Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 488 - How Dare a Mere Taekwondo Grand Master Challenge Mad Southern Ye?

Chapter 488: How Dare a Mere Taekwondo Grand Master Challenge Mad Southern Ye?

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Beside the old man stood a middle-aged woman in light makeup. There were tears on her face, and she looked at Han Dongsheng with endless hatred from time to time.

Her name was Park Hye-shin. She was Han Ziming’s mother, and she was also one of the directors of the Samsung Group. It could be said that she was very rich.

“Father-in-law, Ziming died in Lin City, Tiannan Province, China!”

Faced with Park Hyun-dong’s interrogation, Han Dongsheng’s heart trembled, and he hurriedly said, “I found out that Ziming appeared at the bidding event in Lin City before he died, and he even had a dispute with a local company called the Star Group.”

“Are you saying that Ziming was killed by someone from that company?” Park Hye-shin walked over and gave him a slap. She cursed hysterically, “I’ve arranged for three shadows to stay by Ziming’s side. How could he have died so easily?”

No matter how she hit and scolded him, Han Dongsheng did not dare to retaliate. After his face was scratched, he could not care less about the pain and explained, “Father-in-law, that wasn’t an ordinary company because Uncle Long, whom I sent to Tiannan, also ended up dead!”

Park Hye-shin still wanted to scratch him, but Park Hyun-dong waved his hand to stop her. His expression froze as he looked down at Han Dongsheng. “Is Fu Wanlong also dead?”

He knew Fu Wanlong’s abilities. This was also one of the reasons why he had tolerated Han Dongsheng, this son-in-law from an ordinary background, for so many years.

“It happened in the morning. I saw Uncle Long’s dead body in the news report in China.” Han Dongsheng did not dare to hide it.

Park Hyun-dong said in a deep voice, “Then, it seems that this company called Star Group is indeed not simple. It’s very likely that there’s an expert from China behind it.”

The moment these words were uttered, Han Dongsheng seemed to have thought of something. “I know who it is. It must be Mad Southern Ye. This person is known as the number one person in Tiannan, and Ziming died in Tiannan. Father-in-law, I dare to guarantee with my life.”

“It’s him!” Park Hyun-dong could not help but be shocked. He had heard of Mad Southern Ye even from far away in Korea. Why would such a person kill Ziming?

“So what!?” Park Huixin said with a face full of resentment, “Dad, I don’t care who is behind this company. I won’t let go of anyone who is related to Ziming’s death. If you don’t care, I’ll bear the responsibility upon myself.”

“That’s right!” Park Hyun-dong laughed coldly. “I won’t let go of anyone who is related to Ziming’s death, let alone a mere Chinese powerhouse.”

Speaking up to this point, he could not help but look at Park Hyun-shin. “Hyun-shin, get the Samsung Group to pressure China. They must hand over the murderer.”

“Dad, what if it doesn’t work?” Park Hyun-shin was a little hesitant. This kind of behavior would only result in mutual losses.

“It will!” Park Hyun-dong shook his head slightly and said confidently, “This concerns thousands of people. They don’t dare to bear such a price. Moreover, even if it doesn’t work, I’ll go to the parliament personally!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll go now!” With his promise, Park Hyun-shin was extremely excited as if there was an additional imperial sword backing her.

Park Hyun-dong glanced at Han Dongsheng, who was kneeling on the ground, and lightly said, “If Ziming’s death can’t be cleared up, you should know what to do.”

Han Dongsheng immediately collapsed into a lump.

In Tiannan, China!

Almost the moment that Ye Chen arrived home, Old Master Gu rushed to the door and anxiously said, “Mr. Ye, something big has happened!”

“What is it?”

Old Master Gu did not say much. Instead, he handed his phone to Ye Chen. “Take a look for yourself and you’ll know!”

Ye Chen zoomed in and saw that it was a piece of news. Moreover, the Samsung Group’s official website had issued a letter of condemnation.

The general content was that the son of their company’s director had died in Tiannan, China, without a trace. Moreover, it was related to Mad Southern Ye. They wanted China to hand over the murderer, Mad Southern Ye. Otherwise, they would block Samsung’s sales in China, and even after-sales service besides a series of other services.

“Now, this matter has completely exploded. Both sides are constantly scolding each other on the forums. There is a war of words between both sides, and it’s impossible to control it,” Old Master Gu said, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Once this matter was exposed, the entire world was shocked. After all, no matter how powerful Samsung was, it was still a company. It was very dependent on its customers and the market. However, their current behavior was no different from cutting off their own limbs and upholding the indifference to the extent that both sides would suffer great losses.

Ye Chen did not say anything. Instead, he casually opened a forum and discovered that the page was filled with posts related to Samsung.

“If that’s true, then Mad Southern Ye is too awesome, right? He even dares to mess with the son of a Samsung director!”

“It shouldn’t be fake. Samsung is a large corporation after all. It’s also their first time being so angry. They wouldn’t create something out of nothing.”

“Holy sh*t! Awesome! Our Mad Southern Ye is unbeatable in the whole country. It’s our turn to hit them back with the baton!”

“Brother, who is Mad Southern Ye? Can I have a word with you?”

“I don’t care if it’s true or not. Samsung is too arrogant. They actually dared to threaten us. Have they forgotten that we’re the majority of their consumers?”

“Yes, in order to support my brother above, I destroyed the Samsung Galaxy S10 that I just bought, which is worth more than 5,000 yuan. I’ll use Huawei!”

There were countless posts like this, and this was only a domestic forum.

Ye Chen clicked into a Korean forum and found that it was full of curses. The arrogant Koreans were spouting nonsense online.

“Mad Southern Ye? I’ve never heard of him. If he dares to come to Korea, I, a ninth-degree black belt Taekwondo Grand Master, will teach him how to behave. I’m the coach of the Wude Taekwondo Dojo in Korea, Li Zaifeng. If you don’t like it, come and fight me!”

His post immediately attracted a lot of attacks from Chinese netizens.

“F*ck you! How dare a mere Taekwondo Grand Master challenge Mad Southern Ye? Who gave you the confidence? Did you use vivo3600 soft light feature to ‘illuminate’ your confidence?”

“Hehe, you keyboard warriors will just dare to fight on the Internet. Be careful. If Mad Southern Ye really goes to Korea to fight you, then you’ll see the city painted in red.”

“Idiot, you’re a big idiot! That’s one thing we can be sure of.”

“Hello, I’m looking for my son. His name is Li Zaifeng, and he’s gay. His gender is neither male nor female. He likes being in the spotlight whenever and wherever!”

After taking a long time browsing through the forum, Ye Chen returned the phone to Old Master Gu and asked, “What did the authorities say about it?”

“The matter is under investigation.”

Just as he was speaking, Ye Chen’s phone rang. Niu Qingshan was the first to speak, “You don’t have to panic about this. We’ve already obtained the video of the car explosion on the viaduct. At the same time, we also found out that Fu Wanlong is a subordinate of the vice president of Samsung, Han Dongsheng.”

“Han Dongsheng’s people came to our country to wipe out many wealthy families. Now, they actually dare to backstab us. Do they really think that I’m too old to fight them?”

“Whatever, leave this matter to me!”

Just as he was about to hang up the phone, Ye Chen suddenly said, “No need. I’ll handle it myself. Aren’t they arguing like crazy on the Internet? Coincidentally, I’m also going to Korea, and I’ll take the opportunity to see if they can take the heat from me!”

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