Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 2081 - Death of Qin Yuan (1)

Chapter 2081: Death of Qin Yuan (1)

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In a deep valley.

Mu Qingfei sat aloofly on a rock. When she saw a man coming from behind, a gleam of resentment flickered across her cold and clear eyes.

“Why did you come here again?”

“Fei’er,” Qin Yuan’s eyes were affectionate as always. No matter how cold she was to him, he couldn’t be angry with her. “I just miss you, so I came to see you, and… I wanted to tell you…”

He hesitated but still said, “My Father has called in many strong masters and is going to kill Yun Luofeng. Your daughter was deceived by Yun Luofeng and stayed with her. It is dangerous for her if she keeps staying with her. If you’d like, I can bring her here and let you reunite.”

Mu Qingfei snorted, “What’s good about her staying here? Being locked up here for the rest of her life? Besides, I won’t believe a single word you say.”

Qin Yuan’s face changed. He couldn’t help but reach out and press his hand on Mu Qingfei’s shoulder. His eyes were full of pain.

“Why do you treat me like this? It’s been over twenty years, and I can’t thaw your heart yet? Is your heart made of stone? You can’t see what I’ve done for you?” Qin Yuan was almost roaring and his eyes were bloodshot. Perhaps he felt Mu Qingfei’s breath change and his face softened. “Fei’er, my father has a lot of children. I did so many bad things because I wanted to gain his favor. I want to give you a high status so that no one dares to despise you.”

Mu Qingfei coldly cast a sideways glance at Qin Yuan, “Status? You think I need this? I just want to stay away from the struggle and live happily with my beloved man.”

Qin Yuan froze for a moment. Didn’t women all like power and status? He tried so hard because he wanted to give her a good life. Why did she refuse to accept his love?

“Fei’er, if you really don’t like here, I can take you away. Let’s find a good place and live a peaceful life together.”

Qin Yuan was determined that if Mu Qingfei wanted to leave, he would give up everything and be with her, provided that she allowed him to do so.

If Mu Qingfei wasn’t beside him, then what was the use of all the power and status that he strived for?

“Qin Yuan, don’t you understand me?” Mu Qingfei flicked her sleeves and stood up, looking cold and impassive, “I said I wanted to live a peaceful life with my beloved man, but not you! I will never fall in love with you, never ever. You put me under house arrest in order to get me. Do you think you can get me by doing this?”

“I tell you, I’d rather die than become your wife!”

I’d rather die than become your wife!

Qin Yuan felt as if he was hit on the head by a big stick and he almost fell to the ground. His face turned pale and he slightly staggered, as if he would fall down at any moment.

“Fei’er, I gave you my heart, but you trampled it!” Qin Yuan became furious. He pressed hard on Mu Qingfei’s shoulder and shouted, “If I really wanted to force you, you would have already become my wife! It’s only because I respect you that you can live here safe and sound!”

“However, no matter how much I do for you, you aren’t moved. Then why should I still put up with you? I tell you, today I’ll take you anyway!”

When that, Qin Yuan pulled Mu Qingfei fiercely into his arms and tore her clothes.

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