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Chapter 2906 - Top Ten Experts Selection (2)

Chapter 2906: Top Ten Experts Selection (2)

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Fei Yan was still bolstorou and rough before but the moment he heard Qiao Chu mention it, he immediately lowered his legs and sat properly as he looked nervously at Rong Ruo.

Rong Ruo just smiled at him as if she hadn’t noticed anything.

Fei Yan’s mind was restless again.

Seeing that Fei Yan was about to fall into an endless loop, Hua Yao said quickly: “Cough, Yan’er, what have you found today?”

Speaking of business, Fei Yan’s eyes became serious.

“I wandered around the city early in the morning. The guards in this city are very strict. It looks like there are not many guards but I noticed that soldiers guarding the city or those guarding the city walls, even the lowest strength are considered strong exponents from the Gold Spirit Pinnacle. There are many spirit inscriptions and strong exponents inside. ”

In the 72 Cities, Gold Spirit Pinnacle was definitely capable of occupying a position in the city, not to mention being a strong figure in the spirit inscriptions.

It was known that in the Upper Realm where Spirit Ring exponents were scarce. The status of the spirit inscription exponents was second to none. Except for a few Spirit Ring exponents, the spirit inscription exponents said to have become the pinnacle of the Upper Realms. The representative of strength, looking at the 72 cities, there are many City Lords who have not reached the capabilities level of the spirit inscription exponents.

It was within the Sacred City that the spirit inscription exponents were actually sent to guard the city walls. This crazy extravagant behavior really compared the 72 cities to almost nothing.

No wonder people from the 72 cities were so careful. Even if they had a high status in their respective cities, but in the Sacred City, even a tiger had to lie low. After all, the people in this city are soaring “Dragons”!

“It is the strongest place in the Upper Realms …” Qiao Chu swallowed. They felt that their strength needed to improve. In such a city with all the strong exponents, and with their strength, they are not good enough. No wonder Jun Wu Yao said that Jun Wu Xie wanted to fight alone. With their ability, I was afraid that they would not be able to block the army of His Lord.

Almost at the same time, Qiao Chu and others looked at each other and saw the eagerness in their eyes.

“I also inquired about this selection. I heard that the City Lords of the 72 cities have come, uh … Of course, the Little Xie is included, the dead ones are not counted.” Fei Yan wiped off the oil on his mouth, watching Jun Wu Xie said: “This time, His Lord sent invitations to all the cities in the 72 cities. Many people came from each city. I heard that the number of people in this selection was uncertain, including Luo Qingcheng and the rest. There are a few of them, and the Top Ten Experts are missing a total of three. However, this selection is generally not based on this. As long as you have the strength and can defeat the current Top Ten Experts, anyone can take the lead. ”

“I heard that the real experts in the Upper Realm are not actually in the 72 cities, but most of them live in seclusion. They are not interested in the position of the City Lord. They are all struggling to grab the spot within the Top Ten Experts. This time, there are dozens of Spirit Ring exponents. This is really more than we have known before.” Fei Yan touched his chin. At first, they thought that the Spirit Ring exponents in the Upper Realm had about twenty people. However, they did not expect that those powerful people who lived in various places in the Upper Realm would come this time.

The Top Ten Experts selection contest was quite competitive this time.

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