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Chapter 2579 - The Strange Aroma (1)

Chapter 2579: The Strange Aroma (1)

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Before this, he wasn’t like this, but now…

Meng Qiu let in a deep breath and said at one go, “Recently, all the spirit envoys in the Soul World have already been captured, may I ask when is Lord Jun Gu planning to carry out the Soul Sacrificing Event? So that your subordinate has the time to get everything ready.”

Not speaking a word, Jun Gu was just looking at Meng Qiu with one of his hands supporting under his chin, seemingly to be thinking of something.

Whereas, the gloomy woman who was standing aside suddenly became the one to speak.

“Meng Qiu, are you hustling Lord Jun Gu now?” There was a trace of reproach in her tone, and not a bit of respect was found.

The expression on Meng Qiu’s face changed slightly. He then hurriedly responded, “How dare I! It’s your subordinate who has crossed the line. It’s just that the amount of spirit envoys that can be accommodated in the Soul Prison is limited, and now, since the Spirit Tree has been sealed by the Contemporaneous Knot, it isn’t able to create new souls. Only when the spirit envoys in the Soul Prison are sacrificed, then can we imprison the new souls, and that’s why… I’m thinking if…”

Brows furrowed, it seemed like the woman was annoyed by Meng Qiu’s words, but just at the moment when she was going to say something again, Jun Gu raised his hand all of a sudden and halted the behaviour of the woman.

With his body slightly straightened, he looked at Meng Qiu and said, “The preparation for the sacrificial event is still going on but we’ll be starting it within a few days. You are allowed to remove a little of the knot from the Spirit Tree after three days for it to create new souls.”

Meng Qiu replied, “Your subordinate got it.”

Jun Gu nodded his head, “Is there anything else?”

Meng Qiu, “No, that’s it. Everything in the Soul World is stable now, please do not worry, my Lord.”

After giving out a low hum as his response, Jun Gu waved his hand and said, “Alright, you may leave now.”

“Yes.” Meng Qiu got up and left the palace courteously with his waist bent.

When the door of the palace was once again closed, looking at the tightly shut door, the woman sneered, “What an impatient guy of Meng Qiu, and he thinks that he has the right to push you, Lord.”

The speaking tone of the woman was full with her disdain towards Meng Qiu.

There wasn’t any expression on Jun Gu’s face. Flatly, he said, “Since he has agreed to pay his allegiance to us, and he also does his tasks well, there’s no need for us to care for the other things. Our main point is to complete the mission given by His Lord, as for Meng Qiu, just let him be.”

“You’re too kind, Lord. And that’s why Meng Qiu is getting more and more fearless these days. He’s such a treacherous spirit envoy, that he could even betray the Soul World in just a whim. Who knows if he’s planning to do something else on the sly?” The woman frowned, seemingly to look down on Meng Qiu.

Jun Gu turned his eyes onto the woman. After noticing the discontent on the woman’s face, he suddenly smiled. He was originally good looking, and even if it was only a faint smile, it would still cause the people who saw it to lose their thoughts. The woman went stunned the moment she saw his smile, with her heart began to pound uncontrollably.

“Yan Xi, do you dislike Meng Qiu that much?” There was a smile heard in Jun Gu’s voice.

Being dazzled by his smile, Yan Xi blushed. She quickly lowered her head down and said, “No. It’s just that he is quite disrespectful to you in my opinion, my Lord.”

Jun Gu shook his head gently, “What’s the matter if he disrespects me? The main point is to complete the mission given by His Lord. That’s fine, you don’t have to throw him your cold eyes all the time, we don’t see him often.”

Obediently, Yan Xi nodded her head.

Jun Gu stood up. The strange aroma whirled around his breath and went into his nose, causing his mind to be in a state of daze. He raised his eyes and looked at the furnace that was smouldering the incense burner, frowning.

“I don’t like the smell of the incense, stop using it.”

The smell often gave him an indescribable feeling.

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