Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 15: Fiancé’s body is delicate and frail, how to protect him, very urgent!

Chapter 15: Fiancé’s body is delicate and frail, how to protect him, very urgent!

Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Translator: Aeryn

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Chapter 15

Lately, Xi Jia noticed that Master Ye……was a bit strange.

On the first day of living together, when he got up, he could still see Ye Jingzhi, and the two shared a meal. But after the first day, no matter how early he got up every morning, the apartment was always empty. There was still warm food left on the table, the apartment was also swept clean, but not even Ye Jingzhi’s shadow could be seen.

Ye Jingzhi only returned at night. The entire day, he would be outside catching ghosts. The level of dedication could be rated as a model worker.

This wasn’t considered strange, after all, Xi Jia and Master Ye weren’t very close. Two unfamiliar people living under the same roof could be a little uncomfortable. Therefore, you might as well go out and not meet to prevent awkwardness. But during the evening when Master Ye needed to recite for the relic, this kind of strangeness became even more strange.

Just like before, the two sat on the small porch of the bay window. Xi Jia didn’t think too much. He took off the relic from around his neck, directly reached out his hand, and looked at Ye Jingzhi: Hold hands, recite the incantation.

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

After waiting for a long time, Master Ye still hadn’t moved. Xi Jia wrinkled his brows in confusion, and couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye?”

The bright moonlight illuminated the apartment from the windows, casting onto their bodies. The man pursed his thin lips. His handsome and cold appearance remained indifferent, but the tip of his ears became a bit red. When Xi Jia asked again, Ye Jingzhi finally answered in a low voice, “No…no need to hold hands. You can just hold it in your palm. I’ll immediately recite the incantation for you.”

Xi Jia was astonished, “Didn’t you say yesterday that you need to put the relic in our palms, joined together, so it’s convenient to perform the incantation?”

Ye Jingzhi said in a definite tone, “I made a mistake.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Just what is wrong with the people of the Xuanxue world!

Xi Jia subconsciously thought that Master Ye definitely didn’t make a mistake yesterday. Yet this time, he especially observed the other person carefully. Master Ye had his eyes closed tightly, his index finger was pressed against his lip, and he chanting the incantation softly. Same like yesterday, the golden runes entered the relic in his palm. But this time, there’s sweat faintly dripping from Master Ye’s forehead. His face didn’t look too good either.

On the first day, it only took half an hour to complete the incantation. But on the second day, Master Ye used no less than an hour before he completed the incantation.

On the third day, Ye Jingzhi returned at night as before. The two of them sat at the bay window again. Ye Jingzhi closed his eyes and prepared to recite. Just when he closed his eyes, a warm hand held his hand.

Ye Jingzhi was startled and opened his eyes. He saw Xi Jia pulling his hand and set it in his own palm. Their two hands overlapped. The little relic was placed in between their palms, giving off a cool feeling.

The splendid, bright moonlight shined on his body. Xi Jia raised his lips, his voice carrying a smile, “Master Ye, isn’t it faster to hold hands while chanting…will you also feel a bit easier? I’m fine. If this way is better, I think it’s alright.”

Ye Jingzhi’s eyes slightly widened. The little black mole in the depths of his right eye became even more profound and unfathomable. In front of the youthful smile and warmth, he felt the held hands transmit a burning temperature. After a long time, he heard himself say, “Okay.”

The black clothed Celestial Master earnestly and carefully recited the incantation. The black haired young man was listening at the side.

In actuality, Xi Jia completely couldn’t understand what Ye Jingzhi was reciting. He recognized all of the words, but when they’re put together, it caused confusion. During this half hour of incantation, Xi Jia would look at the scenery outside the window for a bit, thought about the scenes he would need to shoot in a couple days for a bit, and looked at Master Ye in front of him for a bit.

At this moment, Xi Jia had a lot of time to observe the legendary Hell King Ye.

Ye Jingzhi seemed to wear black often. Like this, it actually kind of made him look like a King of Hell. But he’s actually very handsome with eyebrows sharp like a sword, eyes dazzling like stars, high nose, and thin lips. If he was in the entertainment industry, he could be placed at the very top. But he always appeared to be ice-cold with few words. If you didn’t take the initiative to talk to him, he wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to you.

