Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 487 - Qian Qian’s Whereabouts!

Chapter 487: Qian Qian’s Whereabouts!

After discovering what the Patriarch of Hell had been doing over the past few days, Ye Chen’s displeasure had lessened significantly. He knew that the Patriarch of Hell had always dreamt of finding the cauldron for the longest time. It would be outright falsehood to say that he had no intentions of going for it.

Concerning the matter of Qian Qian being lost, the Patriarch of Hell could not be blamed for it. After all, he had suffered at Qianqian’s hands. He could not even hide from her suffering, so how could he ever be capable enough to properly protect her.

“Is this the ‘cauldron’ you found?”

Ye Chen was still sitting in the private room of the KTV. He glanced at Zhao Xiaotian, who was still unconscious, before looking at the Patriarch of Hell in front of him with a faint smile.

He could feel the Patriarch’s aura regaining its strength again, reaching the bottleneck of his foundation core.

A trace of grimness had appeared on the Patriarch’s face. He was no longer as unrefined and hard-bitten as he usually was. “You know about this?”

“Don’t worry. This is your private affair. My lips are sealed.”

Ye Chen maintained his faint smile. “The only thing I don’t understand is your reasoning behind sleeping with his stepmother. Haven’t you already chosen this cauldron?”

“Fellow Ye, there’s something you don’t know…” the Patriarch of Hell heaved a sigh before beginning to recall the entire story.

It turned out that the Patriarch had been hanging around various notorious clubs and nightclubs. However, he had accidentally seen Zhao Xiaotian at one of the nightclubs he frequented one night. At the time, Zhao Xiaotian had offended one of the VIPs at the nightclub so he hurriedly fled to the Patriarch’s private room to take cover.

After the Patriarch had saved him, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that Zhao Xiaotian actually possessed a spiritual root, an earth and wood spiritual root. Even in the cultivation world, this kind of talent would be a good seedling for the big sects to compete for.

The Patriarch only had the thought of possessing Zhao Xiaotian. He didn’t actually plan on doing anything to Zhao Xiaotian. Instead, he took the initiative to inquire about Zhao Xiaotian’s family background.

It was only then did he learn that Zhao Xiaotian had a stepmother. It was his stepmother who worked in the nightclub to earn money in order to financially support him. The Patriarch also found many faults in Zhao Xiaotian such as greediness, ruthlessness, and selfishness.

Therefore, the elder Patriarch became even more determined to treat Zhao Xiaotian as a backup cauldron. He loved his family and wanted to help Zhao Xiaotian’s family financially. Thus, he got to know Zhao Xiaotian’s stepmother, Mu Tong.

After a while, he saw the good in Mu Tong. She was simply a stepmother in her prime. She had a pretty face and she treated Zhao Xiaotian, who was not related to her by blood, like her own son.

She made a living in the nightclub, but she remained untainted by the sinful activities that threatened to entice her.

Of course, these were not the main factors. The most important detail was that the Patriarch had a close relationship with a female Pill Refinement Master during the earlier years of the cultivation world. Later on, the sect that the female cultivator belonged to was eradicated, and she herself disappeared and died along with it.

Although the Patriarch had avenged her, a shadow remained lingering in his heart. Mu Tong held physical similarities with the female Pill Refinement Master, touching his mortal heart.

After hearing his tale, a tinge of sadness and shock washed over Ye Chen.

The Patriarch of Hell glanced at Zhao Xiaotian who was lying on the sofa, a sneer pulling at the corners of his lips. “Do you see the rebellious streak in this kid?”

Ye Chen nodded slightly.

“This kid isn’t a person. To be more precise, he’s a King of the Devils. He’s a typical selfish person.”

The Patriarch of Hell sneered again and again. “Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being selfish. After all, if you don’t act for yourself, no one else will. It’s just that this kid was willing to kill his own mother, the one who raised him. I’m afraid you don’t even know that he killed his own father too.”

“I found out that his father ran a small business two years ago. He could be considered somewhat wealthy, but he rarely returned home. The relationship between the father and the son was on thin ice. Simply because his father slapped him, he tampered with the brakes of his father’s car.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen tried to conceal his surprise.

“This kid had the desire to kill me more than once. He really thought that I was oblivious to his little tricks. I just pretended not to know.”

“If he was just a little more naughty, I might’ve not been ruthless enough to possess him. However, I’m becoming more and more certain about my thoughts.”

The Patriarch ‘s gaze was fixated upon Ye Chen. “Fellow Ye, you won’t stop me, right?”

“I said, this is your own private affair. I WON’T ASK!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and said, “But if you possess him in the future, how are you going to face his stepmother?”

“How else can I deal with this? Just tell me the truth. They’re not biologically related.”

The Patriarch chuckled and said, “Moreover, this kid’s actions have long caused disappointment in Xiao Tong. The reason why I’m still supporting him is because his dead father helped her in the past.”

“However, I won’t possess him for the time being. At the very least, I’ll discuss it after I break through the foundation establishment stage. During this period, I’ll continue maintaining my facade and allow him to enjoy his last moments.”

Ye Chen nodded. Just as he was about to say something else, his phone rang. It was Niu Qingshan. “Xiao Yezi, the person you wanted me to find has been found. Come over immediately.”

Dragon Soul Sect Headquarters.

Niu Qingshan gave Li Ying a look. Li Ying immediately turned on her computer. There were a multitude of photos on the computer. The little girl in the photos was wearing a red shirt and walking barefoot.

“Mr. Ye, is that her?” Li Ying raised her head and asked.

Ye Chen exclaimed in surprise, “Yes, it’s her!”

“We got this set of photos from a street photographer in Korea. It cost us 200,000 won, and the address listed on the photos is the Guro-gu district in Korea.” Li Ying quickly explained.

“How did she end up in Korea?” Ye Chen frowned.

Qian Qian went missing in Tiannan, China. How did she end up in Korea? Was she kidnapped? But if she was kidnapped, how did she end up on the streets of Korea with someone else?

“We don’t know.”

Niu Qingshan continued, “We also found out that this girl appeared in Haikou two days ago. A man in a cap was holding her in the photos. Due to the man’s head facing downwards, we couldn’t find his identity.”

“Then where exactly in Korea is Qian Qian?” Ye Chen asked.

Li Ying shook her head and responded, “We’re unable to find out. After all, Korea is far too large. Moreover, this little girl disappeared after she left Guro-gu in Korea. I have a feeling she should still be somewhere in Korea. ”

“Thank you, I’ll take note!”

Ye Chen thanked him and left.

At the same time, Korea’s Park family!

The air was extremely suffocating!

As Samsung Group’s vice president, Han Dongsheng was kneeling in front of the Park family’s temple. His forehead was pressed against the ground, unmoving. If you were to look closely, you would notice that his entire body was trembling.

“Tell me, how did Ziming die?”

In front of him was an armchair. An old man with a gloomy expression was sitting in the armchair, leaning on a walking stick.

The old man had sparse hair and many dark spots on his face. However, there was a ferocity between his brows that seemed capable of captivating one’s soul. No one had the gall to look him directly in the eye.

Korea had four predominant surnames. They were Lee, Kim, Han, and Park. It could be said that most of Korea’s financial resources were under the control of these four families.

Park Hyun-dong was the head of the Park family. When he was younger, he served in the Korean Navy. After he retired, he dove into the world of politics and managed to climb up to the position of the city’s second-in-command before he retired. It could be said that he was a person with great spiritual power who countless people looked up to.

At the same time, he was also the father-in-law of Han Dongsheng.

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