Gate of God

Chapter 9: DUST

Chapter 9: DUST

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Fang Zhengzhi felt like his whole body was soaked in sunlight. He felt out of place. He could feel the blood flowing in his veins. A bizarre feeling started to take root in his heart…

He did not understand what was happening to him. He only knew that when the Illustration of All Creation was revealed, his gaze was automatically drawn to it.

Due to his hopes of the Dao of All Creation, he wanted to clarify what this fateful opportunity meant?

After this, he started to study it. The characters on it was all recognisable, it was similar to the words in his previous world. It was just the older form. This was a piece of cake for Fang Zhengzhi who was an expert in ancient literature!

Even later, he realised that these characters and figures had an air of familiarity about them. Every character, every figure, from top to bottom all abide by some kind of fixed rule.

This kind of pattern was uncomfortable to look at. It was as if this had an original pattern that was purposely messed up.

Making it extremely scattered and erratic.

Fang Zhengzhi did not dwell too much on that. Since it’s already jumbled, he would put it back together. After that, he attempted to link the characters and figures together…

In the end, he was taken aback. As the characters and figures got more complex, his thoughts got deeper. How would he deconstruct the these characters and figures and link them?

He quickly realised that the pattern within seemed to follow the thought processes of the Eight Diagram Tactics.

The figures and characters on the whole Sacred Rock was similar to a Matrix spell. Fortunately, this spell was not complicated. It was not something like the Left Azure Dragon, Right White Tiger, Front Vermillion Bird, Rear Black Tortoise Four Great Matrix Spells.

Utilising his expert knowledge, together with the "Metaphysical Gates of the Hidden World"[1] that he researched in his previous life and some ancient records of different matrix spell knowledge, he finally came to an understanding…

Right after that, the scenery in front of him suddenly changed.

The sky disappeared; the earth gone. In front of him was an expansive ocean, the aquamarine waters rolled non-stop. A few birds flew across from the horizon and a waft of fresh scent drifted across the air.

A golden round moon rose from the horizon. The once pitch dark sky was gradually illuminated. A star. Two stars. Three stars…

When the countless stars finally dotted the skies, the hysteria in his heart grew exponentially. Those stars seemed like they were growing, then grouping together. One piece by one piece, star patterns start to emerge.

Great lands; deep valleys; mighty rivers; giant beasts; morphing clouds...

Seemed like everything was included in these all encompassing stars.


Just when Fang Zhengzhi was thinking of watching it for a while more, the whole world collapsed. It turned into a particle of "dust", settling in his heart.

When Fang Zhengzhi opened his eyes, he realised he was back.

The sky was still the sky, with the same shade of blue. The land was still the land, with the same shade of yellow…

What happened? Was it a hallucination?

Fang Zhengzhi stretched out his little claws to scratch his head. After that, he looked around and quickly realised that the whole square was dead silent. Everyone had eyes opened wide and mouths agape…

What he did know was that the golden glow of the Illustration of All Creation immediately vanished when his eyes opened. The golden veins once again dimmed. Light shimmers flowed across the black jade rock.

The Illustration of All Creation returned to normal and General Li came to realise something.

Surprisingly, his pair of hands shaking with excitement. He did not expect a small mountain village that they were just passing by was hiding such a wonderful surprise.

"Is anyone among those present that is literate?" General Li suppressed his inner excitement and tried his best to maintain his composure. However, he was still unable to hide the shaking from his voice.

"Yes!" Just as General Li’s words came out, someone in the line raised his hand.

Every villager turned their gaze to one child on the stage after hearing that voice.

"It’s him?!"

"Who would’ve thought?!"

After looking clearly at the child, the eyes of all the villagers became the greenest of envy.

That child had a fair and clear face and wearing a red shirt with a red silk cloth tied on his head. He dressed extremely clean.

At this moment, the child was raising his right hand with an expression of pride.

He was the grandson of Village Chief Meng Bai, Meng Jiangshan.

Fang Zhengzhi was unsure of what was happening. When he heard that Meng Jiangshan was literate, he was slightly shocked. Although the character of the Village Chief was far from ideal, it seemed like he did not hold back when it came to grooming his grandson.

Seeing his own grandson raising his hand , Chief Meng Bai’s face that was on the verge of crying finally broke into tears.

Two rivers of old tears flowed down instantly.

That was truly the elation from the bottom of the heart. The Illustration of All Creation was solved by his own grandson? There was no one else in the Southern Mountain Village that was literate.

Thinking about this, hot tears filled Chief Meng Bai’s eyes. He could almost see the doors of the Divine Constabulary welcoming him with open arms.

"I can write one, two and three. Oh! I can write the characters for big and small too!" Meng Jiangshan bragged arrogantly haughtily while looking around at envious faces that were thrown at him.

All the villagers immediately got even more impressed.

General Li nodded indicating for Meng Jiangshan to continue.

However, Meng Jiangshan was done.

The situation suddenly got a little awkward. After waiting a while, General Li felt something was amiss.

"No more?" General Li asked doubtfully.

"No more. I already know how to write out five characters!" Meng Jiangshan was getting arrogant.

Gneral Li’s originally ecstatic face turned black. His eyes turned to the now dimmed Illustration of All Creation. He had a complicated look on his face.

Knowing five characters? Solving the Illustration of All Creation?

No matter how it was spun, this was not logical.

Fang Zhengzhi’s corner of his mouth lifted just a tiny bit after listening to the conversation between Meng Jiangshan and General Li. What if I just stood out and shouted, "This little lord here knows every word there is!" Wouldn’t this scare the villagers into leaking themselves?


How would he explain that he knew these words? Just now at home, he merely madly hollered while pointing at the sky and his mother accused him of being possessed. If he stood out and shouted this, wouldn’t he be locked up as a demon incarnate?

Fang Zhengzhi was in a dilemma.

Naturally he noticed that the General Li from the Divine Constabulary was finding the person who recognised those words. Although he was unclear of their intentions, he was quite sure it was not something bad.

Fang Zhengzhi was thinking of revealing himself but he could not find a satisfying explanation on the spot. After all, to know so many words, won’t you need some time? He was only six! His family was also poor…

General Li was hesitant. He felt that this matter could go either way. If the child in front of him really used just the five words to unravel the Illustration of All Creation, then he would really be a peerless genius. But what if he mistook the wrong person?

What will he do?

"The "Law of Dao" has three thousand chapters with millions of sections. Every section have at least hundred and at most tens of thousand characters. Among these, some of the common characters recorded were at least ten thousand! Although the Illustration of All Creation is small, it has millions of intricacies. It contains the universe, the laws of all creation, the valleys and rivers of earth, profound secrets. It contains the very axioms that governs everything between heaven and earth!"

At this point, a delicate voice was heard.

[1] "奇门遁甲" is one of China’s greatest secret arts knowledge. It was regarded as the knowledge for kings in ancient times.

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