If it’s like this, he seemed more like a cold faced King of Hell.

After finishing the blessing, Ye Jingzhi patiently warned him, “Right now, the relic still can’t completely display its effect. The malicious spirits could still find you. When I go out in the daytime, you should take Wu Xiang Qing Li. If there’s a really high leveled evil spirit that finds you, Wu Xiang Qing Li can protect you. You don’t have to be afraid.”

Xi Jia was slightly stunned, “Afraid?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “En, don’t be afraid. Your yin energy is too strong. For malicious spirits, it is a great supplement that will allow it to increase their power. I’m not always at home during the daytime. If a malicious spirit really comes, let Wu Xiang Qing Li stall it for a while. I will come back quickly, and it will also protect you.”

To the side, Wu Xiang Qing Li was currently playing a “pounce on a butterfly” game with Song Song. After hearing these words, it hurriedly flew over, and shook around in front of Xi Jia, extremely proud of itself.

In the evening, the two returned to their respective rooms. Xi Jia looked at the familiar bronze die, and couldn’t help but laugh, “Master Ye is letting you protect me.”

Wu Xiang Qing Li randomly flew up and down as if it’s saying: That’s right, that’s right, I’ll protect you!

Xi Jia laughed out loud, “It’s still my first time being protected, and protected from people…En…from the hands of malicious spirits?”

Of course Xi Jia didn’t know that next door, the still cold Hell King Ye that was just mentioned opened WeChat the moment he returned to the room. He found one of his three good friends: 【 Do you have any magic weapons that could cover yin energy? I want to buy some more barrier arrays and magic scrolls. 】

The eldest disciple of Tian Gong Pavilion who saw this message: 【 ……who’s this little bastard using an illusion to send me a WeChat message. It actually looks quite lifelike. But, how could Ye Jingzhi want to buy these kind of little things. Can you recite the Basics of Illusions clearly? Water flows down, the sun rises from the east, and it’s impossible for Ye Jingzhi to buy these kind of things. Things that violate the natural laws cannot appear in an illusion, don’t you know? 】

After a minute, Ye Jingzhi: 【 It’s me. What you have now, I’ll buy it all. 】

Tian Gong Pavilion’s eldest disciple: 【@%@$%@#$!#~!!!】

After buying a big pile of magic weapons and treasures, Ye Jingzhi finally relaxed a little.

Future wife…Future husband’s body is delicate and frail, and doesn’t know any magic techniques. It’s also easy to provoke evil ghosts. It’s really urgent, ah!

And thus, Xi Jia received a pile of strange small objects the next day. A tiny little bell made from white jade, two quaint scrolls, and a box full of various “small toys.” The strangest thing was the Eight Trigrams mirror that was the size of the palm. This Eight Trigrams mirror was made of bronze, and the mirror couldn’t reflect a person’s image.

Ye Jingzhi explained, “The Big Dipper Eight Trigrams Mirror is used to reflect ghosts.”

Xi Jia suddenly understood, “Magic Revealing Mirror?”1

Ye Jingzhi was stunned, “……En, pretty much.”

Ye Jingzhi quickly put all these things into Xi Jia’s arms, and seriously said, “These magic weapons could help you deal with ordinary malicious ghosts. If you really do see a malicious ghost, there’s Wu Xiang Qing Li, you don’t need to be afraid.”

Xi Jia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Thank you, Master Ye. I am really……um, not afraid.”

After receiving so many small magic treasures, Xi Jia felt even more apologetic, and really wanted to give Ye Jingzhi money. But he heard from Pei Yu that these magic treasures couldn’t be bought by using money, they must use points to exchange. Xi Jia thought for a long time. He could only cook a table of good food for Master Ye and invite the Xuanxue world’s moral model for a meal.

When Ye Jingzhi returned at night and saw the table of food, he was quite surprised. After hearing Xi Jia explain, he shook his head, “I have a lot of points. So many points that you can spend it as you wish. Even by spending it freely, it won’t get depleted.”

