Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 16: Sharing a bed~ (同床共枕~ Fig. means to be married *cough*)

Chapter 16: Sharing a bed~ (同床共枕~ Fig. means to be married *cough*)

Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Translator: Aeryn

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Chapter 16

Although it was close to April, it was still a bit chilly in S City.

Xi Jia took out a quilt from the cabinet, and started to make the bed.

This time, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi slept in the master bedroom. The aunt and uncle slept in the guest room. The cousin slept in the living room, reluctantly using the camp bed for a night. Originally Xi Jia didn’t particularly want a lady to sleep in the living room, but his aunt’s family wouldn’t let him and Ye Jingzhi sleep in the living room, saying, “Little Jia, we already feel very sorry for letting us stay here, how could we let you sleep in the living room?”

Xi Jia declined, but the situation could only settle like this.

Putting the blanket on the bed neatly, Xi Jia carefully arranged the corners. In the room, Ye Jingzhi looked around quietly.

This was Ye Jingzhi’s first time being in Xi Jia’s room. The decor was simple and ordinary. There was very few furniture: a 1.8 meter double bed, a wide desk, and a wall-mounted TV with a thin layer of dust. It was obvious that the owner of the room rarely watched TV. There were various computer science books placed on the bookshelf next to the TV. After opening the French windows, there’s a balcony. You could see the tranquil and deep Jingdu Lake under the moonlight in the distance.

It turns out his room’s like this……

Ye Jingzhi couldn’t help but steal a few more glances.

“Master Ye, do you like a buckwheat or a down pillow?”

Ye Jingzhi immediately withdrew his line of sight, calmly turned his head, and said in a low voice, “Buck…buckwheat pillow.”

Xi Jia didn’t raise his head as he took a pillow out from the closet and put it on the bed. He said, “I’ll go see the situation on aunt’s side first. Master Ye, you can go to sleep first. I’ll come back very quickly.”

Five minutes later, Xi Jia returned to the master bedroom. When he entered, he saw Master Ye still standing next to the bed. Standing straight, and not sleeping at all.

Xi Jia was surprised, “Master Ye?”

The tip of Ye Jingzhi’s ears became red. It took a long time for him to say a sentence, “I’m not tired.”

Xi Jia already changed into pajamas. Looking at Ye Jingzhi’s not knowing what to do kind of appearance, he gradually recalled the quilt that the other had never touched before. He remembered this person cleaning the apartment as well as the scenes of him cooking and washing the dishes. Pei Yu said before that he lived by himself since he was six. His peers in the Xuanxue world didn’t care much about him……

His lips curled into a warm smile, Xi Jia directly climbed onto the bed, and patted the quilt, “Then, Master Ye, how about we chat?”

Like this, Ye Jingzhi muddle-headedly climbed onto the bed.

It’s just simply going to bed.

Two people, one person per quilt, even the fingers wouldn’t even touch.

A 1.8m bed could perfectly hold two grown men. Xi Jia was not a good talker himself, but he could only be forced to talk when encountering Ye Jingzhi who was even worse at talking. He started a topic and asked about some things regarding the Xuanxue world. Every time he asked, Ye Jingzhi would return a sentence. Although he wouldn’t speak frankly, if there’s a question, there’s an answer.

In the end, Xi Jia also ran out of topics. He suddenly remembered Pei Yu once talking about Hell King Ye’s legendary achievement, “Master Ye, I heard that four years ago, the Hell Gate of Fengdu opened. Just you alone, you killed nearly 10,000 malicious ghosts?”

Ye Jingzhi’s low magnetic voice sounded more pleasant during the night. He patiently answered, “Four years ago, it was the yin year of Hehu that could only be seen once in a hundred years. In the middle of the seventh month, the Hell Gate opened. Tianji School’s Senior Zhuzhao calculated that hundreds of ghosts would rush out that year. The younger generation’s responsibility was to keep guard at the Hell Gate of Fengdu. It could be considered learning through experience. However, Senior Zhuzhao miscalculated the severity of the Hell Gate that year. There was actually 100,000 evil spirits coming out from the Hell Gate. At that time, only the younger generation was near Fengdu. The seniors all rushed over after receiving the news.”

