Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: “Body is a Treasure (1)

To harvest the tears, the little black cat nipped Little Lotus a couple of times, causing the tears to flow like a faucet, only this time, the tears were all collected in a small bottle. This was specially prepared for Jun Xian and Jun Qing.

Before she grew strong on her own, Lin Palace safety fell on the shoulders of the two of them.

After crying so hard, the poor exhausted little lotus changed back into a barely visible ring and sat quietly on her finger.

After the little harvest, Jun Wu Xie fell into a deep slumber.

At the crack of dawn, she went to look for Jun Xian.

Jun Xian was surprised to find his precious granddaughter look for him on her own accord. Ever since she was injured, he rarely had the chance to spend time with her, everytime he tried to interact with her, she seemed quiet and withdrawn, prickling his heart.

“Wu Xie? Why are you here? Come, sit down quickly.” Jun Xian hurriedly ushered her to the nearest seat.

Jun Wu Xie was treated like a treasure as she is the only in her generation, with Jun Qing’s disability, having children may not be possible.

She sat down meekly as she slowly warmed up to her new grandfather.

“Grandfather, I’d like to discuss something with you.” she said solemnly.

Her sudden declaration made his heart skip a beat. Could she have heard all the rumours that have been going around?

“Just say it. Whatever you want, just name it! As long as it is something within my means, I will do it for you.” he addressed her warmly.

Jun Wu Xie cleared her throat. This was her first ‘family’ formal conversation she’s ever had.

“Grandfather already knows that I have no contractual spirit. I know that I’m unable to cultivate and I’ve been thinking, ever since I’ve been recuperating in my room, I’ve been looking through some medical books. My writing skills are not that bad and since I can’t cultivate any spiritual power, I was thinking of studying medicine.”

He looked at her with a shocked expression. She…She actually came to say something so sensible? Although he loves his granddaughter, he knows she has no skills other than brewing trouble. He sat there petrified.

Jun Wu Xie saw that he was frozen in place, she persisted on: “Lin Palace is not as peaceful as before. After my injury, I’ve come to terms with a lot of things. You don’t have to worry about me, I really want to change.”

Jun Xian remained silent. Lin Palace current predicament wasn’t good, even Mo Xuan Fei personally broke off the engagement shows that their standing was no longer stable. He knew he could no longer conceal anything from her.

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