Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 2: Yun Family's Eldest Miss (2)

Chapter 2: Yun Family's Eldest Miss (2)

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The young girl slowly sat up on the artificial hill, the corner of her lips lifting up into a wicked smile.

If that person’s figure wasn’t so similar to the Crown Prince’s and was dressed in his clothes, the Yun Luofeng who deeply loved the Crown Prince would not have mistaken him for someone else. She also wouldn't have rushed up to grab him and ended up being charged with molesting a pretty man.

Of course, if it were only that, people would not have misunderstood Yun Luofeng’s relationship with that man.

The important reason was that when the man was grabbed by her, he started to yell, claiming that the eldest miss from Yun family was endlessly pestering him and wanted to force him to be her boy-toy. Sadly, Yun Luofeng wasn't good with words and lost the ability to defend herself in her panic. So her silence confirmed the charge.

Recalling the events to there, the young girl internally sighed, "This Yun Luofeng is a noble daughter of a general, but she's too stupid! She couldn't see through such an easy set-up and was deluded into thinking that she could use her own life to regain the Crown Prince’s heart! If it wasn't for the Crown Prince's orders, why would there be someone wearing his clothes in public?"

The Crown Prince, Gao Ling, was Long Yuan Kingdom's most handsome man. He was incredibly talented and had outstanding abilities! With his identity and position, why would he be willing to marry a trash?

So she could understand his grievances.

However, what she could not understand was why, in order to retain his reputation, Gao Ling would frame Yun Luofeng for being immoral and ignoring her engaged status to molest a pretty man.

At this time, Yun Luofeng’s personal maidservant, Qingyan, rushed over. Her originally panicked face changed into one of happiness when she saw the young girl sitting on the artificial hill. Hurriedly running to the front of Yun Luofeng, she panted, "Miss, Master General has returned, he is ordering you to see him in the study."

"Grandfather returned?"

Yun Luofeng froze for a second. How could she forget that today is the day of Great General Yun Luo’s triumphant return! Not long ago, this was the day that this body's original owner had waited for with anticipation! Who knew that she would die from someone else's scheme before she could see her grandfather, a person she had wholeheartedly missed for ten long years.

"Let’s go, take me to see Grandfather, the old man!"

She regained her wits and pinched Qingyan’s little cheeks, which appeared as delicious as an apple. Her stunning face was adorned with a wicked smile.

And then, without waiting for Qingyan to react, she headed toward the direction of the study.


Inside the General Estate’s study, an old and gray-haired man had an expressionless face while he sat on the chair. He looked at the white-clothed girl standing in front of him with a solemn expression.

The standing Yun Luofeng lazily yawned. She had already entered this study for half an hour. But in this half an hour, General Yun Luo said nothing and just expressionlessly continued to look at her. Seeing General Yun Luo's lack of speech, Yun Luofeng, of course, wouldn’t speak first.

Finally, General Yun Luo could not hold in his anger and sternly asked with a heavy expression on his old face, "I heard that you recently had some publicly indecent conduct. Shouldn’t you explain yourself to me?"

"What kind of explanation do you want?" She lightly laughed, "If you choose to believe the rumor from outside rather than your granddaughter, then what you heard is what happened, I have no need to explain."


General Yun Luo slapped the desk with a bang, causing the desk to break in two from its force. The desk was nobly sacrificed from the old man's anger.

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