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Chapter 2907 - Top Ten Experts Selection (3)

Chapter 2907: Top Ten Experts Selection (3)

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The number of people in the Sacred City had skyrocketed, and this surge also indicated that a new wave of fighting was about to begin. The status of the Top Ten Experts was a huge temptation for everyone in the Upper Realm. Those who yearn to climb up will not miss such an opportunity.

“This selection seems to be taken seriously, and news has spread. The examiner this time will include several Knights of Destruction, but I don’t know the specific ones.” Fei Yan said, looking at Jun Wu Xie.

There was no doubt about Jun Wu Xie’s strength. Even if there was the backer, it was no suspense to become the Top Ten Experts.


If Jun Gu became the examiner this time, then …

Fei Yan was excited when he thought about it.

“Father’s qualifications are still too shallow, it’s hard for his turn to come.” Jun Wu Xie said very rationally. She looked forward to meeting her parents again, but also knew that Jun Gu was the last person to become a Knight of Destruction. Even if he wanted to be the examiner, it was not so easy.

However, the news brought back by Fei Yan made Jun Wu Xie feel strange.

For the Top Ten Expert selection, she also heard Nangong Lie mention it before. It was said that most of the Top Ten Experts were the examiners. After all, there were very few people who could challenge their status. The targets were the last few of the Top Ten Experts. When Nangong Lie participated in the selection, the examiner was Luo Qingcheng.

And this time, although Luo Qingcheng had been detained in the Lower Realm, there were two people in the top three of the Top Ten Experts. Without Luo Qingcheng, the selection should also be conducted by their examiners. Why would they bring out the Knights of Destruction all of a sudden?

The existence of the Knights of Destruction was not in the consciousness of many people in the Upper Realm. Only the talents of the Top Ten Experts will know the existence of the Knight of Destruction. This move was obviously to bring the Knights of Destruction into the sight of everyone.

What did this change mean?

Jun Wu Xie did not understand, but always felt that the trials this time would not be as simple as in previous sessions.

“Regardless of whether or not Father Jun will come, relying solely on your strength, Little Xie, there’s no pressure from the Top Ten Experts!” Qiao Chu said confidently.

Although he sounded arrogant, this sentence was true.

Looking at the entire Upper Realm, the only one who can fight against Jun Wu Xie was His Lord.

Even Jun Gu himself said that with his current strength, he was afraid that he would be inferior to Jun Wu Xie. While the other three knights were equal in strength to Jun Gu, naturally he was not an opponent of Jun Wu Xie.

And the fusion of Jun Wu Xie’s Dual Spirit Ring was gradually returning to perfection, and when this kind of fusion reached the extreme, it was also the peak period of her strength!

Fei Yan spit out some of the news he received, and everyone made a certain analysis based on his news.

The whole restaurant was very lively. Everyone had already recovered from the beauty. Now, their attention was focused on this selection.

As far as strength was concerned, there were very few people who could compete for the Top Ten Experts in the 72 cities. Looking at the 72 cities from ancient times to the present, only those who can successfully enter the Top Ten Experts were Nangong Lie who was fighting for power. In the process, the concentration of cultivation was infinitely scattered, which was one of the reasons that caused few City Lords from the 72 cities to attend.

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