Xi Jia was promptly shocked in place.

Is your Xuanxue world’s moral model already “moral” to the point of giving money to others to freely spend?!!!

After a few days, Xi Jia went to Hengdian to shoot a ghost movie, and still had a bit part role. When Chen Tao saw him, he gave a thumbs up the moment he came over, and exclaimed, “Brother Jia, I haven’t seen you for a few days. Did you win the lottery or rob a bank? Isn’t this jade a white mutton fat jade? This little copper ball…..oh my god, it looks like an antique! Eh? It can move?”

Wu Xiang Qing Li resentfully shook off Chen Tao’s hand, and squeezed into Xi Jia’s collar.

Unperturbed, Xi Jia said, “You saw wrong. It’s all fake, 5 yuan from a street stall.”

When Wu Xiang Qing Li heard this, it unhappily rolled around in Xi Jia’s clothes.

Xi Jia pulled his zipper higher. He looked at Chen Tao and said, “When is it my turn to shoot? The last bus is 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I’m in a hurry.”

Chen Tao helplessly spread out his hand, “You have a total of 5 scenes, so rest assured. This time, Director Wang actually recommended you to shoot this drama. This drama’s director seems to be in Director Wang’s circle. You understand, people with a lot of silly money. They came to the entertainment circle to play, and gave each actor a lot of pay.”

It took a whole day to finish filming all the scenes. At 5 pm, Xi Jia sat on the bus to go back to S City.

The pleasant country scenery of the Jiangnan waterways flashed past the window. In the sky, the pitter patter of light rain fell. In his pocket, his phone vibrated, and Xi Jia opened it.

【 Ye Jingzhi: Are you still coming back for dinner tonight? 】

Suddenly realizing that there’s still someone waiting to eat at home, Xi Jia’s was a little stunned, and looked at it foolishly for a long time before he replied: 【 Probably won’t be able to catch up. It’ll probably be very late when I get back home. 】

Master Ye’s words were indeed not many. He only replied with one word, “Okay,” and didn’t say much.

He slept on the bus for a while. Then, Xi Jia received a call. The phone number was very unfamiliar, but the area code was actually from his hometown. He was startled awake, and quickly answered the call, “Hello, I’m Xi Jia……Aunt?”2

“Yeah, Little Jia, I’m your Third Aunt! You don’t remember? When you were little, I even attended your 1 month banquet3……Yeah yeah, it’s not a big deal. Aren’t you now in S City? Your cousin found a job in S City, but her landlord said she could only move in next month.4 There’s only a few days left of this month, and she wants to stay at your place for a while, do you think it’s convenient?”

Xi Jia slightly frowned, and didn’t utter a sound.

This relative was said to be his aunt, but was a very distant relative. She was Xi Jia’s dad’s cousin’s cousin’s wife, and had no blood relation to Xi Jia. However in fact, any relative who had a blood relationship with him weren’t likely to call him either. They would avoid him like a great scourge…….

Staying at his place for a few days wasn’t a big deal, but Master Ye’s already at his home. Moreover, the cousin was a big girl……

Xi Jia lightly said, “Aunt, cousin is a girl, wouldn’t it be inconvenient to stay at my home?”

Aunt repeatedly said, “We’ll be sending your cousin off together, and stay in S City for a few days. Really, thank you, Little Jia. We aren’t familiar with S City. It’s very good that there’s a relative around!”

The matter was settled just like this.

Ye Jingzhi didn’t really communicate with people, but in fact, Xi Jia was also not good at this kind of thing at all. Especially with relatives. Ever since he was small, except for his father, those relatives have never said anything to him.

Originally, Xi Jia thought that the aunt’s intention was to take advantage of his convenience. It might be very troublesome, but he wasn’t worried. Who from his hometown didn’t know that he was the bearer of bad luck? If you stayed with him long enough, you would get bad luck, or even fall sick. At most, they would only stay up to a few days. If this aunt really wouldn’t leave, he wouldn’t mind taking off the relic and Wu Xiang Qing Li, and let these relatives also have a taste of yin energy.

However this time, once Xi Jia opened the door after his aunt’s family came from faraway to S City, they gave Xi Jia a large pile of things.

