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Chapter 29

Small Gift

Xie Xi sent a message with no expression. [God X is so amazing!] He followed with a small smiley face.

He was amazing yet points were deducted? Jiang Xie silently endured the red rain.

He naturally knew why the other person’s good feelings would fall straight down. The words ‘can’t remember’ seemed too perfunctory but in fact, it was because of the Quasi-World Protection Law that he couldn’t remember. The ones on the list were due to some new achievements in his design. The Zone gave a full-screen announcement and it was noted by many people. There were also many that weren’t announced, so he didn’t know the specific number.

He didn’t want to lie to Xie Xi and the result was the -1 flying all around him.

Jiang Xie wanted to say something to stop the red rain when Xie Xi asked the fatal question, [How many of your worlds have been cleared?]

Jiang Xie, “…”

He didn’t reply for a long time. Xie Xi thought he had something to do and was preparing to cut off the communication interface when X replied: [So far, only one has been cleared.]

Xie Xi, “!”

[It is the one you cleared.]

Xie Xi, “!!”

Jiang Xie: [We are fated to meet each other.]

Who wanted to have a fated relationship with him?

Jiang Xie looked at the waterfall of -1 and didn’t dare speak. If he let Xie Xi knew that it was his soul interfering with the normal search system, would it fall directly to -999?

The probability was as high as 99.9%.

Poor Xie Xi had to continue to test his survival. [The S-grade world was really difficult. Are all of God X’s games like this?]

Jiang Xie knew the answer he desired but he couldn’t lie. He could only endure the decline in goodwill and say: [The novice trial is relatively simple.]

Bang, -10!

Jiang Xie, “…” It hurt.

Xie Xi smiled. [Then it is harder than other games?] He wanted to change the word ‘hard’ to ‘perverted.’

Jiang Xie was tactful. [Not necessarily. After all, you are growing very quickly.] The translation was that the game difficulty was there but Xie Xi was more experienced and proficient, which would make things easier.

Xie Xi didn’t want this type of experience and proficiency!

Unfortunately, his next task was destined to be X’s world. He could only endure and say: [What a coincidence. My next task is in God X’s world.]

Jiang Xie had long guessed this. [We have a fated relationship.] It was a crazy suggestion.

You big headed ghost! Xie Xi refused to accept this and his good feelings fell below -200!

[The world’s name is Lost Atlantis. God X, do you have any impression of this?]

Jiang Xie had no impression of it at all. He explained: [I signed the Quasi-World Protection Law and have forgotten most of the worlds I designed.]

XIe Xi was shocked. [Quasi-World Protection Law?]

Jiang Xie: [Anyone who designs a quasi-world higher than the B-grade has to sign it.]

Fairytale Town’s rating was too low and it wasn’t qualified.

Xie Xi was silent before asking: [Then this Lost Atlantis is at least B-grade?]

Jiang Xie was also silent. Then he uttered the big truth: [I haven’t designed a quasi-world below A.]

Xie Xi, “……”

Jiang Xie watched the goodwill reach 222 and quickly added: [You can rest assured that the difficult is overstated. It won’t be as hard as you think.]

Xie Xi calmed down. In fact, the overall difficulty of Love to the Left or Right wasn’t high. The unlimited file loads plus the pain immunity to fatal injuries meant there was basically a 100% chance of clearing it.

Then why would it be rated S-grade? Could these things also be diluted?

Jiang Xie continued: [One of the criteria for the quasi-world rating is the possibility of it being cleared. The higher the level, the lower the probability.]

Xie Xi wasn’t comforted. [Are the worlds you designed that difficult to clear?]

Jiang Xie wanted to say that the threshold was the problem. He put his soul inside the worlds so that other people couldn’t search the world, let alone clear it. The fact that Xie Xi could always search it was because one, the fit between their souls was good and two, it was fate. It could also be said that Xie Xi’s luck was good. After all, Old Jiang’s worlds truly had a high rating.

