Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 10: The Crown Prince's Visit (3)

Chapter 10: The Crown Prince's Visit (3)

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Jing Lin's face changed. It was clear that he was remembering the time when he took all of Longyuan by storm.

That year, Yun Luofeng's parents led the soldiers to fight the enemy, and the result was that the current Prime Minister Mu had accidentally revealed this intelligence which was obtained by the enemy. This caused the tragic death of her parents. For this reason, a grieving Yun Luo called upon all of his soldiers to level the Prime Minister's Estate, it caused a great sensation in the Kingdom of Longyuan.

In the end, the Emperor of Longyuan had to come forward to settle the matter.

Although the Emperor made him go to the Yun Luofeng's parents tomb every year to let the Prime Minister express his apology and compensate for the loss, people still understood that the Emperor is biased to the Prime Minister's house.

For no other reason than the fact that Prime Minister Mu's daughter is the Emperor's favored concubine. Originally it should have been the death sentence, but Prime Minister Mu is still well and alive, rose in position every year, and ultimately climbed to the position of the Prime Minister.

As for the annual grave visit?

If he didn't stomp on it, it was good enough, but to also expect him to go to the grave?

"Old Man, recently, it seems like you get angry more frequently. You need to clear your anger."

At this time, a laugh suddenly came from outside the hall.

A girl clothed in white with a touch of laziness in her smile walked in. She had a wicked charm and looked undisciplined. Her eyes looked at Yun Luo's face without a hint of laughter. From start to finish, she did not look at the youth sitting in the main hall, as if she didn't notice his existence at all.

Originally, the youth was only quietly sipping tea. Only after hearing the voice of Yun Luofeng did he finally lift his head. His eyes lightly swept over her body and had a hint of regret.

One had to say, this Yun Luofeng was really beautiful. Unfortunately, she was a big-chested, brainless man chaser, and did not even have a little bit of talent. So how could this rubbish of a woman have the qualification of standing by his side?

He was destined to be a dragon amongst men and she, she was just a waste that everyone disdained.

If he married her, his reputation would be destroyed!

"Hehe," Yun Luo dryly coughed twice, his face had a touch of embarrassment, "Feng'er, you came?"

This stinky brat, he was angry for her, yet she actually wants him to clear away his anger?

Is there a need to anger people this much?

In fact, Yun Luofeng had come to the door a while ago. So, she had already heard just about all of Grandfather and Jing Lin's conversation.

Since the beginning, the old man's indiscriminate accusations toward her made her not have any good feelings toward this cheap grandfather. But she did not expect that, in front of other people, this old guy would stand up for her. Therefore, the feelings of having a grandfather seemed… not too bad?

Yun Luofeng's lips curved up. "I just woke up, so I would naturally be late."

Woke up?

Yun Luo's old face burned with embarrassment. This girl actually stayed in her room for so long because she was sleeping?

"Oh," Jing Lin sarcastically said, "I have said it earlier, Yun Luofeng didn't have any important things to do, so the important thing you said was to sleep? Because of this, it made our Crown Prince wait for so long."

Yun Luofeng looked at him: "Sleep is a major event in life. If I did not wake up, I still would not meet them no matter who came."

"Feng'er," Yun Luo pretended to snap, then turned to the youth. "Your Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, one never visits the temple for no reason, you did not come to my General's Estate today for something as simple as drinking tea, correct?"

The youth put down his cup of tea; with no emotion in his eyes, he said in a cold voice: "General Yun Luo, this Prince has come to the General's Estate to dissolve the engagement! You should understand that your granddaughter's body has some problems, if there's no physician to help, she will be a trash all her life. So, for this condition, I will let Jing Lin use his ability to help your noble miss be able to cultivate. I have no guarantee that she will become a genius, but at least she will be like ordinary people and not be a waste."

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