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Chapter 2292 - Return of the King (8)

Chapter 2292: Return of the King (8)

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After Qiu Yun suffered all that torture, his body was like a broken balloon, bursting with a pop and everything from within blasted out.

The stench of pus mixed with the red and white internal organs had splattered all over. Before he died, he would never have ever imagined that his end would be in such a disgusting manner. It was just as he had said to Ye Sha previously, but the one who had died without a complete corpse was he himself and not the Night Regime.

From the beginning to the end, there was no expression on Jun Wu Xie’s face. The vines had weaved a layer of wall in front of her and blocked the disgusting mix as the dark green Spirit Ring flew back to her hands. It had returned spotless and had not been contaminated at all.

The wall of vines dissipated and the gaze of Jun Wu Xie swept onto the remaining people who had already been frightened out of their wits. She raised her hand and kept the Spirit Ring as she turned her head in the direction of Ye Sha and the Night Regime.

Just as everyone felt secretly relieved in their hearts!

A series of screams started resounding all around and had intertwined into a rhapsody from hell as cries of anguish filled the surrounding and the stench of blood was extremely heavy. People who were bound by the vines had been cut into pieces of meat and fell onto the ground…

Behind Jun Wu Xie, a river of blood flowed.

Only some of the disciples of the Nine Temples survived but they had personally witnessed such a scene of carnage before them and their limbs went weak and their legs lost all their strength. They crumbled onto the ground that was full of blood and minced meat and when their palms felt that sticky touch, countless people started vomiting.

Su Jing Yan was also among the survivors. He slumped to the ground and his body could not stop trembling. All he saw before him was blood and raw meat and the disgusting sight of internal organs mixed in that made his stomach flip. His face turned white and blue, even if he knew that Jun Wu Xie was not going to kill them, but his inner fear could not be suppressed.

“Scram back to the Nine Temples and tell those people from the Upper Realm that in half a month’s time, I will personally pay a visit to the Nine Temples. Tell them to wash their necks and get ready for I will go and take their lives.” Jun Wu Xie turned her head and looked at Su Jing Yan whose face had already turned blue. Not even containing shred of emotion, it seem to be able to freeze one’s blood.

Su Jing Yan had wanted to say something but just as he opened his mouth, the rich smell of blood smothered him and entered his lungs. He immediately started vomiting miserably.

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything else, everything today was just but a “little greeting present” from her to the Upper Realm. In one month’s time, the Nine Temples would be washed with blood.

Just as Jun Wu Xie was about to leave with the Dark Regions, the locked gates were finally broken through!

Loud explosions echoed through the city and one by one, the figures were revealed after the smoke dissipated.

In order to ensure that the Night Regime could be killed in the ambush today, he had deliberately fiddled with the old city gates, making them impenetrable. When Qiao Chu and the others saw the Night Regime enter the trap, they were extremely anxious when they were blocked by the city gates. Only by combining all of their strength did they manage to blow the gates up.

However, when the gates were destroyed and everything in the city reached their eyes, the initial aggressiveness that they had immediately dissipated and left them stunned.

The city was like a slaughterhouse that had just been washed in blood. Disgusting mixtures of innards , blood and chunks of meat were all around and amongst that gory scene, there was one figure that stood there quietly. It was so familiar, yet so cold and detached.

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