Jiang Xie gave a half truth. [The quasi-worlds I designed contain my souls. If you get their approval then clearing the task is a lot easier. If you don’t get it, the difficulty will greatly enhance.]

Xie Xi couldn’t understand this and he asked curiously: [Your soul?]

The red rain stopped at this point. Jiang Xie looked at the -233 goodwill and asked: [Do you want to meet to chat?]

Xie Xi, “…” If they met then he couldn’t smile!

[No need. I will feel sorry if I trouble God X.]

The red rain began again. Jiang Xie didn’t dare mention this matter anymore. He hurried to stop the bleeding. [This is design related. You will understand more later. Just know that the soul is a wisp of my consciousness.]

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed. [Your consciousness?]

Jiang Xie had a hunch this sentence would decrease the goodwill but still said it. [For example, the vampire Aix-en, the housekeeper Randy and Gars…]

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie glanced at the goodwill and relaxed when there wasn’t a cliff-style dip in goodwill. [They are all my soul.]

Oh, Xie Xi was even more certain. Sure enough, this person was truly abnormal!

Jiang Xie tried to defend himself. [They are just wisps of my consciousness and aren’t independent individuals. It is inevitably that there will be some extreme ideas in their minds. Combined with the task constraints, they might do something radical.]

Oh, Aix-en shot him three times, Randy beheaded him twice and Gars stabbed him to death. It was really ‘somewhat’ extreme.

Xie Xi couldn’t hide his ‘killing intent’ across the water curtain. [It turns out to be like this.]

Old Jiang struggled to survive. [In fact, they all appreciate you.]

Forget it, he couldn’t afford their appreciation!

Xie Xi calmed down and took the opportunity to ask about some doubts. [Do you know… what will happen after a quasi-world is cleared?]

Jiang Xie knew what he was curious about and questioned: [What is your understanding of quasi-world?]

Xie Xi was startled and answered: [Quasi… does it mean ‘to be prepared.’]

[Yes, it is preparing to become a new world?]

Xie Xi was shocked and the hand touching the water curtain trembled. [Then after clearing a world, the quasi-world will become a new world?]

Jiang Xie explained to him: [There are three types of professions for players: a collector, explorer and recorder. The tasks of these three professions are to test the world. Once the instance is cleared, the quasi-world will be qualified.]

Xie Xi couldn’t help saying: [Designers create the world. After it is recognized by the Zone, tasks are released. Then players will clear the world and clearing it will make it a new world?]

[The details aren’t so simple but you can temporarily understand it like this.]

[This is the case… then Aaron and Xiao Feng are left in a real world.] He breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Xie only appeared ‘Fairytale Town’ and wasn’t sure of the specifics. Besides, he was only a puppet when he showed his face. Thus, he asked: [Aaron and Xiao Feng?]

Xie Xi had many doubts about the Fairytale Town. He might think X was abnormal but X clearly knew a lot. The gap between the two of them was too big and there was no conflict of interest. A chat didn’t mean anything.

Therefore, Xie Xi talked about everything he encountered in Fairytale Town.

Finally, he asked: [Is it really possible to raise the level of the quasi-world by killing the players?]

Jiang Xie: [It has nothing to do with that.]

[Still, Fairytale Town did rise from E to D.]

Jiang Xie explained to him: [It is because the golden dragon entered the quasi-world.]

Xie Xi was stunned.

[The golden dragon killed the first group of players and was determined to guard the town, causing the town’s rating to rise.]

Xie Xi wondered: [Is it possible for the quasi-world’s rating to rise as long as the player is willing to stay in the quasi-world?] It was impossible. There were too many players who stayed in a quasi-world forever because they couldn’t complete the task or…

Jiang Xie replied: [The golden dragon is the designer.]

Xie Xi was even more confused. [They designed it together…]

[This can’t be done together.] JIang Xie didn’t hide anything. [The so-called organization co-designed the quasi-world but in fact, only one person on the team was inspired and designed the quasi-world.] However, it was mistaken for a team credit.

