Gate of God

Chapter 11: Observe in Silence

Chapter 11: Observe in Silence

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"Oww! Pain..." Just a second ago, Meng Jiangshan was beaming with happiness. A second later, he immediately started bawling uncontrollably without reason.

The villagers were at a loss.

What is happening?

Wasn’t everything going smoothly, wasn’t the Illustration of All Creation solved? What is up with the sudden caning? Could it be that this was the prerequisite for entering the Divine Constabulary? Anyone who solves the Illustration of All Creation had to first be caned ten times? How is it that nobody ever heard about this rule…

Confusion was written all over the villagers’ faces, yet nobody dared to stand out. After all, this was the order of the Divine Constabulary’s daughter.

Fang Zhengzhi was likewise bewildered by the sudden change in situation.

Lolita’s calm expression was evidently fake. No matter how she much she tried to hide it, she was still unable to suppress the innate violence in her. Caning just like that, how cruel!

Wait a minute…

Did she just say solve the Illustration of All Creation?!

Does this mean the Illustration of All Creation was solved?

Could it be me?

Could it be?!

Excitement quickly grew in Fang Zhengzhi. It was possible! It was definitely possible! With my impressive talent, not only could I understand the writings and pictures on the Illustration of All Creation, I even had a vision. There is a huge possibility that this is true!

Should I give it a try?

If it was really me who solved the Illustration of All Creation, based on this world’s superpowers, shouldn’t it be theoretically possible to pulverise jade rocks and shake the ground with a single stomp?

Holding on to this thought, his excitement grew. A wimpy scholar in his past life, he never imagined that he could have transformed into a great warrior and hero.

Ha ha ha…

Fang Zhengzhi laughed out silently to himself, then focusing his "Chi", slowly lifted his leg and rammed down heavily on the ground.

Shortly after, he felt a slight numbness in his feet.

And some form of soreness...

The village square that was built upon layers of stone remained completely still.


What happened? What was wrong? Where was the ability to turn stone into powder with the strike of a palm, to create a gigantic crater with the stamp of one’s feet? Beads of sweat broke out on Fang Zhengzhi’s forehead, could it be that the Illustration of All Creation was not solved by him?

"Who is the one who solved the Illustration of All Creation?" Lolita didn’t even bother to take a glance at sobbing Meng Jiangshan, expressionlessly sweeping her gaze across the villagers under the stage.

The villagers looked at each other, all with the same puzzled expression.

Nobody was able to understand anything that was happening.

Across the whole village square, other than the piercing cries of Meng Jiangshan’s uncontrollable bawling, and the subtle sound coming from Village Chief Meng Bai’s shivering legs, there was nothing but dead silence.

Fang Zhengzhi’s was similarly extremely confused. It was unclear if he really solved the Illustration of All Creation. If it really was him, how could there be no evidence of the rewards he was entitled to?

Solving the Illustration of All Creation? Could it be a lie? Wasn’t Lolita’s purpose of putting in so much effort to make a trip to the Southern Mountain Village just to catch him?

Reaching this thought, Fang Zhengzhi’s emotions stabilised.

Regardless of whether the Illustration of All Creation was really solved, even if that was true, taking into account the kick he gave at the village entrance, he would rather die than stand out!

As such, he decided to wait and see.

Lolita waited patiently for a few minutes, the sounds of Meng Jiangshan’s crying continued to reverberate throughout the village square.

Gazing at the silent villagers, Lolita finally lost her patience.

"Is anybody else here able to read?" Lacking other options, she could only change the question.

Fang Zhengzhi’s twitched his mouth, his face an expression of pure disdain. I can read, but I would rather be beaten to death than stand out. Come here and bite me if you can!

The other villagers continued to glance at one another, remaining silent as per before.

Ten minutes passed, fifteen minutes passed, half an hour passed…

No matter how Lolita or General Li altered the question, it was met with complete silence.

