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Chapter 30

Lost Atlantis 1

There was also another line which contained:

Privilege to be Selected: Camouflage, 10 times the money reward, fatal injuries are painless.

Xie Xi saw the painless fatal injuries privilege and couldn’t help frowning. This hint was too obvious! He had to unlock a new death position.

Sure enough, there was a huge pit in front of him!

Xie Xi ignored the reward money being increased by 10 times.

In fact, this privilege was very tempting. 100,000 silver coins times by 10 was enough to make people risk their lives.

Xie Xi’s current level was too low and he didn’t have anything to spend money on. Thus, he regarded money as dung. However, not everyone had the opportunity to clear a S-grade world as a beginner!

Once the level increased and all functions were unlocked, the use of this bonus was overwhelming. From skills to talents to a variety of treasures in the mall, there were many places to spend money.

Human beings would die for riches, just as birds would for food. If it wasn’t for XIe Xi’s level being so low, he might’ve hesitated when he saw this privilege.

Now he had no such concerns and kept an eye on the camouflage and painless fatal injuries.

The latter was an old friend. Then what about the former?

Camouflage? Was this a hint that he might need multiple identities? Or did he need to hide his current face?

Xie Xi had a bad feeling.

Looking at the painless fatal injuries… this was very important. A game with save points had a high mortality rate. It there was pain, his spirit wouldn’t be able to withstand the frequent deaths.

Um… which one to choose?

Xie Xi looked at the game introduction again and it was no different from the previous two games. It was a vague paragraph but the bit about the mermaids’ bubbles caught his attention. He couldn’t help thinking of the beautiful fairytale regarding a mermaid.

Lost Atlantis, wasn’t it an underwater world?

Xie Xi psychologically prepared himself to be a mermaid.

Main Task: Collect the love of the sixth prince.

Xie Xi was speechless. This collector profession was really messy. Why did he have to collect such junk?

He had to collect the love of another person? He didn’t know anything about the sixth prince.

Xie Xi stared at the main task and had a feeling it wasn’t so simple. He hoped this was just an illusion.

The branch mission showed that it was to be refreshed. Xie Xi clicked on it and the small funnel turned. After a while, a purple light flashed and a line of words appeared.

[Collect 100,000 tons of rubbish.]

Xie Xi, “???”

What a broken task? Why was collecting garbage a purple grade task?

Xie Xi consumed 300 silver coins and refreshed the side task. The small funnel turned and the purple light flashed again. This time it was: [Collect 200,000 tons of garbage.]

Xie Xi rubbed his eyes. Was something wrong with his eyes? The number had increased?

A broken game! A broken task! A broken designer!

Xie Xi couldn’t reconcile himself with this and spent another 300 silver coins. It was a purple task and the contents changed to: [Collect 300,000 tons of garbage.]

Xie Xi, “…” Was it too late to abandon this world?

Should he continue refreshing? What if it rose to 400,000 tons? Was he spending money for a crime?

Xie Xi thought about it and decided to refresh it one more time…

The funnel turned and Xie Xi truly hated his ‘good luck.’

The little funnel stopped, a golden light flashed…

Xie Xi’s eyes brightened. The task rating was higher and it might be a good task.

[Collect 1 million tons of rubbish.]

Xie Xi, “………………………………”

The number of ellipses was how many times Jiang Xie’s goodwill was reduced!

Xie Xi didn’t want to refresh any more. He was afraid he would get 10 million tons of trash and kill himself with his anger.

In fact, this was just a side task and didn’t need to be completed. However, after knowing the truth of the quasi-world, Xie Xi always hoped to reach the instance clearance conditions, so that it could become a complete world, free of bondage and free to develop.

In any case, this was a gold task and was probably the core side task.

Xie Xi entered the quasi-world with the seemingly full of traps main task ‘collect the love of the sixth prince’ and the even more pitted ‘collect 1 million tons of rubbish.’

[Welcome to Lost Atlantis.]

The moment the words disappeared, Xie Xi opened his eyes. The angle of view was too strange, making everything he saw look weird.

His first feeling was… he was lying down? Wait, where were his hands? What about his legs? What was going on?

Xie Xi wanted to blink but found he couldn’t even do that. He shook his body and felt unspeakably awkward.

His legs were gone, replaced by a fish tail.

Did he turn into a mermaid? The problem was that a mermaid should have hands!

Xie Xi wanted to look down but found his body was very heavy. He wanted to stand up but that was even more wishful thinking. It just caused his belly to hurt.

A bad thought rose from the bottom of his heart…

He couldn’t be transformed into a fish?

As if to confirm this thoughts, his shadow was reflected on the transparent glass window across the road.

A big white shark!

It was five or six metres long and had a huge body. It twisted around on the street with a bloody mouth…

Xie Xi’s heart was filled with curses. He didn’t think he would become a big shark. In addition, it was a fucking shark on shore!

