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Chapter 5

Love Left or Right 5

Forget the housekeeper and the vampire showering love on an uninterested person. If Sein Hall had been loyal then these two abnormal people wouldn’t have gone crazy like this.

It was very meaningful to look at the name of the game again. Love to the left or right, was it to have him choose between the housekeeper and the vampire? However, the mission goal was simply for him to live for seven days. Would there be other traps? Xie Xi simply couldn’t trust this damn game!

Xie Xi was busy thinking when the vampire fervently said, “I will go back first. Small Sein, see you tomorrow.”

Xie Xi knew the housekeeper was coming and the vampire wanted to avoid Randy. His brain worked and he said, “I’ll go directly to you tomorrow.”

The vampire’s eyes lit up and he licked his lips. “I will pick you up.”

“No.” Xie Xi shook his head. “Wait for me. I want to give you a surprise.”

The vampire replied sincerely, “You are going to be my bride. That is my greatest joy.”

Xie Xi said, “I should prepare for such a special day.”

The vampire was very imaginative and said softly, “You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. You don’t need any embellished clothing.”

Who the hell would wear embellished clothing for him!

Xie Xi was very patient. “Tomorrow will be the start of a new life. Give me some time to say goodbye to the past.” He was a good young man who was forced to talk nonsense because of this game.

“Okay.” The vampire was very excited. “I’ll wait for you.”

The corners of Xie Xi’s lips curved as he tried his best to smile. “See you tomorrow.”

The footsteps outside got closer. The silver-haired vampire reluctantly said, “Small Sein, I have been waiting for you for too long. Please be sure to satisfy me tomorrow.

The child Xie Xi was stunned by the second half of the sentence. Satisfy? What was the satisfaction method? How as this game coded?

Xie Xi smiled stiffly but fortunately, the vampire Aix-en had love on the brain. “Don’t be nervous. I will definitely give you the sweetest and happiest night.”

Xie Xi couldn’t listen and vaguely replied, “Okay, okay.”

The vampire was fascinated by him and thought he was just shy. “Then I’m leaving first.”

Xie Xi demanded, “You’re not allowed to peek at me tomorrow.”

Aix-en was stunned.

Xie Xi awkwardly explained, “If you peek then will it be a surprise?” The situation was stronger than a person and Xie Xi felt that his integrity was being broken.

The vampire smiled sweetly. “Tomorrow I won’t go anywhere. I will wait for you at the earl’s house.”

Xie Xi wasn’t reassured. “Promise me.”

The vampire suddenly held his hand. “If you do this again then I really can’t help it.”

Xie Xi, “???” What was this? What did he do?

His words fell into the vampire earl’s lovestruck brain and became—spoiled, cute, reluctant to let go and lovely.

The vampire sighed. “These five years have been very long for me. Fortunately, you will completely belong to me tomorrow.”

Xie Xi heard important information. Five years? They had known each other for five years?

The vampire gently picked up his hand and placed a pious kiss on the back. “Sein Hall, I love you.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He might’ve been killed twice but when he thought about it, he might shoot the scum Sein thousands of times in the heart.

The vampire had just left when the door opened and the housekeeper Randy entered slowly with a candlestick.

Xie Xi didn’t pretend to be sleeping. The two of them said the same words as before but this time Xie Xi didn’t dare mention anything. He just looked at Randy anxiously.

The housekeeper whispered, “Young Master, are you worried about something?”

Xie Xi’s eyes flashed and he gently shook his head.

The housekeeper put down the candlestick and worried over him. “Young Master, no matter what you have to tell me, Randy will swear eternal loyalty to you, even if there is a raging fire.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘I would’ve believed you if you hadn’t cut off my head twice.’

Xie Xi was very cautious and didn’t say much. He always felt that the vampire hadn’t gone far. The reason why he fired the arrow without giving Xie Xi a chance to say anything might have something to do with tonight.

Xie Xi had acted too coldly to the vampire the night before loading the file. Then after the housekeeper came, he was very attached to the housekeeper. The vampire who liked to peep and had a lovestruck brain didn’t know what to think. The next day, the vampire deliberately wrote an excessive invitation and let the housekeeper see it.

The invitation letter between nobles was a public document read by the housekeeper before they notified their master. Aix-en definitely wrote about the wedding and stimulated the housekeeper.

The thing between Sein and the vampire had definitely been kept from the housekeeper or else Aix-en wouldn’t have gone away when he heard Randy’s footsteps. Sein had obviously already agreed to be with the vampire.

Aix-en avoided Randy tonight so why did he write an invitation like that tomorrow? The changes were due to tonight.

Xie Xi made up his mind and prepared to make it through tonight. “Randy, I’m a bit sleepy.”

The housekeeper immediately replied, “Then have a good rest.”

“Good night.”

Randy didn’t say anything else. He carefully tucked Xie Xi in and left with a “Good night.”

The slender figure of the housekeeper illuminated by the candle went away and Xie Xi sighed. He felt that the problem wasn’t too big and he could hopefully pass tomorrow.

Just in case, Xie Xi closed his eyes and pretended to sleep for half an hour before calling out the name ‘Aix-en.’ He planned to say a bit more but unfortunately he wasn’t a professional actor. He couldn’t pass the hurdles in his heart and really couldn’t say such things!

The next day, the housekeeper came to help him wash and Xie Xi looked tired. He didn’t have to pretend. He had been thinking all night and didn’t sleep well.

Randy was distressed. “Young Master, didn’t you sleep well?”

Xie Xi stared at him and didn’t speak.

Randy also hadn’t slept well. He had faint dark circles under his eyes and his voice was anxious, “Young Master, please tell me your unhappiness. Randy’s life is to solve all your problems.”

Xie Xi felt he was scum but in order to live well, he could only say, “Randy, how long have you been following me?”

Randy was startled and knelt down in front of him. “10 years.”

Not one year or five years, but 10 years? Xie Xi scolded the scum in his heart and continued, “From today, you are free.”

Randy jerked up, his blue eyes full of fear through his always meticulous hair. “Young Master, you don’t want me?”

Xie Xi, “…” His neck felt a bit cold.

Randy was pale and his lips had no blood. “Are you finally tired of me?”

Xie Xi was afraid he would be killed but the plot was more unreasonable than he imagined.

“You don’t need me anymore? I’m not worthy of your love?” The housekeeper smiled and a knife appeared out of nowhere in his hand.

Xie Xi jumped. Then these two were in love? That… let’s talk! What was he doing with the knife?

“Young Master, I have never been greedy for your love nor did I dare to overstep. However, why did you give me the light of heaven only to take it away?”

“Since you are tired of me…” The housekeeper’s handsome face was full of despair. “Then there is no meaning in my survival.”

Xie Xi was stunned… the silver knife didn’t go through his head but stabbed the housekeeper’s heart.

Suicide? The housekeeper Randy was dead? What the hell was this damn plot?

Was this a normal direction of development? Then there was no need to make a choice?

Impossible! Xie Xi didn’t believe this fucking game would be so simple!

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