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Chapter 2529 - Couldn’t Hold It Back Anymore (3)

Chapter 2529: Couldn’t Hold It Back Anymore (3)

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Jun Wu Xie was ‘invited’ to the palace.

Upon stepping into the hall, a cup of tea was smashed by her feet!

“Evil creature! What did you do?!” When Yan Wan saw Jun Wu Xie, his anger surged from his heart as he could not wait to throttle her to death.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the violent Yan Wan calmly, her face light and clear. She clearly did not take heed of Yan Wan’s anger and instead, walked straight to the side and sat down.

“What’s the matter?” Her tone was informal, pissing off Yan Wan even more.

“What’s the matter? You still have the cheek to ask me! Let me ask you, these two months you were responsible for the voyage, and what’s the result? Not a single Sea Spirit Beast was caught. Where’s your capability?!” Yan Wan glared at Jun Wu Xie, he couldn’t wait to swallow her whole.

She wanted to die, that’s her problem, to drag him down with her, absolutely not!

Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at Yan Wan who had flew into a rage, she already knew what had happened.

These two months, she deployed the vessels of Sea Spirit City to the maximum extent; she sent the men, who bore the heaviest sin of killing those beasts on board the ships, out to the Sea of Death. Unbeknownst to them, the Ghost Army and Night Regime soldiers were going to ambush them. Once they left the waters of Sea Spirit City, what awaited them was a slaughter. When the ships returned, all the crew on board had been replaced by the members of the Night Regime.

With this secret plan in action, between the Night Regime and Ghost Army, more than twenty thousand people have entered Sea Spirit City, and were spread out everywhere. Meanwhile, not one person discovered anything strange.

Jun Wu Xie had earlier arranged for the Night Regime and Ghost Army to infiltrate various important venues of Sea Spirit City. Although Yan Wan was still the leader, but with her identity as the Young Master of Sea Spirit City, mobilizing some positions was not a problem.

“There has been a sharp decrease in the number of Sea Spirit Beasts, they can’t find many, I can’t do anything about it.” Jun Wu Xie responded perfunctorily.

Yan Wan became even more angry. If he knew that such a big issue would arise, he would never had allowed Jun Wu Xie to handle the sea voyages.

“Sharp decline? You think I’ve become senile? The Sea of Death has so many Sea Spirit Beasts and has been providing the Upper Realm for so many years. This has not happened before. You think I’m easy to fool?” Yan Wan said simperingly.

Jun Wu Xie merely shrugged and ignored.

“Since you are so incompetent, I’ve praised you too much before! From now on, I don’t need you to manage the sea voyages and workshop matters! You are unable to do anything right! If the Master wants to impart blame, no one will help you!” Yan Wan had tried to gain an advantage only to end up worse off this time. He didn’t manage to harm Jun Wu Xie but he even had to step up and clear the mess.

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie did not protest. Now, there were a large number of her people within the Sea Spirit City and even if Yan Wan wanted to wrest back control of the sea voyages, it would not make a difference.

All the vessels that sailed would still encounter attacks from the Night Regime; the first step of Jun Wu Xie’s plan has been completed.

“If there is nothing else, I’m leaving.” Jun Wu Xie barely spared Yan Wan a glance.

“Who allowed you to leave!” Yan Wan was fuming with rage between gritted teeth as he glared at Jun Wu Xie

“Anything else?” Jun Wu Xie asked lightly..

Yan Wan couldn’t wait kill that brat, but if he did so at that moment, he would be violating the rules of the Upper Realm.

“Scram! You better stay far away from me. Don’t let me see you!” Yan Wan angrily exclaimed.

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