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Chapter 2293 - We have come to pick you up (1)

Chapter 2293: We have come to pick you up (1)

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That petite woman more a silver armour and where she stood beneath her was completely soaked in blood. The contrast between the silver and the crimson was especially strong under the strong sunlight. When the eyes of Qiao Chu and the others saw that familiar silhouette, their bodies began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Little…. Little Xie….” Qiao Chu’s lips trembled as his eyes widened and he stared at the little figure who was standing in a pool of blood.

Five years, more than one thousand eight hundred days and nights had passed yet this figure had never once faded from their memories. They can’t even remember how many times they had seen her in their dreams. After so many years of searching, they didn’t think that they could actually see her today…

She still had that pair of cold eyes, she still was so thin, she still had that strong and unyielding back. Everything was exactly the same as their dreams.

The only difference… was that the expression on her face was much colder.

It was the same as that time when Qiao Chu had met her for the first time, she was cold and indifferent, not at all like a person.

“Little Xie… It’s you, right? You are back…. you… are really back….” Qiao Chu’s eyes had turned red and he could not help but tremble. His voice was so soft, so soft that it was as if he was afraid that his voice would scare her and make her disappear from his sight once again.

Jun Wu Xie stood rooted to the ground, her cold gaze looked at all the familiar figures before her and she was caught in a daze for a moment.

She had never thought that she would meet with them at such a moment.

“Little Xie, all these years… Have you been good? We… miss you very much…” Qiao Chu’s voice was quivering and he did not care a bit about what he was stepping on as he walked towards Jun Wu Xie slowly, his gaze no longer had anyone or anything else.

Jun Wu Xie stood rigid in the same place, she could only watch him walk towards her.

“I really am stupid…you obviously had not been good, right? It’s been five years… you must have suffered a lot….” Qiao Chu slowly walked to her and it was a short distance but he felt as if it had taken him a long, long time. By the time he had reached her, he looked at that familiar face before him, both eyes red and there was even a glint in the bottom of his eyes that even he himself was not aware of.

“Don’t be afraid, we are here. We have come to pick you up, won’t you come home with us?” Qiao Chu’s voice trembled even more, he wanted to reach out and hug his companion who had been missing for so long. But just as he raised his hands, before he could touch her, he suddenly stood stunned as he suppressed the feelings in his chest that were about to explode out. He fell to the ground and cried out in helplessness.

“Sorry… sorry… it’s all because we are useless… Five years ago, we did not reach you in time and have let you suffer so much. It is all our fault… don’t… don’t ignore us….” Qiao Chu knelt on the ground and was crying like a child. Over these five years, they had dreamt of that battle that they did not participate in countless of times. They dreamt that Jun Wu Xie had taken everything onto herself, under all that helpless despair and she had to bear everything herself with all her wounds.

Over the past five years, they had been constantly cultivating without stop. They had hoped that the tragedy that happened once would never be staged again. They had been searching bitterly but when they had really found her, they found that they had no face to face her.

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