Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 486 - He Said His Name Was Hell, and He Came From the Mortal Cloud World!

Chapter 486: He Said His Name Was Hell, and He Came From the Mortal Cloud World!

Two hundred thousand yuan!

Even in this era, it was not a measly amount, especially for ordinary people. After all, two hundred thousand yuan was very likely to be the down payment for a house, not to mention for a fugitive like Brother Ba.

Therefore, when Brother Ba saw the bag of money, he was excited. However, at the same time, he also wondered where a high school student like Zhao Xiaotian could have gotten so much money.

Therefore, he did not agree immediately. Instead, he asked Zhao Xiaotian who he wanted to kill. He was not a fool, so he naturally knew that although he, Money Ba, was very powerful in front of these children, in the eyes of the big shots, he was nothing.

Zhao Xiaotian was also smart. He knew that Brother Ba was suspicious of him. He immediately said, “Brother Ba, don’t worry. The person I want you to kill is a foreigner. Other than having some money, he isn’t anyone significant.”

Brother Ba waved his hand and signaled the two bar girls beside him to leave.

When only his own people remained in the room, he took two steps forward and asked Zhao Xiaotian, “What’s the name of the person you want me to kill? Where is he from?”

“He said that his name is Hell and he’s from the Mortal Cloud World,” Zhao Xiaotian answered truthfully.


Brother Ba slapped him. “Hell? Are You f*cking kidding me? Why didn’t you say that his name is Heaven? Also, what kind of f*cking place is the Mortal Cloud World?”

“How would I dare fool you, Brother Ba?!”

Zhao Xiaotian accepted the slap and quickly buried his head, but his eyes were full of hatred. “His name is really Hell, and he even showed me his ID card. As for what kind of place the Mortal Cloud World is, I asked him. He said it’s a very remote place.”

“A remote place?”

Upon hearing this, Brother Ba immediately felt relieved and could not help but look at the two underlings beside him. “Have you heard of this place, the Mortal Cloud World?”

“Brother Ba, as a high-achieving student who graduated from junior high school, even you have never heard of it. I only have a primary school diploma. I have an even lower likelihood of hearing of it.” One of the blondies hurriedly shook his head.

The other person thought for a moment, then, he shook his head. “Brother Ba, I haven’t heard of it either, but it’s nothing strange. After all, there are many places in this world that are also strange. For example, Magical Horse County, Aunty Town, Mars Village, and a place called Six Chickens And Eunuchs.”

As he watched the video, Ye Chen’s expression turned a little strange.


He already knew who these people were talking about!

As for the Mortal Cloud World, it was clearly the cultivation world where the Patriarch of Hell used to be!

It was normal for these people not to have heard of it.

In the video, Brother Ba could not help but ask, “I have two questions. Firstly, where did you get so much money? Secondly, why do you want him dead?”

“He gave me this money.” Not daring to hide the truth, Zhao Xiaotian said, “I want to kill him because he got together with my mother. This b*stard couple played me like a fool.”

At this time, the blonde-haired guy walked up to Brother Ba and whispered a few words into his ear.

Brother Ba’s expression changed a few times, then he looked at Zhao Xiaotian and asked, “As far as I know, your mother is actually your stepmother. She was your dead father’s partner after divorcing your own mother. She didn’t get a marriage certificate. After your father died in a car accident, she didn’t abandon you occasionally. In order to support you, she went to the nightclub to serve dishes and was bullied. Do you actually want to kill her?”

“That b*tch owes us!” Zhao Xiaotian’s expression was a little malevolent. “My father died to save her, so she owes our family a life. She deserves all of this, and it’s all part of the interest.”

Speaking up to this point, the youth’s gaze was extremely cold. “Until the moment my father died, she didn’t let him even touch her. Once my father died, she got together with a wild man. Don’t you think this b*tch deserves to die?”

“And that man…every time he came to my house, he gives me money. He gives me a lot of money, often tens of thousands of dollars. Does he really think that I would be grateful to him? On the contrary, I can’t wait to kill him and seize his inheritance. I’ll make this pair of cheating b*stards die a horrible death!”

The youth’s cold gaze made the three people, including Brother Ba, shudder!

It turned out that this kid was an ingrate!

He was selfish, greedy, ruthless.

Finally, Brother Ba took a deep look at the money on the table. In the end, he could not resist the temptation of 200,000 yuan and said, “Alright, I promise you, I’ll make sure that guy won’t see the sun tomorrow. Get lost. I don’t want to see you.”

“Thank you, Brother Ba!”

Zhao Xiaotian did not ask any more questions and left thankfully. After walking out of the KTV, he turned around and glanced into the KTV. He sneered and said, “You all treat me as a fool. I’ll give you this 200,000 yuan for now. Sooner or later, I won’t just take it back, but I’ll also take your lives.”

“Heaven and earth aren’t kind and treat all things as dogs. I, Zhao Xiaotian, vow to become a man above all others. As long as I can achieve this goal, even if I have to sacrifice everything, it will be worth it.”

The video ended here. The room was dead silent. Only the three young men led by Brother Ba were kneeling on the ground while shivering.

Ye Chen walked over and glanced at the young man on the sofa. He then frowned. “Looking at the bone structure at the back of his head, he’s destined to be disloyal, unfilial, and unkind. No wonder he has the idea of killing his mother.”

“Yes, Master. This kid is born to be a traitor. He’s already like this at such a young age. If he were to grow up and become an adult, I’m afraid…” Lin Tai nodded and then made a gesture as if he was going to slit his throat.

Neither the white path nor the black path could tolerate such a person.

“No!” However, Ye Chen shook his head. “Let’s not kill him for the time being. Keep an eye on him for me. At the same time, pretend that this incident never happened.”

He could already tell that the young man in front of him had a spiritual root. Moreover, he had both earth and wood spiritual roots. His aptitude could also be considered not too bad. Then, he connected the dots to what the Patriarch of Hell had said about the cauldron.

Then, the cauldron that he was talking about was self-evident.

“This fellow is really lucky. He was actually able to find such a person. No wonder he was so confident earlier and promised that there was no such thing as harming the heavens and earth in the chosen cauldron.”

Ye Chen suddenly understood. ‘A person who dares to kill his mother! Why does he even exist in this world?’

As he thought of this, he let the three of them go out. Then, he looked at Lin Tai and asked, “Where is the patriarch now?”

“He’s in Urban Village in the western district.”

Lin Tai didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He said, “The patriarch changed his name to Hell and even got an identity card. He pretended to be the owner of the developer and entered Urban Village. He was intimate with that woman with the surname Mu.”

“On the day before yesterday, this rascal, Brother Ba, sent people to kill the patriarch. However, the patriarch counter-killed those people. The Patriarch later found me, and almost killed me.”

At this point, he was full of grievance. He had known nothing about it from beginning to end, yet he was implicated.

However, it spoke a lot of Zhao Xiaotian’s fate. In the face of a powerful god like the Patriarch of Hell, even Tiannan’s underground legend, Lin Tai, had to shower him with all kinds of ingratiation, as opposed to Zhao Xiaotian who managed to escape the wrath of the Patriarch of Hell despite paying Lin Tai’s men to kill the patriarch.

The entire situation was quite baffling.

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