie Xie Xi nodded. “It was searched.”

Song Qi looked at his demeanor and thought the task level was too low. He comforted Xie Xi, “It’s okay. You just need to pass it and new functions can be opened after three tasks are cleared.”

Xie Xi also wanted to do it casually but he was afraid that wasn’t possible…

“What about you?” Xie Xie Xi wondered. “Have you searched?”

“I searched and there are no surprises. It is an E-grade quasi-world.”

Xie Xi maintained the same expression but he was very envious.

He didn’t care about the world’s rating or about surprises. He just didn’t want to see X’s name.


After waiting a whole day, no new assembly task was released.

Xie Xi hesitated before finally sending a message to X: [God X, hello ^_^]

Jiang Xie, “…” It felt like he was being soaked in the red rain.

[Hello.] He was stable.

[Can I ask you a question?]

[Say it.]

[How many quasi-worlds have you designed in total?]

Jiang Xie replied sincerely: [I don’t remember.]

Xie Xi, “…” This self-centred show-off!

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