Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 13: Yun Family's Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (1)

Chapter 13: Yun Family's Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (1)

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"What was the situation with Second Uncle?" Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before asking, "Is his death related to Jing Lin?"

Yun Luo smile wryly, "Jing Lin didn't cause your uncle's death, he just looked and did nothing to help! Your uncle was the Yun Family's number one genius. As a youth, he was full of ambition and high-spirited. He became a middle-level, peak-rank spirit cultivator at a young age—a sensation that moved all of Longyuan. But, one time, he fought against someone who was very arrogant and that person lost. How could that person be willing to lose? So, in the end, he sent some skilled masters to kill your Second Uncle to wash away his shame."

When he finished saying this, Yun Luo tightly clenched his fists, his old body kept shaking and his eyes were filled with hatred.

"Even though your second uncle was talented, he was too young. He had not even matured yet, how could he fight against so many strong experts? But he still desperately tried to escape! When he was covered with blood and crawled home, I went to the Imperial Palace to plead with those imperial physicians to help, but those people had been blocked by that beast Jing Lin. He did not let them treat your second uncle, I even knelt down, and he still did not help!"

At first, Yun Luo did not think to let Yun Qingya play dead, so he went to the palace for help! Playing dead was Yun Qingya's own idea.

If the people from that power learned he was still alive, not only would they continue to send experts, they also wouldn't let the Yun Family off!

In the secular world, the Yun Family's strength is very powerful, but it was nothing compared with that force!

"Does Jing Lin have a grudge against us, the Yun Family?"

This was what Yun Luofeng wanted to ask most.

Yun Luo nodded his head. "Jing Lin and Prime Minister Mu have a good relationship. He is the master of Mu Wushuang, that rascal, Mu Xingchou's, granddaughter."

It was only after hearing this that Yun Luofeng finally understood. The original owner of the body knew nothing except how to chase after His Highness the Crown Prince and did not care about other things. So only now did she learn of the relationship between Jing Lin and the Mu Family.

"The Emperor?" Yun Luofeng creased her brows, "My parents sacrificed themselves for the kingdom, and you also devoted your whole life to the Kingdom of Longyuan, but when my uncle was seriously injured, he had nothing to say?"

Yun Luo's eye darkened a bit. Seeing his face, Yun Luofeng could guess what he was thinking and couldn't help but sneer, "This emperor, why do you want to fight for him?"

"Feng'er, you are wrong, I fight for the kingdom, not for His Majesty the Emperor; I did it for the ordinary citizens of Longyuan Kingdom."

"Ordinary citizens?" Yun Luofeng donned a stern smile, "For the sake of these 'ordinary' citizen, you could give up revenge for my parents? You could give up on Second Uncle back then? Grandfather, you and I are not the same. I do not care about the world's masses, nor those 'ordinary' citizen. Whoever touches my loved ones, even if it means going against the heavens, I will avenge them!"

The young girl's facial features were arrogant and her words uninhibited. It scared General Yun Luo so much that his eyes widened; it was as if this was his first time getting to know this granddaughter of his, whom he had not seen for many years.

"Grandfather, you may have done it for the common people, but did the common people have mercy on you? After the death of Father and Mother, did someone come out and trample the Mu Estate with you? Besides your army, who helped you? When Second Uncle was seriously injured, did the common people stand up and plead for you? No! Then why did you devote your life to them?"

Yun Luo was silent, he knows what Yun Luofeng said is not wrong. He gave up so much for Longyuan Kingdom, but when he needed help, no one helped him!

"You were a meritorious official, and your son and your daughter-in-law were sacrificed for the kingdom, but when your second son needed help and only needed one imperial edict for the matter to be resolved. But he didn't do it! An emperor like this is not worthy of your loyalty."

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