The honest looking middle-aged woman was endlessly grateful, “Little Jia, really, thank you so much. Staying at a hotel is very expensive. My family’s husband asked a lot people from our hometown, they all won’t let us stay. Take these eggs, they’re all laid from our family’s chickens. They just laid yesterday, and it’s still warm. Also, these sausages are homemade, you take and eat them. We’ll stay here for a few days and then leave next month. Next month, we can move into the apartment that Xiao Juan has rented.”

Xi Jia subconsciously looked outside the door, and saw a pretty and magnanimous girl nodding towards him. She warmly said, “Really, thank you very much, Cousin.5 When grand-uncle passed away last year, we’ve met, do you still remember?”

Xi Jia looked at the unfamiliar yet familiar young woman for a good while, and lightly smiled, “Remember. Cousin can really play games.”

The magnanimous girl quickly shook her head and helped her parents move the stuff inside. She said, “That was all before. Thank you very much this time, Cousin.”

Next, the girl diligently helped her parents move the things, cleaned the apartment, and started to cook.

Just like every optimistic and carefree girl, she was filial and was also took care of various things for Xi Jia. However, looking at the other’s busy figure, Xi Jia slowly wrinkled his brows. After thinking for a while, he couldn’t help but shake his head, “……really is a woman that would change quickly?”6

Two years ago, because grandpa passed away, Xi Jia had no choice but to return to that place and saw a few relatives.

At that time, he was a fourth-year in university. The Mt. Tai stone’s ability to cover the yin energy was somewhat weak. Those relatives ran away once they saw him, including this cousin’s entire family.

Xi Jia remembered clearly. At that time, this cousin wore thick glasses. Obviously, they came to attend a funeral, but she made a beeline to the main room, carried a computer, and wouldn’t let go of it. The food was delivered to her by her parents. The soup was a bit hot, a rain of curses fell on them by their daughter in front of relatives, and caused them to lose face.

And when he met this cousin, the other person hardly covered up her dislike, and directly asked, “You’re in college? What’re you studying? Know how to play games?”

Xi Jia answered, “Computer Science, but I don’t really play games.”

With her hair messy like weeds, his cousin’s hands never stopped playing the game, and said with disdain, “Nerd.”

After two years, things have really changed with the passage of time. He never expected that even this cousin would have such a huge change.

As he was thinking, Xi Jia suddenly heard the door opening. He turned to look and saw Ye Jingzhi opening the door. Seeing so many people, Ye Jingzhi was slightly stunned in place, and Xi Jia explained with a smile, “Master Ye, my relatives came to S City, and needs to stay here for a few days.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded lightly.

The cousin already brought the fragrant braised fish over, and quickly called out, “Cousin, and….also this little brother, quickly come eat. Whatever you like to eat, just say it. Thank you for your care for these days.”

Xi Jia nodded while smiling. He suddenly felt that getting along with relatives didn’t seem to be very difficult?

When it was time to sleep at night, he suddenly remembered what he had forgotten.

Xi Jia, “……Master Ye, how about sleeping together with me?”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

The Author has something to say:

Mirror: My future husband’s body is delicate and frail. It’s easy for ghosts to target, I must protect him well!

The delicate and frail C+: …… #MasterYeSeemsNotNormalSomewhere# #HeEvenLetMeFreelySpendHisMoney# #WhatToDoWaitingOnlineUrgent#

Translator’s Notes: Yes, Xi Jia me too. I have no clue about the chants too.

1 照妖镜 magic revealing mirror: a mirror that could reveal monsters, I believe it’s from the Journey to the West. ↵

2 表婶 aunt: wife of father’s younger cousin. ↵

3 满月酒 1 month banquet: a celebration for the baby reaching 1 month old. ↵

4 表姐 Cousin: female older cousin. ↵

5 表弟 Cousin: male younger cousin. ↵

6 女大十八变 a woman changes quickly: idiom, lit a girl changes 18 times before adulthood, fig a woman is very different from when she was little or a woman changes very quickly before adulthood. But this cousin’s older, so I got rid of the adulthood part. ↵

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