Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 2014 - Conspiracy Exposed (2)

Chapter 2014: Conspiracy Exposed (2)

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So, ignoring those murderous looks, she continued, “But do you think Master’s seal could be found so easily?”

“Who but Master knows where his seal is?”

The crowd all paused. They were so overwhelmed by anger that they didn’t think about it. Even though a few of them didn’t feel right, they were finally subordinate to the majority.

Lang Xinyue suddenly issued an aggressive aura and turned the surrounding air depressing. “Yun Yueqing, don’t use these lame arguments. How can you prove that the seal was given to you by Master?”

Bai Ling stared at Lang Xinyue coldly and asked expressionlessly, “Firstly, I didn’t say I had the seal in my hand. Why are you sure the seal is in my hand?”

“That’s because you stole it. Since Leader died and I’ve broken through to the monarch god level, I’ll naturally be the leader of the Freedom Union. Hand over the thing you stole. It should belong to me!”

Lang Xinyue gnashed her teeth. I was also Master’s disciple. Why did Master give the seal to Yun Yueqing? Why did he treat Yun Yueqing so specially?

Bai Ling ignored Lang Xinyue and turned her eyes to the elders present.

“Didn’t you know what I did for the Freedom Union over the last dozen years? How did Master treat me? And how did I treat Master? Were you blind? Now, just because of Lang Xinyue’s words, you’ve convicted me? You really let me down!”

The elders were speechless and none of them said a word.

Bai Ling sneered, “Besides, the army of the four kingdoms has reached the city gate. Do you really think Lang Xinyue, the fake monarch-god level spirit cultivator, can resist them?”

“No, you’re wrong. She’ll only drag the Freedom Union down to hell with her! I still have some feelings for the Freedom Union. I thought that if you were willing to help me get Lang Xinyue, I would ask them to forgive the Freedom Union.”

“Unfortunately, I came too late, and you had already passed on your strength to her…”

How could Bai Ling, the favorite disciple of the old leader, not know about his secret techniques? Seeing the powerless heavenly lightning, she knew Lang Xinyue was just a fake monarch-god level spirit cultivator!

Seeing the old men keep silent, Bai Ling went on, “Yes, Master’s seal is really in my hand! But Master secretly gave it to me on his deathbed. If you don’t believe it, I can show it to you now!”

Lang Xinyue frowned, but she wasn’t worried. Anyway, Yun Yueqing could no longer pose any threat to her.

Ignoring Lang Xinyue, Bai Ling took a seal out of her pocket and injected power into the seal. As she did this, a voice suddenly rang inside the seal.

“I, Shen Luo, the leader of the Freedom of Union, hereby appoint my disciple, Yun Yueqing, as my successor. From now on, all members of the Freedom Union shall obey her orders and guard her forever!”

No sooner had the voice fallen than tears began to flow down from some old men’s face.

“It’s the voice of the old leader. It’s the old leader…”

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