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Chapter 9

Love Left or Right 9

Xie Xi, “???” If he was able to use an expression pack, the black question mark face was the most appropriate.

Wasn’t this his cousin? Was it normal to look like this? Why did he fall for Sein Hall as well? Or should it be said, Sein Hall was so mad that he didn’t even let go of his cousin!

Fortunately, Xie Xi didn’t know the identity of the game designer or he would search for words to curse him 18 times!

He was so shocked that Greenton wasn’t surprised and even felt ashamed. “I was too scrupulous before and wronged you.” He thought that Xie Xi’s shock was a joy that came so suddenly it couldn’t be accepted.

Xie Xi’s heart was complicated and he didn’t know where to start.

Greenton spoke again, “I was the one in the wrong. I will never make you sad again.”

Xie Xi was anxious as he thought about Gars who was about to return. “Let me go.”

Greenton was stunned.

Xie Xi couldn’t understand this situation and could only test it. “We aren’t suitable for each other. I have thought about it for a long time and figured it out. Go back.”

“You… want me to go back?” Greenton’s sunny face was covered with dark clouds as he frowned. “You actually told me to go back…”

Xie Xi was numb. “Yes, please go back.”

There was no smile on Greenton’s face as he stared at Xie Xi. “Have you made up your mind?”

Things were a bit strange but Xie Xi didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

Not surprisingly, the handsome and sunny cousin pulled out a silver dagger and stabbed Xie Xi with a blank expression.

Xie Xi, “…” He was too lazy to pretend to be surprised by this long expected ending.

Unexpectedly, the big cousin who was just blank showed a hint of astonishment. He saw Xie Xi’s calm look and eyes that weren’t afraid of death.

“You did it on purpose! Greenton hugged him, veins bulging and an insane air around him. “You deliberately irritated me. You… no… Sein… don’t…”

He was devastated as he intermittent spoke. He couldn’t form a sentence.

Xie Xi was already loading the file. He was curious but couldn’t ask. This big brother’s skill was very precise, just like the vampire. It was a deadly blow that didn’t give him a chance.

It might not hurt but the countdown was decreasing in front of him. He couldn’t waste any time.

He loaded the file—

He returned to when Greenton held his hand to run away together.

Xie Xi knew that refusal wasn’t acceptable and couldn’t refuse directly.

He was curious about Greenton’s words after his ‘death’ and intuition told him this must be a clue to unraveling some doubts.

“How can this be?” Xie Xi’s acting skills had increased dramatically and he made the other person very upset.

Greenton exclaimed, “I don’t care! I don’t care about anything!

Xie Xi thought, ‘You don’t care but I do. Who wants to run away with you? I just want to survive for seven days.’ Of course, he couldn’t say that and had to think about his words…

Greenton already set up the plot. “…Many people have died and the duke’s house and the royal family are almost reduced to graves.”

Xie Xi’s heart jumped as he finally caught the focus after five or six days of confusion

He closely watched Greenton. He hadn’t thought much about it before but these sunny eyes were filled with deeply hidden fear and anxiety.

Xie Xi paused.

Greenton thought he was touched and sincerely said, “I know that they owe you and I also hate them. They took away Auntie and abused you. I am also very sad…”

Finally, the plot of Sein Hall had surfaced.

Greenton’s brow furrowed. “I am incompetent and couldn’t protect you. I could only let you embark on such a road…”

What was the road? Xie Xi was curious. Unfortunately, Greenton seemed afraid of stimulating him and didn’t continue speaking.

Xie Xi was afraid to ask anything else in fear of the hard to obtain clue going away.

Greenton watched him cautiously. “Princess Xilin died and the queen has also fallen ill. I will take good care of you and spend everyday with you. Sein, can you stop?”

Princess Xilin? Oh, Xie Xi remembered that this was his stepmother.

Greenton didn’t say much but Xie Xi developed a framework.

After the death of Sein Hall’s birth mother, his father married Her Majesty’s sister, a proud and extravagant princess. Presumably, the princess was very reluctant to see Sein. He was bullied despite being the son of a duke.

The things afterwards couldn’t be guessed but from Greenton’s words, Sein Hall was retaliating against those who buried him.

Was he ambiguous with the vampire and housekeeper to borrow their power for revenge?

What type of bloodbath had he started and why were there so many assassins after him? Did he simply kill Princess Xilin?

Xie Xi looked at Greenton again and understood why this person previously stabbed it.

This cousin didn’t kill him just because of love and hate. He thought that Sein Hall was obsessive and unwilling to stop his plan. In order to prevent a larger disaster, Greenton killed him.

Xie Xi followed along. “Cousin, don’t worry. She is dead and I won’t do anything. Go back now.”

Greenton stared at him. “You really won’t do anything else?”

Xie Xi was able to guarantee this. “Yes.”

Greenton was apparently relieved. He held Xie Xi’s hand and spoke sincerely, “I will accompany you and take care of you for the rest of your life.”

Xie Xi didn’t need this person to accompany him and advised, “Cousin, don’t force it. I promise you that I won’t turn back.”

“I’m not forcing it!” Greenton’s eyes were full of sadness. “I really regret it. Sein, if I hadn’t been too worried and accepted your feelings for me early on, you wouldn’t…”

Xie Xi couldn’t understand these feelings of love. “We are cousins. It is my fault for expressing love to you.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Greenton was distressed. “You have been alone and experienced so much. It is normal for you to reply on me.”

Xie Xi wanted to say, ‘This is dependence, not love.’

However, he felt this remark was inappropriate and didn’t want to overestimate the game world.

Greenton sighed. “Let me stay, even as a sacrifice.”

Xie Xi blinked, not understanding the meaning of these words. At this time, Greenton approached and bent over to kiss him on the cheek. “Sein, as long as we can return to the past, I will let you do anything.”

Suddenly, there was the sharp sound of porcelain falling to the ground behind them.

Xie Xi pushed Greenton away and saw Gars’ gloomy face.

XIe Xi, “…” He told this person to go and he didn’t. Then this was fine.

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