Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: “Small White Lotus (4)”

“ Well… although it hurts… but it will grow back.” Little Lotus softly said.

“Your petals are part of your body?”Jun Wu Xie clarified.

Little Lotus nodded.

So if I want to pluck a petal, I am actually pulling your arm?”

Little Lotus nodded again.

Jun Wu Xie was completely silent.

Just when she finally found a use for this little fellow, it kind of turned into ‘cannibalism’ which no matter what it crossed her bottom line and it was not something she would do. Hence, he had reverted back to his useless status.

“Ah! I have this!” Little Lotus suddenly exclaimed as he touched his little apron and held out his small clenched fist.

He slowly opened his hand revealing five small seed quietly lying on his palm.

“What are these?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“These are lotus seeds!” Little Lotus blinked a few times.

“Although the effect isn’t as great as eating the petals, consuming it can strengthen the bones, purify the bone marrow though its unable to renew the tendons and flesh.” he slowly trailed off.

‘Only five?” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows. Having such an effect is pretty good too.

“I’m left with five for now. I can produce one once a month, the others ate them all up, I could only save these five seeds.” Little Lotus explained timidly.

“They?” Jun Wu Xie found it really hard to understand his manner of speaking. However once a month is still good.

After keeping the five lotus seeds safely, Jun Wu Xie thought about her own little lotus. Although he had no fighting ability his ability to sense seems quite good and these lotus seeds although they are not at the same level as elixirs, it can significantly improve a person’s constitution. This is what she needed most now!

Whether it was herself ,Jun Xian or Jun Qing, they all needed to improve their body’s constitution.

Conditioning drugs can only achieve a certain effect, there will still however have some side effects and targeting the bones were one of the hardest to achieve. These lotus seeds have solved the first major step!

With strong bones as the base, conditioning the rest of the body is simply child’s play to her.

With a contractual spirit meant that she could start cultivating in this new world, even tough little lotus was unable to fight, at least she could start cultivating and rely on herself!

Little Lotus was waiting anxiously at the side waiting for some kind of affirmation from Jun Wu Xie as it fiddled with its fingers when she finally nodded at him.

Knowing that it would not be abandoned, Little Lotus gave a wide smile as tears started trickling down. He vowed in his heart to be a good contractual spirit and do his utmost for his new master.

She started studying him in earnest as she found that various parts of his body have different effects. His flesh and blood could practically make one’s physique reborn even his tears have the effect of conditioning the blood.

It can be said other than its zero combat abilities, it could be considered a priceless treasure.

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