Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 4: Yun Family's Eldest Miss (4)

Chapter 4: Yun Family's Eldest Miss (4)

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The study's secret door opened, and a man in a wheelchair slowly moved over to Yun Luo's side.

This was an elegant and refined-looking man. His features had a touch of sadness. His skin was very pale and white—the kind of sickly white where it looked like he could collapse at any moment. Seeing him would make other people feel pity. Unfortunately, this elegant yet indifferent man happened to be sitting in a wheelchair; sickly and physically disabled, making it seem like that he couldn't endure any heavy burdens.

"Father, you left when she was four, so you don't know the humiliations she suffered over the years. And I, as her uncle, had no way to stand out to defend or protect her, causing her to become what she is today: an indifferent young woman."

The man's voice was like sweet spring water, incredibly refreshing.

But, if other people were here and heard how this man addressed Yun Luo, they would be in shock.

Everyone knew that the great General Yun Luo only had two sons. In the past, one son was more talented than the other. The Yun family's second young master, Yun Qingya. When he was only fifteen years old, he had already reached the pinnacle of the middle-level spirit cultivator and was just one step away from breaking through to high-level spirit cultivator.

It was known that within Longyuan, there were only two high-level spirit cultivators, one was the great General Yun Luo, and the other was the imperial family's expert.

But it took both of them forty years to finally manage to pass the high-level spirit cultivator bottleneck.

And yet, back then, Yun Qingya was only fifteen years old!

Becoming a middle-level, peak-rank spirit cultivator at the age of 12 was a matter that would make people very proud. However, the past Yun Qingya, who achieved his ambition at a young age, seemed to forget that the tree that stands out in the forest, the wind will definitely destroy it 1 .

In the middle of a competition, he defeated his opponent and attracted the wrath of the opponent's family. In the end, he fell from the top of a mountain. No one would have imagined that the supposedly dead Yun Qingya was actually still alive!

"Qingya, you have also suffered these past years." Yun Luo laughed bitterly; guilt laced his voice as he said, "If it weren't for the Yun Family, you wouldn't be hiding. That power is too strong. If they knew you still lived, they definitely wouldn't let you off and also wouldn't forgive the Yun Family."

Yun Qingya lowered his gaze slightly, hiding eyes which were filled with sadness. He said with an indifferent, calm tone: "Even if I live, so what? The way I am now is no different from being dead. My strength was wasted, I can only pull through with this disabled body and sneakily live. My own niece suffers humiliation outside, and I couldn't step out to help her. If it was a decade ago, even if you and I weren't home, nobody would have dared hurt Little Feng'er. But now, for the sake of the Yun Family, I can't let anyone know that I'm still alive."

That year, when he was chased by the force that wanted to kill him, he dragged his heavily injured body away and escaped. Not even a day later, the news of his death was spread, but that force didn't believe he died; so they would send people every day to observe the Yun Family. In the end, he hid in the secret chamber. Once hidden, he hid for a little over a decade.

Living in the darkness without light for a little over ten years did not help his illness. It only made it worse.

What left him in even more despair was that, when he was escaping from his pursuers, his Soul Realm was destroyed. His strength disappeared, and he could no longer cultivate.

If it wasn't because father already lost Brother and he could not bear to let his father bury his own child again, then maybe, he would have ended his suffering long ago and left this world.

"Qingya," hearing Yun Qingya's words, Yun Luo was silent for a moment before saying, "even if the news that you live can't be known outside, little Feng'er is still your niece. Now that she has grown up, it is time to let her know about your, her uncle's, existence."

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