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Chapter 2580 - The Strange Aroma(2)

Chapter 2580: The Strange Aroma(2)

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Yan Xi’s expression changed subtly, but she managed to hide it well. She said calmly, “His Lord said that My Lord’s soul had gone through a great trauma. This incense can heal My Lord’s soul. Even if My Lord doesn’t like it, but for your health, please bear with it for a little while more. Once My Lord’s soul has been healed, I will throw the incense far away.”

“Is that right? I don’t remember though.” Jun Gu lifted his hand to rub his brows. Regarding the past, he had always drawn a blank. When the dreams came at night, a mes of images flashed in his mind, but it was in fragments so it was hard to connect them.

Yan Xi brought her gaze down, and said gently, “My Lord suffered grave injuries, with almost no chance of recovery. If His Lord had not exhausted his strength, I’m afraid My Lord’s soul would have been destroyed. Right now, My Lord you have not recovered, the trauma on your soul is still present, so it’s normal if you can’t recall things. The battle was horrifying, it’s a good thing My Lord can’t remember because there is nothing good to remember.”

“Still I am regretful. Regardless of good or bad, they were at least what I have experienced.” Jun Gu sighed lightly. Even though he held this position now, he didn’t know why he still felt empty inside. It seemed like there was something important that he has forgotten. Jun Gu was not comfortable feeling like this.

Yan Xi didn’t respond, she paused for a moment and said, “My Lord, have you finally prepared the Soul Sacrificing Event?”

The Soul Sacrificing Event should have started but Jun Gu had delayed giving the order to go ahead, and hence it had dragged on till now.

Jun Gu’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and there was a resistance within his heart. But with the fragrance lingering in the air, the strong resistance of his heart was slowly wiped away. He looked like conflicted but returned to normal after a while.


Finished speaking, Jun Gu seemed to not want to continue this topic, he turned around and left.

Yan Xi stood at the dais, and until Jun Gu had left, then she gently lifted her head, as her gaze fell upon the furnace at the side.

She walked towards the furnace, and with a gentle wave of her hand, the incense burning in the furnace was extinguished. She opened the furnace to see that the incense had burned with only a little bit left. But upon closer examination, there was a distinction. It was not incense at all, it was actually a rhinoceros’s horn the size of the fingernail.

Yan Xi took out the remaining bit of the rhinoceros’s horn and replaced it with a palm sized piece which she took from her waist. She lit it up and covered the furnace.

Looking at the green smoke emanating from the furnace, Yan Xi took a deep breath.

“If not, how would you be willing to harm those spirit lives?” Yu Xi’s mouth curved into a bitter smile. After a while, she erased the abnormality of her face and walked out of the hall. The soldiers near the Soul Ascending Altar saw Yan Xi, and they immediately saluted with respect. There was clearly a distinction when compared to the indifference they showed to Meng Qiu.

“Immediately prepare the Soul Sacrificing Event. Do not delay any longer.” Yan Xi ordered coldly.

Those soldiers immediately followed the orders.

“Miss Yan Xi, Lord Jun Gu has finally decided to start the Soul Sacrificing Event? We have already prepared the necessary, and are awaiting your permission to go ahead.” The commander of the soldiers replied.

Yan Xi cast a glance at him.

“Lord Jun Gu has his own reasons for what he does. It’s not up to you to second guess his instructions. You surely got the guts!”

That person was stunned, and realised immediately that he had misspoken, and apologised profusely.

“I will be fully in charge for the Soul Sacrificing Event. Lord Jun Gu does not need to personally handle such trivial matters. Understand?” Yan Xi said coldly.


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