Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 26: The Whole Family is Shameless

Chapter 26: The Whole Family is Shameless

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"Of course master, the reason why I ask you take him home with you is because with him beside you, your cultivation will be quicker, also… if you can do pair cultivation, then it will quicken your breakthrough, master, quickly bring him home to do pair cultivation."

Pair cultivation?

Yun Luofeng’s mouth twitched, completely speechless, never thought that there’s something like pair cultivation in this mainland.

"Master, quickly bring him home ah! Right now he’s unconscious due to injuries, after you take him back with you, tie him up, and every night do pair cultivation, I promise you that you will breakthrough very quickly."


Yun Luofeng was even more speechless why did she feel that after seeing this man, Xiao Mo is more agitated than she is?

Could it be that Xiao Mo fancy him?

"Forget it," Yun Luofeng shook her head." I have no interest in kidnapping, the day isn’t young, I should return!"

That’s right, to Yun Luofeng, Xiao Mo’s actions is no different from kidnapping.

However, before leaving, Yun Luofeng took out the needle she just bought along the way, to pause this man’s internal injuries, then took out the herbs the Medical Pavilion gift to her, chewed and feed it to him.

After doing that, she turned around to walk out the lane.

"Alright, I already help him delay his condition, just for the fact that he have spiritual entity constitution, whether he can live, have to look at his good luck. I don’t want the trouble of going to buy treatment herbs again."

"That can’t do, Master, you have to bring him back with you, don’t go, master…"

Within her mind, was Xiao Mo’s non-stop anxious cry, in order to not let the guy continuously chatter so noisy, Yun Luofeng just cut their link.

Finally, it’s quiet...

In the mighty and serious palace main hall, a male in a yellow royal robe sitting on the royal seat up high. He gazed down at the non-stop crying in despair General Yun, felt a non-stop headache as he rubbed his forehead.

General Yun’s face full of sorrow and suffering, as if Yun Luofeng really meet some kind of accident/misfortune.

"If it weren’t not for our Yun family’s guard being so loyalty and dedicated, having the courage to risk offending Mu Family and save my granddaughter, my granddaughter would have already been ruined by that beast’s claws, I beg your Majesty ‘to call the shot'(literal)/ ‘for justice'(the meaning)."

Mu Xingchou just entered the main hall, had not yet had the time to speak being wronged, and hear General Yun’s shameless words, nearly vomit out his old blood.

"General Yun, you vicious slanderer! You Yun Family not only beaten and injured my grandson, but also come blackmail me, now dare evil report first(meaning-the villain sues his victim before he himself is prosecuted.)

Yun Luo glanced at him, then harrumphed: "Our Yun Family took legitimate action (for safety of public), if Mu Shen didn’t reach his demon claws on my granddaughter first, would he get beaten? This matter, you Prime Minister manor was at fault first, if you gave us an explanation, then I would have kindly let it go!"

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