Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “Past and Present”

Mountains shrouded in darkness, yellow flames flickered and danced while devouring the mountain villa accompanied by countless screams as they echoed through the silent valley.

A 14-year-old girl, staring blankly at the sight, with a fire torch in one hand.

The ravenous flames engulfed everything leaving only the crackling sound of burnt wood.

Burned, all burned.

This evil cage has disappeared.

At last, this prison for the past 10 years has now turned into a sea of flames.

[Where are we going?]

A tender voice softly asked as the little black cat sitting on the girl’s shoulder looked at her intently with a pair of clear eyes as it licked it’s paws.

“Anywhere will do, as long as it’s out of here.” The girl gave a last look at her masterpiece, turned and walked toward the mountains, as the sound of broken chains rattled restricting her slender ankles as she walked on emotionlessly onto the rugged jungle path.

Just as she turned, a body wrapped in flames rushed out from within the chaos, with eyes filled with a hint of madness staring fixedly at the back view fading into the darkness, when an ear piercing scream rang through the air.

“Wu Xie! Come back! You can never get out of here! You belong to me!”

More than ten years of hard work engulfed into nothingness.

The girl calmly stopped in her tracks as she turned around to see the man swallowed by the flames, she coldly said: “You are dying, while I still live.”

The man was screaming in anguish . As she gave a last look at her greatest nightmare, she coldly said: “Farewell, Grandfather.”

The little black cat sitting on the girl’s shoulder gave a contemptuous ridicule and sneered. Grandfather?

For someone who was obsessed in studying medicine, a madman who locked his own granddaughter up deep within the mountains using her as a guinea pig , what right did he have to be it’s owner’s grandfather?

[Mistress, what are your plans?]

Ignoring that voice which was gradually engulfed by the flames, the little black cat asked the girl.

She looked at her slender hands and softly answered, “To test for a veterinary license.”

[Ha ha ha! That old man, if he knew that you, a peerless genius in the medical field actually want to be a vet, he would certainly not rest in peace!] Exclaimed the cat as it was laughing hysterically on the girl’s shoulder.

“He won’t rest in peace?” The girl’s eyes were downcast as her lips slightly brought back a hint of a smile almost.

A year later, she settled in City A and obtained a veterinary license, and went on the path of treating animals.


Life is very unpredictable. Just a moment before, she was still in the operating room performing a surgery, however there was a sudden explosion, and she fell into darkness.

Heavy rain poured down as she stirred. She found herself lying on some rocks as she gave a calm judgment of the current situation.

She was in a strange new world, replacing a dying soul and as she searched the fragments of foreign memories that flooded her mind, she came to realize that this new ‘her’ was also known as the Wu Xie, but with a surname, Jun. Jun Wu Xie.

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