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Chapter 2531 - The Thought of Murder Had Been Aroused (2)

Chapter 2531: The Thought of Murder Had Been Aroused (2)

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In Yan Hai’s mansion, while Jun Wu Xie was sitting leisurely on the chair, Qiao Chu and the others came in anxiously to ask about her conversation with Yan Wan.

“He just wanted to take back the administrative authorities of the Sea Spirit City. It’s not a big deal,” said Jun Wu Xie.

“That’s it? This doesn’t seem to be what Yan Wan would normally do.” Fan Zhuo furrowed his brows. Yan Wan had a mind of viciousness as he had been killing so many of his sons. Jun Wu Xie had clearly messed everything up this time. There were so many ships that had returned without bringing anything back, and half of those piled up carcasses of the Sea Spirit Beasts in the workshop had already been used up. If the supplement wasn’t able to keep up with the demand, the Sea Spirit City might not be powerful enough to take the blame.

Jun Wu Xie had used Yan Wan’s own plan to counter him. Though it was an ingenious movement, this would also aroused Yan Wan’s rage. They wouldn’t think that Yan Wan would easily let Jun Wu Xie go.

“Just let him play whatever tricks he wants to,” Jun Wu Xie sneered.

It was a complete silence at night. The bright moon was hanging high up in the sky, with the dark clouds blocking away the moonlight.

Jun Wu Yao sat in the room while staring at Jun Wu Xie who was busy producing medical pills. Since when both of them got married, Jun Wu Xie had lost all her excuses to drive him out of the room. Although he couldn’t always get “closer” to her, he was satisfied enough to be able to see her anytime.

Maybe the happiness of one’s life was just something like that.

Suddenly, the candlelight in the room gently swayed, causing the shadows to slightly falter.

Sitting steadily on the chair, Jun Wu Xie suddenly put the herbs in her hands down and raised her head.

“How impatient of them.” A trace of coldness soared up abruptly from the bottom of Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

Inside Yan Hai’s mansion, more than ten dark figures sneaked into the quarters, and all the guards that were either guarding outside or inside the mansion had somehow collapsed feebly on the ground, as if they were all sleeping.

Those people who were dressed in black entered the mansion stealthily. They seemed to know the structure of the mansion very well. Within a few moments, they had already gotten into the inner yard from the outer yard.

The leading black clothing person cautiously observe everything in the yard. After making sure that no one was awake, he then quietly waved his hand at his comrades behind him.

“Boss, why are you acting so cautiously? All the people in the mansion have already been drugged by the rosemary, not even the drums are able to wake them up, let alone us entering here.” A black clothing man expressed his deprecation at the cautiousness showed by his leader.

Before entering the mansion, they had released the aroma of the rosemary into the building, which even the Gold Spirit wasn’t able to resist the fragrance but could only sink into a soundless sleep. Although it wouldn’t take their lives, it was able to temporarily drive away their consciousness.

The leading man frowned.

“This is no trivial matter. Old He has been constantly warning us, that if anything goes wrong, neither you nor me is able to handle the consequences.”

The moment the derisive man heard the words “Old He”, he quickly kept his impertinent attitude back with his eyes getting strained.

“Yan Hai isn’t weak. The rosemary might not show its effect on him. Though, there aren’t many experts in his mansion, he should be the only one still being conscious. Keep in mind that we need to be straightforward and quick, so that no evidence will be left,” the leader of those black clothing men enjoined.

His group of subordinates nodded. By the time the last word left his mouth, they had already gotten into the yard where “Yan Hai” was living at. The yard was in complete silence, except that the chirps of the crickets could still be heard.

It was a total darkness in the room, and the person inside the room seemed to be asleep.

At the instant, the leader made a gesture of attack with his hand and with a swoosh, a few dark figures broke into the room!

Under the illumination of the moonlight, they slashed their knives towards the bed in the most possible shortest time!

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