Gate of God

Chapter 10: Wisdom in Retreat

Chapter 10: Wisdom in Retreat

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Shock reverberated through the crowd. The voice sounded soft and tender, yet the words uttered were…

Completely incomprehensible!

Standing on the raised platform, General Li, his face stricken with anxiety, heard the sound. His eyes instantly lit up, and went down on one knee. The other soldiers, including those on horses who dismounted immediately, knelt down as well.

Fang Zhengzhi wondered why this voice had an air of familiarity to them.

An emerald green sedan lifted by some soldiers arrived the bottom of the stage. With unparalleled agility, a figure leapt out from the sedan and landed softly on the stage.

A pretty girl with her hands placed behind her back, dressed in a silk skirt appeared on stage. Her hair was decorated with a single jade green flower and wore a pair of gold-threaded red shoes. It was Lolita!

Her elegant, defined features coupled with the air of strength that seemed to radiate from each and every part of her instantly flashed in front of the eyes of the stunned villagers.

Lolita "Chi Guyan" observed the villagers at the bottom of the stage with a calm demeanor. Despite her young age of five years, she gave off a subtle, yet unmistakable aura of perfection.

"Huh? What is Lolita doing here?" Fang Zhengzhi’s wondered, a growing sense of unease built up inside him.

"Greetings Missus!"

"Greetings Missus!"

General Li and the soldiers dressed in shining armour around him shouted in unison upon seeing Lolita appear on the stage.

"Village Chief Meng Bai of the Southern Mountain Village pays respect to Missus!"

"Oh my God, she is the daughter of the Divine Constabulary! The daughter of the Divine Constabulary personally visited our Southern Mountain Village!" The villagers couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed.

"Missus?! Lolita is the daughter of the Divine Constabulary?" Fang Zhengzhi felt his legs almost give way, almost letting go of the chicken thigh he was holding on to.


How can things be so coincidental, how can the Lolita I met at the entrance of the village be the daughter of the Divine Constabulary? Moreover, I even gave her a kick in the butt that sent her falling into the river!

Revenge never ends. Fang Zhengzhi took one look at the azure blue skies, then crouched down and quickly squeezed his way into the crowd.

This is no joking matter. In this world where classism is rife, the arrival of the daughter of the Divine Constabulary required even the usually high-ranking village chief to kneel down. If she wanted to squeeze him to death, it would be even easier than killing an ant.

As such, Fang Zhengzhi promptly decided that retreating is the best strategy.

Hidden among the crowd, Fang Zhengzhi carefully maneuvered through the people, afraid of making any large movements. As he squeezed among the villagers, he began to realise why the Divine Constabulary that eluded the Southern Mountain Village in many years suddenly made a mysterious appearance today.

Preliminary examination? Children’s test?

What a sneaky Lolita, she is obviously using this public preliminary examination to achieve her own personal agenda, to catch me then finally killing me off!

Fang Zhengzhi evidently did not believe that this Divine Constabulary which had never set foot upon the Southern Mountain Village for so many years will coincidentally decide to suddenly host a preliminary examination here. In order to confirm his suspicions, he peeked through the crowd to observe Lolita’s expression.

True to his beliefs, Lolita’s jet-blacked eyes were surreptitiously scanning the crowd from the top of the stage, her eyes darting left, right, front and back as if looking for something.

"I knew it!" Fang Zhengzhi understood everything and instantly crouched back down.

After scanning the entire crowd twice, Lolita’s gaze finally landed upon Meng Jiangshan.

"You claim you can read, that means you are the person who solved the Illustration of All Creation just now?" Lolita’s playful attitude at the village entrance was replaced by an expression of complete tranquility.

Stealing a glance at Lolita’s expression, Fang Zhengzhi sighed to himself. "How fake! Obviously a rowdy person, yet she acts like such a cultured daughter of the Divine Constabulary."

Upon witnessing Lolita’s questioning, the villagers who at first didn’t dare to ascertain what had just transpired naturally guessed the mystery behind the Illustration of All Creation.

Solving the Illustration of All Creation? This grants an undeniable entry into the Divine Constabulary!

"Meng Jiangshan solved the Illustration of All Creation?"

"The Illustration of All Creation, Oh Heavens… Has actually been solved by Meng Jiangshan!"

"He’s no older than eight years, what a natural talent. This is truly worthy of a celebration for our Southern Mountain Village!"

All the villagers looked at Meng Jiangshan with unparalleled admiration.

Yet Meng Jiangshan himself had confusion written all over his face.

Touching his plumpish face, and then looking at the villagers’ gazes - solving the Illustration of All Creations? How did I not realise? I obviously didn’t even understand a thing!

At a loss of what to do, Meng Jiangshan shot a glance at Village Chief Meng Bai who was standing on the stage, the grandfather who gave him power in the Southern Mountain Village.

Village Chief Meng Bai who was initially bowed down on the floor suddenly heard Lolita addressing his own grandson. A sense of anxiety rose up in him - he knew too well the demography in the entire Southern Mountain Village.

Ability to read?

In this entire Southern Mountain Village, who else other than his own grandson would dare to claim that he could head?

That means undoubtedly, it was his own grandson who solved the Illustration of All Creation! Holding on to this thought, he felt an immense sense of relief. He was about to gain power beyond imagination! Just as he started to break into a smile, he met Meng Jiangshan’s questioning gaze.

Is this kid dumb? Since he solved it he should quickly say it out!

Engulfed by worry, Village Chief Meng Bai immediately looked at his grandson Meng Jiangshan and without hesitation, began to nod his head incessantly.

Meng Jiangshan was indeed smart, and quickly understood his intentions.

Since even his own grandfather agreed that he was the solver of the Illustration of All Creation, it is most likely to be really true!

"Yes, it is me who solved the Illustration of All Creation!" Meng Jiangshan confidently stepped out from the crowd,


This time, all of the villagers truly started to feel the excitement.

When Meng Jiangshan stood out initially, there was still a sense of uncertainty among the villagers. Now that Meng Jiangshan himself has admitted it, it must undoubtedly be correct!

Solving the Illustration of All Creations at eight years old, only less than a handful in the Northern Lands who could achieve such a feat. No, not just the Northern Lands, there was only less than a handful in the entire Great Xia Dynasty capable of such feats.

The Southern Mountain Village had produced a talent, who would dare to bully the Southern Mountain Village in the future? The Northern Mountain Village on the mountain opposite this? Ha, even the high officials in the city would have to pay some respect to the Southern Mountain Village.

Indeed, once a person rises to the top, everyone related to him rises as well.

Just the thought of it excites the villagers.

"Cane, ten strokes!" Lolita seems to have failed to see the villagers’ excited expressions, her face maintaining a sense of calm as if what she said was just another small matter.

A kid who could only understand five words accessing Dao? What a joke! Such freak occurrences are impossible in this world.

"Yes Missus!" A few of the soldiers standing guard below the stage stood out immediately upon hearing the command and effortlessly pinned down the half-kneeling Meng Jiangshan, his face still beaming with delight, and whipped out a cane as thick as one’s arm.

"Wooosh!" The villagers were still confused over what just happened when the sounds of the cane making contact with Meng Jiangshan’s backside resounded.

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