As if a switch was pressed, screams were heard and people started fleeing. Others weren’t afraid of death and took out their phones to take videos.

Xie Xi, “…”

Where was the sea? He was going to die of thirst!

He wasn’t fully integrated into this body yet. The combination of the five senses, his thirst, hunger and pain made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

He placed his tail on the ground and moved on the land.

Hurry and move, Xie Xi thought. In any case, he had to move to the sea first! Why the hell was he on land? He turned around and cried out.

Xie Xi struggled to shake his tail and saw his reflection in the window. How scary and horrifying was this sight?

Could you imagine? A great white shark with a big mouth twisting and turning on land!

He was as chaotic as a headless fly when he suddenly saw a bright green spot. A hint appeared in the lower right corner. [Discovered a save point. Do you want to save?]


Xie Xi hurriedly ‘swam’ to the save point.

As it happened, it was next to a mother with a little girl.

The little girl burst into tears. Her mother was pale with fright as she protected her child.

Xie Xi was also startled and tried to move his bulky body away from her.

At this time the street was a mess. The more anxious Xie Xi became, the less smooth his tail was. How could he know where the sea was? He could only use his intuition to swim to the sea.

After doing this for five minutes, Xie Xi was dying of thirst. The sun was shining down and the street was hot. He was really going to become a sunbaked fish.

Even worse, he was still hungry…

His eyes dimmed from hunger and the pedestrians on the street turned into hot chicken legs.


Xie Xi might’ve turned into a great white shark but he was a person. How could he eat people?

Although these people looked exactly like roast chicken legs. They were smoking hot and emitted an aroma…

Xie Xi shook his head and forced himself to move forward.

Get out of here and return to the sea first!

Xie Xi didn’t know how long he had ‘swam.’ Once he saw the vast ocean, he felt like he had returned to his warm home.

The great white shark jumped up, ignored the screaming people on the beach and plunged into the sea.

It was so good to be surrounded by water.

He sighed with relief and didn’t get to enjoy it enough. At this moment, he felt a strong pull and a female voice scolded him, “Are you here to be funny? You dare to compete for the position of royal guard at this level?”

Xie Xi, “???”

He turned and saw a young woman with dazzling blonde hair. Her upper body was covered with two shells and her lower body was a beautiful fish tail.

Person… fish…

“You are…” The woman froze and cleared her throat. “You look good but your professionalism is too low. You turned a 10 minute journey into an hour. You didn’t eat a human midway and didn’t gain any sub-items. This combat power is too embarrassing!”

Xie Xi took a long time to come to his senses. Wasn’t he a great white shark?

Why… he looked down and saw his hands.

The young woman said, “Okay, don’t waste any more time. Next!”

Xie Xi found he was sitting in a cabin. He got off it and quickly squeezed into a corner.

A male mermaid swam over to the young woman. “No. 826 reporting!”

The young woman cried out, “The test will begin!”

The male mermaid lay in the elliptical cabin where Xie Xi had just been lying.

Xie Xi was stunned for a while before finally inferring some things from the words of the people next to him.

“It is too intense. The royal guards recruit every three years. If I can pass this test, perhaps I will be able to serve a prince!”

“Don’t think too much. If you can enter then it will be a reversal of fortunes.”

“It is too hard. We need at least 90 points to pass, right?”

“At least you will be better than the person just now. Actually getting 0 points, I don’t know who gave him the courage to sign up!”

Xie Xi, “…”

He didn’t know how to describe his mood at this moment.

He finally accepted that he became a shark, only for it to be a test similar to a holographic game!

Listening to the conversation, it seemed anyone who passed the test could become a royal guard. This was obviously an important clue. In order to collect the love of the sixth prince, he needed to get close to the prince. Becoming a guard was definitely the perfect choice.

It looked like… he had to read the file.

Xie Xi couldn’t help letting out many curses the moment he returned to the shark’s body.

At the same time.

In the Central Garden, Yan Zhe quickly laughed. “Old Jiang is truly a big cow. It is lucky that your Little Rose has high affection towards you. If the feelings were too low, he would come out of the world and want to fight with you!” It was too stimulating. Becoming a shark after entering the game, only for it to be a game within the game!

Jiang Xie, “…”

The more Yan Zhe looked, the funnier it was. “Little Rose read the file! Oh my god, this is the first time I thought a shark is cute!”

Jiang Xie stroked his finger and closed the water curtain.

Yan Zhe cried out, “Why did you do that? It is a key moment!”

JIang Xie glanced at the water curtain several times and kicked Yan Zhe out of the team.

Yan Zhe was stunned. “Why are you letting me see it?” He wasn’t part of the team anymore and didn’t have the authority to watch the ‘live broadcast.’

Jiang Xie replied, “He isn’t wearing clothes. What are you looking at?”

Yan Zhe, “……”

Who would fucking put clothes on a shark?!

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