Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 2905 - Top Ten Experts Selection (1)

Chapter 2905: Top Ten Experts Selection (1)

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Jun Wu Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie. In her eyes, he read a trace of anxiety and concern. That warmth was also precious. He raised his hand and raised a gentle and spoiled smile on the corner of his mouth as he gently rubbed her little head.

“How can I bear to let you fight alone?”

If it was extremely warm, Jun Wu Xie was slightly stunned. Her face turned red and lowered her head.

Qiao Chu and others on the side looked as if they had been injured internally. Qiao Chu couldn’t help but to ask Jun Wu Yao.

What is a lone war?

In the eyes of Brother Wu Yao, aren’t they considered a few people?

Suddenly he felt so tired that he would never love again …

Just as Qiao Chu and others were still struggling with whether they were considered people in the eyes of Jun Wu Yao, a pink figure slowly appeared at the entrance of the restaurant. Inside, the men chatted around everywhere. Immediately everyone kept quiet and they couldn’t help looking at the pink touch.

It was a stunning and pretty woman. Although her appearance was not gorgeous, she was just as charming, making people reluctant to look away.

Under the watchful eye of the crowd, the woman slowly walked past the crowd and walked towards a table in the corner of the restaurant.

Many men’s eyes in the restaurant were anxious and focusing on the woman’s body. When they were disoriented and turned, the woman suddenly turned her head and swept around in the restaurant with a smirk.


A man fell off the chair directly to the hook, and the sound instantly caught the attention of the people around him. He could only get up awkwardly and hurriedly.

The woman who caused a commotion, but sauntered across the screen in the corner, disappeared.

When the woman went to Jun Wu Xie’s table, the charming enchanting posture was just shattered in an instant. The woman slammed the pink dress, leaned on her legs. She lifted Qiao Chu’s cuffs, grabbed the chicken drumsticks from his hand and ate it.

“His uncle, I haven’t worn this kind of clothes for a long time, almost didn’t toss me to death, Qiao Chu, hurry up, pour me a glass of water, I can’t breathe because of this collar!” “The woman” burst out. He pulled open the gauze around his neck, exposing the obvious and abrupt throat.

Qiao Chu swallowed his saliva and looked at the person who broke the beauty in a minute. But he didn’t have the time to think about his chicken drumstick. He just poured a glass of water and handed it to “the woman”.

Fan Zhuo supported his chin and looked at Fei Yan who changed his face faster than flipping through the book. With a look of surprise, he joined a little later. He really felt fresh about the disguising of men into women. Every time seeing the nature of the Fei Yan dressing, he couldn’t help feeling sad for the men who were confused by Fei Yan on the outside.

If they knew that the woman they admired was actually a powerful pure male. I wondered how they would feel.

“I must say, Yan’er, when can you change this sultry’s bad taste?” Qiao Chu said honestly and offered the tea. He couldn’t help but whispered. Before they passed the gap of the screen and saw Fei Yan. The behavior he just saw was thorough.

After saying this, Qiao Chu also gave a hint to Rong Ruo who sat by the side.

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