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Chapter 4

Love Left or Right 4

What was better?

Xie Xi’s head was separated from his body but he could still understand what the other person said!

Xie Xi couldn’t feel any pain but the sight in front of him was too shocking? Who had ever seen their own body from this angle? He also saw his death.

A prompt to load the file appeared in the lower right corner of his field of view. It showed that the remaining time was only 10 seconds. What would happen if he couldn’t read the file in time? Would he die from his head being cut off? What about in reality?

Xie Xi had no interest in danger. He quickly loaded the file and his head returned to his body.

The housekeeper’s voice entered his ears again. “The earl of Aix-en…”

After dying two times in a row, this sentence was a reminder of his doom.

Xie Xi looked at his housekeeper. Previously he hadn’t thought too much and considered Randy a NPC that guided him to adapt to the game environment. He never thought this person was a hidden boss.

Cutting off a head with a thin knife wasn’t something that ordinary people could do.

The thing Xie Xi couldn’t understand was why behead him? He was just going to eat together. Did Randy have to react so crazily? Were these two people too neurotic or was there a special meaning to the meal?

Xie Xi found that loading the file wasn’t very useful. What should he choose? If he didn’t go then the vampire would shoot him with the arrow. If he went then the housekeeper would cut off his head. Both options resulted in death. What should he do?

He could only try the third option—don’t say anything.

Xie Xi’s intuition told him that this ambiguity was very unreliable. However, all he could do was take a step back and look a the situation. Fortunately, he chose the privilege of not feeling any pain from fatal injuries so he wasn’t afraid of ‘dying’ several more times.

He didn’t say anything and the housekeeper called out to him. “Young Master?”

Xie Xi put on a confused expression. Sure enough, there was heat in Randy’s eyes and his voice contained some faint expectations.

Xie Xi hadn’t paid attention before but now he saw clearly. At the same time, he felt a faint chill come from somewhere…

The silver-haired vampire should be hiding and listening to their conversation while his anger accumulated.

Xie Xi tensed and quickly took back his expression.

The housekeeper was already asking in a low voice, “You don’t want to go?”

Xie Xi, “…” I don’t, I do, don’t talk nonsense!

The next second, the enthusiasm in the housekeeper’s eyes faded and he frowned. “You want to go?”

Xie Xi, “!!” How should he answer this?

The housekeeper’s mouth curved again. His smile was very gentle but there was no temperature in his eyes.

Xie Xi clearly realized that if he said he would go then his head would be separated from his body. However, if he said that he wouldn’t go then his heart would be pierced with an arrow!

What to do…

Xie Xi suddenly had a thought from God and said, “Let’s go together.”

This should be fine! Randy was going too so Xie Xi wasn’t leaving him!

A whooshing sound…

The sound of bone breaking…

Xie Xi felt a cool sensation from his chest and neck at the same time. Not only was his head cut off but his heart was also pierced by an arrow.

The housekeeper’s voice was full of despair., “I loved you so humbly. Why do you want to humiliate me like this?”

Xie Xi was speechless. Was taking him humiliating him?

The housekeeper gently held Xie Xi’s head. “I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

The reading time was only five seconds. Xie Xi didn’t dare delay and immediately chose to load the file.

A prompt once again appeared in the lower right corner. [Do you want to choose the most recent loading point?]

The first time, he hadn’t thought too much. The second time, the visual impact was so great that he just wanted to return to his body. It was only after dying a third time that he noticed this detail.

Did this mean he could choose another loading point.

Xie Xi gave an answer. “No.”

The line of words changed again. [Please select a loading point.]

There were two loading points. Xie Xi ignored the nearest one and selected the other option.

Xie Xi’s vision darkened and he found himself back in the gorgeous four corner bed. He had returned to last night. It seemed that if he wanted to avoid death, he had to find a reason for this point in time.

The thick curtains blew despite there being no wind and the silver-haired vampire appeared out of thin air.

Xie Xi inwardly thought, ‘So fast? There is no preparation time.’

He hurriedly recalled what he said before and sorted out the clues.

Due to his experience, he wasn’t too startled when the vampire picked him up.

“Small Sein.” The vampire’s first words hadn’t changed. “Has my baby missed me?”

Xie Xi still trembled despite his mental preparation.

This time, he was no longer passive and asked, “Where have you been these days?”

He had no expression on his face but the petulant words gave him a different charm.

The vampire’s heart thumped and he coaxed Xie Xi. “Don’t be angry. Everything I do is for my Small Sein.”

Xie Xi thought about the two arrows inserted in his heart and thought, ‘If I don’t agree with you then my life is over.’

Xie Xi pushed him. “Put me down.”

The angrier he became, the more honest Aix-en was. He currently put Xie Xi down and his handsome eyebrows converged. “Are you really angry?”

Xie Xi sat on the bed and raised his eyebrows. “Should I be angry?”

“You should… Small Sein did everything right.” The vampire grabbed Xie Xi’s hand and placed it on his face. “Don’t hold in you’re angry. If you are really annoyed then vent it at me.”

Xie Xi, “…” Who would dare? He would just be pierced in the heart again!

Xie Xi took back his hand and thought about it. “What are you going to do?” This should be the key to clearing the game.

The vampire licked his lips and spoke in an affectionate voice., “I found the sacred heart.”

Xie Xi was startled. The sacred heart? What the hell was this?

The vampire stared at him, crimson eyes full of explicit love. “With the sacred heart, your body will be able to withstand the first embrace.”

First embrace? Xie Xi had heart this word before. In vampire-related matters, the general meaning was that humans would become vampires when first embraced by a vampire. The sacred heart should be a private setting of this game. It was said that humans became vampires by having their blood sucked. Aix-en was probably afraid of accident and went to find something similar to an amulet.

In other words… Aix-en wanted to turn him into the same type?

“I was going to surprise you tomorrow.” Aix-en kneeled in front of him and looked up. “Small Sein, would you like to become my most beautiful bride?”

Xie Xi, “…” If he remembered correctly, Sein Hall was a real man. Um… he had no prejudices against homosexuality but how could a man become a bride? Too weird.

Aix-en’s smile became strange as XIe Xi remained silent. His red eyes became tinged with a black fog. “Do you regret it.”

Xie Xi didn’t want to die on the spot and exclaimed, “Who is going to be your bride? I’m a man.”

Aix-en was startled and his voice filled with tenderness and affection. “Sein Hall is the love of my life, my eternal companion.”

It was clearly a bitter love story but it was a bit creepy.

Xie Xi basically guessed this part. Aix-en made a lifetime vow with him but he betrayed the promise so the vampire shot him in the heart.

In fact, Xie Xi didn’t know that tomorrow was such an important date. He thought it was just a meal.

The problem lay with the housekeeper Randy. Aix-en had sent the invitation and Randy must’ve opened it. Once he saw the contents, he became angry but he didn’t dare ask Xie Xi.

Once Xie Xi gave a positive answer, it meant he agreed to be Aix-en’s ‘bride.’ The housekeeper cut off his head because of love and hatred.

That’s why when Xie Xi suggested they go together, the housekeeper replied that he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t serve a Sein Hall who belonged to someone else.

Things were smoothed out but how could be break it?

The thing that made Xie Xi feel more pained was that he somewhat thought Sein Hall deserved it?

Playing two people at the same time, death was the best gift for him.

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