Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: “Self-help (1)”

Lin Wang’s granddaughter – notoriously known as the overly pampered Young Miss of the Lin Palace. Arrogant, haughty and unreasonable, everyone was a miniscule existence in her eyes, royalty included.

Lin Wang and the founding Emperor of the Kingdom went way back. They had a great relationship and they even swore an oath to the heavens to be sworn brothers. When the Kingdom of Qi was formed, the founding Emperor personally granted Jun Xian a grand title, ‘Lin Wang’ which rendered him power almost akin to the royalty.

In the whole kingdom, it is one of the most revered place, even the current Emperor has to be courteous to them. Lin Wang has two sons, however his extreme doting of his granddaughter Jun Wu Xie has reached a pinnacle. When she took a liking to the Second Prince, Lin Wang coerced the Emperor to have the Second Prince and his granddaughter betrothed.

However, this arrogant woman was now lying on some jagged rocks in such a sorry state, if not for Wu Xie’s soul, she would just be a dead body dumped in the wilderness.

[Both legs fractured, three broken ribs on the left side, dislocated right wrist…Falling from such a height, this body has miraculously survived.]

Another voice in the body of Jun Wu Xie sounded, it was the familiar voice of the little black cat which accompanied her for more than a decade and surprisingly it was in the same body.

“Still alive.” Jun Wu Xie muttered as she lay on the rocks without any hint of pain on her face, as if the physical pain had nothing to do with her.

[Congratulations Mistress, you’ve escaped death once again.] Black smoke seeped out from Jun Wu Xie’s chest and condensed into a little black cat, strutting at her side.

She survived a calamity however she was still hovering near death’s door.

She felt her energy slowly seeping away as she shuddered from the torrential downpour which was raining down hard on her body.

She needed to find a place to shelter from the rain quickly before her body temperature drops further! Luckily, there was a cave under the low cliffs nearby.

Relying on her two hands and the sole thought of survival, she dragged herself in the direction of the cave.

Her tattered clothes, soaked in sweat and drenched in the downpour, hung from her battered frame. Crimson blood trailed along the path from the wounds on her legs, washed away from the merciless rain hammering down upon the small crawling figure. The little black cat gave occasional nudges as encouragement as they made their way towards the cave.

Having mustered every ounce of strength she had left in her frail body, although the distance wasn’t far, it was an enduring feat.

With such an amount of injuries and over a rough terrain, even those with high endurance would have fainted numerous times.

When she finally reached the dark cave, her face was deathly pale, void of any colour.

Huddled against the walls of the cold cave, finally free from the barrage of the rain, she let out a small sigh of relief. Suddenly a ghostly voice came from within that deep dark cave.

[Wh..Who is it?]

The black cat asked in a scared voice, body arched, as it lunged itself in front of Wu Xie.

“Go take a look.” Wu Xie choked out as she knew her current predicament. Alone in such an environment without any medical equipments, she’s unable to carry out her own treatment hence she can only look for other possibilities.

Having another person around to help her would be best.

Leading the way, the little black cat inched closer towards the source of the sound. In the darkness, Wu Xie felt the presence of another person.

“You’re about to die.” A masculine voice doused with a trace of playfulness came from above her head.

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