Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 24: The Excited Elder Rong

Chapter 24: The Excited Elder Rong

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Just when the blue robed man walked by the wall filled with papers of questions, he suddenly stopped his steps.

His pair of eyes stared wide open, trembling as he reached out his hand to take one piece of paper.

"There’s actually someone who answered the Man Luo poison? No way, I have to hurry up and find Elder Rong. Only Elder Rong knows if the answer is true or fake."

At the moment, the blue robed man could not to accommodate Gao Shaochen; he hastily ran to the Medical Pavilion’s inner hall.

Inside the inner hall.

Elder Rong, whom Shopkeeper Lin said wasn’t here, was slowly, without care, sipping the tea in his hands. His old face was covered with anxiety, while in front of him stood a middle-aged man.

Compared to the old man’s anxiety, this middle-aged man’s face was extremely respectful.

"Still no one has yet written out the detoxification method for Man Luo poison?"

Elder Rong placed the cup in his hand down, gently sighing.

"Elder Rong," the middle-aged man pondered for a moment and replied, "Even the most powerful physicians of our Medical Pavilion have no idea. I’m afraid that other people also do not understand the detoxification method for the Man Luo flower’s poison.

Elder Rong bitterly laughed, "I just want to try. If nobody could answer it, I do not blame you. It’s just that I overestimated the physicians in Long Yuan."

When this was said, a burst of hurried footsteps resounded outside the door, and then the room’s door was suddenly pushed open.

The middle-aged man frowned and coldly looked at the blue robed man who pushed the door to enter: "Lin Xiao, Elder Rong and I are discussing things, who allowed you to disturb us? Still not hurrying to leave."

Lin Xiao was completely startled and anxiously went down to his knees. "Lord Murong, your subordinate saw that someone has filled out the way to detoxify Man Luo flower’s poison. This is why I hurriedly came to report. Asking Lord to forgive my crime."


This time without waiting for the middle-aged man to open his mouth, Elder Rong who was initially sitting and sipping tea suddenly stood up; His breath had quickened a bit.

"What did you just say? Did someone really write the way of detoxifying the Man Luo flower? Quick! Quickly give that piece of paper to me!"

"Yes, Elder Rong."

Lin Xiao respectfully placed the paper in his hand, and his heart became excited along with Elder Rong’s movements.

Elder Rong held his breath, the hand holding the paper trembled: "That’s right, this is the Man Luo flower detoxification method! Our previous research methods and the one she wrote is only one step different. No wonder we all failed, we just missed one step. It can’t do, I have to meet this mysterious person. Lin Xiao, you will immediately find out the physician who answered this question! She is very important to our Medical Pavilion! "

"As you command!" Lin Xiao again cupped his hands into fist and stood up from the ground. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something and asked, "That’s right, Elder Rong, that Mu prime minister manor’s Mu Wushuang came again to see you. I do not know if Elder Rong..."

Not waiting for Lin Xiao to continue speaking, Elder Rong interrupted him with impatient frown.

"Is she the one who answered this question? If not, make her scram!"


Lin Xiao’s mouth twitched a bit, but still respectfully replied.

He understands, that right now there’s nothing more important to Elder Rong than the matter of detoxification of the Man Luo poison.

Yun Luofeng never thought that because she left a few scribbles on a whim, this would cause a great sensation in the Medical Pavilion! And that this also led to the Medical Pavilion to collectively move out in order to find her … …

If she knew that it would lead to such consequences earlier, she absolutely would not have left these few scribbles.

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