Xie Xi was startled.

Jiang Xie continued: [As long as it doesn’t reach the A-grade, the dragon entering the quasi-world is still considered as continuing to design it. Thus, the town’s rating continued to improve.]

Xie Xi understood some things while becoming more confused about other things.

Jiang Xie kept speaking: [A quasi-world below the A-grade is fragmentary. For example, the Fairytale Town you entered is just the small town. There is nothing outside the town.]

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed and he anxiously asked: [Then is it still a real world?]

[Of course. Once it is cleared, this fragment becomes qualified and will blend with other fragments into a boundless world.]

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. [What about worlds above A-grade?]

[They are frame types and will grow independently.]

This was the first time Xie Xi really felt that X was amazing.

[All the worlds you designed are independent worlds?]



Xie Xi didn’t say it but Jiang Xie saw a touch of green among the red. The pitiful +5 didn’t comfort Jiang Xie.

He said so much only for goodwill to rise by five points. Would it rise if he kept repeating himself?

Jiang Xie told himself: It is wishful thinking.

In fact, Xie Xi still had a lot of doubts but there was too much information. He needed some time to digest it.

He was currently a beginner collector and at most, he was a bug tester. He was still a long way from thinking about designing a world.

Xie Xi thought about it and asked Jiang Xie: [God X, do you think a designer is God?]

[No.] Jiang Xie didn’t hesitate. [A designer is more like the hand of God.]

Xie Xi’s heart tightened. [The Zone…]

[The Zone isn’t God either.] Jiang Xie reassured him. [Take your time. Everyone has different answers to this question.]

Xie Xi nodded before realizing the other person couldn’t see it. [Thank you.]

This time there wasn’t a smiley face but JIang Xie saw the +1 and felt very comfortable.

The road was long but would eventually lead to him.

Xie Xi was very curious about designers, the Zone and the Central World that constantly formed new worlds…

If he wanted to solve it, he had to go up step by step.

Xie Xi took a deep breath and opened the Quasi-world column.

Lost Atlantis. He didn’t believe this game could be worse than Love to the Left or Right!

He was about to accept the task when the communicator flashed again.

X: [I gave you a small gift.]

Xie Xi, “?”

They were friends so all items mailed were automatically accepted. XIe Xi opened the items bar and saw a red and blue egg.

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking of someone’s eyes.

Xie Xi asked him: [Thank you God X. What it is?] A ^_^ was attached.

Jiang Xie saw this smiling face and couldn’t help glancing at the goodwill. Fortunately, it hadn’t fallen.

[It is an elf who can enter worlds with you.]

Xie Xi saw the item description.

Name: Elf Egg.

Usage: Can hatch a lovely elf.

Details: Gold grade. Hurry to sell it. Exchanging it for money is more cost-effective than raising this thing!

Xie Xi, “…” It didn’t sound like a good thing but the gold grade seemed high?

Jiang Xie sent him another message. [The elf has a passive skill that allows you to resist three fatal injuries.]

Xie Xi heard this and thought it was useful. [Thank you!]

Jiang Xie stared at the goodwill +1.

Yes, he just needed to give more than 200 legendary elf eggs and it would become a positive number.

The problem was… could he find a second golden elf egg in the entire Central World? It was almost nonexistent.

Xie Xi clicked on the elf egg and the hatching countdown appeared on the red and blue egg.

He found it didn’t take up a slot on the item bar and was more satisfied.

After tidying up his backpack, Xie Xi clocked on Lost Atlantis.

As before, the words game loading appeared in front of him, followed by the information board.

[Welcome to the quasi-world. Please read the information board carefully.

Game Name: Lost Atlantis.

Game Summary: A great civilization that began on land and finally ended up in the ocean. The fallen utopia, the shadow of the mermaids’ bubbles… can you get what you want?

Main Task: Collect the love of the sixth prince.

Side Task: To be refreshed.

Number of Loads: You need to find the save points yourself.

Items Carried: Beginner collectors can carry three items.

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