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Chapter 2530 - The Killing Move (1)

Chapter 2530: The Killing Move (1)

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Jun Wu Xie left without saying anything further. That nonchalant attitude made Yan Wan so angry that he almost suffered from internal injuries.

“Bastard! He’s really a bastard! I should not have spared this disaster! I should have killed him earlier.” Yan Wan’s hands were clenched into fists, the anger in his heart raging strongly.

But Yan Wan’s words were a shock to Liang Shi Shi who was silently standing aside.

People were guessing previously if the deaths of Yan Wan’s children were related to Yan Wan. Today, after hearing Yan Wan’s words, it was proven true.

At the moment, Yan Hai’s eyes became extremely malicious. Jun Wu Xie has exceeded beyond his control. Even if he had the means to delay the cultivation of the other party, it was not a fool-proof plan. Unless…..

“Go get the steward.” Yan Wan suddenly said.

Liang Shi Shi shivered unconsciously. Although Yan Wan’s voice was not loud, but it made her absolutely horrified.

After Liang Shi Shi called for the steward, she retired from the hall.

The steward of the palace appeared to be an old man of more than 50 years old, he was greying slightly at his temples. Except, his eyes were not that of regular old folks, peaceful and calm, they actually gave off a cold and fearful vibe.

“My Lord, you called for me, what are your instructions?”, the steward asked respectfully.

Yan Bay’s eyebrows were furrowed, his expression was cloudy, and he remained silent for a while before he said, “Now Yan Hai is getting bolder with his behavior and actions. Previously, I wanted to subdue him and force him to exercise restraint, but who knew he would become even worse! Now, the supply of Sea Spirit Beasts are at hiatus, not only that, his movements and actions within Sea Spirit City have not been small. Many of his people have been placed everywhere.

The more Yan Wan spoke, the angrier he got, his facial expression was terribly gloomy.

The steward name Old He quietly listened to Yan Wan’s tirade, by the time Yan Wan finished, he knew what he had to do.

Since that year when Yan Wan became the Master of Sea Spirit City, Old He had been serving him faithfully. Although the two seemed to have a master-servant relationship on the surface, the status of the old man within the palace was extremely high, even Yan Wan treated him with some degree of respect; he didn’t boss Old He around like the other servants around him.

Within the Sea Spirit City, the only person who truly understood Yan Wan was Old He.

“My Lord feels like Young Master has gone overboard? You want to clip his wings?” Old He asked to test waters.

But, Yan Wan shook his head.

“What if I clip his wings? I chose to spare him because his innate talent was just above average and it wasn’t a cause for concern. But who knew that this little bastard would be so successful in his cultivation that he has surpassed my cultivation position from last time. Now that he has such intentions, if I spared his life, wouldn’t I be asking for trouble?” Yan Wan narrowed his eyes as malicious intent flashed within them.

“If that is what My Lord has decided, that it shall be done.” Old He replied.

“I’ll leave this matter in your hand. Although that fellow deserves death, he cannot die by my hand. He was famous in the army’s roster of the Lord. If he has to die, his death must have nothing to do with me. You understand?” Yan Wan narrowed his eyes further.

A cold smile broke upon Old He’s wrinkled face.

“I understand. My Lord, please don’t worry, I know what to do.”

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