On the other side, after the caning, Meng Jiangshan was carried down the stage.

His blood that flowed down his backside was gory beyond belief.

This instilled a sense of anxiety among the villagers, who upon witnessing this horrible sight would never dare to claim this "credit" for themselves.

Village Chief Meng Bai didn’t even dare to lift up his head, his shivering body remained bowed on the stage. Not because he didn’t want to speak for his grandson, but because he understood what had happened.

It seemed that the Illustration of All Creation was not solved by his grandson. That means Meng Jiangshan’s actions were chargeable as an attempt to deceit the Divine Constabulary.

This act of deceit warranted a death sentence.

Ten strokes of the cane? A punishment as light as this was already unfathomable.

"Missus, could it be… the sunlight?" A soldier tasked with protecting the sacred rock discreetly made his way to Lolita’s side and softly asked.

Lolita wasn’t present to personally witness the incident, hence looked questioningly towards General Li.

General Li pondered deeply. He, along with all of the soldiers on site, clearly saw the golden rays that emitted from the Illustration of All Creation.

Why is it that nobody stood out?

Could it really be a mistake? Looking up at the glaring sun, his confidence finally wavered.

In a village such as the Southern Mountain Village, villagers were unable to even read, let alone solve the Illustration of All Creation. How can this even be a possibility?

Holding on to this thought, General Li reconsidered the situation.

The emission of golden rays? The reflection of the glaring sun? It was no mystery, it was definitely caused by the sunlight!

General Li had no time to waste pursuing this unconfirmed case in the Southern Mountain Village, he had to reach the next city before sunset.

If his hundreds of soldiers had to stay overnight in the Southern Mountain Village, it would significantly delay their journey.

"Missus… It might really be due to the sunlight." General Li made a decision.

"If that is the case, proceed to make the necessary preparations!" Lolita nodded.

"Roger!" General Li acknowledged and passed down orders to cover up the Illustration of All Creation and remove it from the stage…

Seeing General Li depart, Lolita refocused her gaze on the kneeling Village Chief Meng Bai.

"Stand up!"

"Roger, roger... thank you Missus!" Village Chief Meng Bai immediately bowed in gratitude, his back was thoroughly soaked with sweat, yet he couldn’t muster the courage to wipe it.

"Meng Bai, let me ask you, why are the Fire Plume Chickens you sent so unappetising? Are you intending to play a fool with me?" Lolita casually asked.

"Unappetising? Fooling with Missus? This…" Beads of sweat began to reappear on Village Chief Meng Bai’s forehead. When he initially heard the news that the daughter of the Divine Constabulary wanted to eat Fire Plume Chickens, he was delighted. He immediately ordered one to be roasted at home.

Yet, it seems that this daughter of the Divine Constabulary was unsatisfied, putting the chicken down upon taking just one bite. Lacking other options, Village Chief Meng Bai had to source for Fire Plume Chickens throughout the village and even gathered the best Fire Plume Chicken chefs in the village.

But now...

Despite roasting over twenty Fire Plume Chickens, this Divine Constabulary’s daughter still remained unsatisfied?

What to do? Am I really going to die today? This is the end of my Meng family, this is the end of the Southern Mountain Village…

Observing Village Chief Meng Bai’s shivering figure, her mouth twitched as if pondering over a thought, then swept her gaze across the village crowd once again.

Fang Zhengzhi immediately re-concealed himself.

This Lolita had the ability to split giant stones with her bare hands, and most importantly, she had immense power being able to casually ordering ten strokes of caning. Who could deal with that?

"If anybody can roast a Fire Plume Chicken that is satisfying enough, you are entitled to take this gold ingot!" The sides of Lolita’s mouth etched into a subtle smile, then with a flick of her hand, a shining gold ingot magically appeared.

Under the glaring rays of the sun, the ingot of gold radiated a warm golden light, light that sparked excitement in the hearts of the people.

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