“En…There’s only you guys then……”

“Yes. At that time, Fellow Daoist Nan Yi still hadn’t perfected the 6th level of the Zi Wei Xing Technique. The other fellow daoists were also still young. Fengdu’s barrier was about to collapse. I could only rush into the Hell Gate with Wu Xiang Qing Li to buy some time for the seniors.”


“Fortunately, not long after, the seniors arrived at Fengdu and prevented the disaster of many ghosts breaking through Fengdu. Actually, I didn’t kill 10,000 evil ghosts, only 8,000……”

The voice suddenly stopped. Ye Jingzhi lowered his head, and saw that the young man that was just asking questions had already fallen asleep with his eyes closed.

The faint rhythmic sounds of breathing filled the room. Ye Jingzhi held his breath, not daring to speak again. He was nervous and at a loss. He didn’t know whether he should lie down, or honestly stay still in case Xi Jia would wake up if he moved.

Like this, he was at a standstill for ten minutes. Xi Jia unexpectedly lightly groaned, both hands stretching out from his quilt. The quilt that was carefully covering him flipped over, exposing half of his body to the air. Ye Jingzhi’s expression froze as he very carefully and gently put the quilt back in place.

The quilt once again covered the body of the young black-haired man, and it didn’t wake him up. Ye Jingzhi let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Who would’ve thought that after only three minutes, the young person with extremely bad sleeping posture once again carefreely kicked off the quilt.

Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes, quickly pulled the quilt, and covered him again.

Just like this, back and forth, and tossing until 1am, the youth officially fell into the state of deep sleep. His sleeping posture became a little bit more stable. At this time, Ye Jingzhi had been anxiously sweating.

Need to gently cover the quilt, definitely can’t wake him up. Definitely must not not cover the quilt. Right now, the weather is still cold. What if he catches a cold?

Four years ago, when he rushed into the Hell Gate of Fengdu, using his life to stall for time and slaughtered 8,461 evil spirits, Hell King Ye was calm and unafraid of death. At that time, Ye Jingzhi didn’t break a sweat. It was only that the evil ghosts’ rich and unscattered yin energy was unwilling to wrap around his entire body.

Right now, his forehead was covered with sweat.

However this time, Xi Jia was only well-behaved for two hours, and started to flail again. As if facing a great enemy, Ye Jingzhi was even more nervous than meeting an evil spirit with 100 years of experience. He quickly fixed the quilt, slightly fearing that he would feel cold. But the covered arm and leg stuck out again. Once the leg was covered, the quilt was kicked open again!

When morning came, Xi Jia opened his eyes. For the first time, he discovered that he unexpectedly slept well-behaved on the pillow, didn’t flip 180° and end up sleeping at the end of the bed. At this moment, there’s no figure of Ye Jingzhi on the bed, and Xi Jia pondered for a moment, “Could it be that I knew that Master Ye was next to me, so I slept very well-behaved?” En, must be like this, most certainly.

When Xi Jia woke up, Ye Jingzhi was already out hunting ghosts.

Cousin Xiao Juan gave him a bowl of hot congee. Xi Jia and his cousin’s family chatted while eating breakfast. After breakfast, his cousin washed the bowl very diligently. Then she took her parents strolling around S City while conveniently also buying furniture to be moved into the rented apartment in a few days.

When it was night, Ye Jingzhi came back at night. Xi Jia was surprised, “Master Ye, was the malicious ghost…very powerful today?”

Ye Jingzhi’s face didn’t look too good. Undoubtedly, with his current power, even if he didn’t sleep for a month and go out every night to catch ghosts, it wouldn’t have caused him to have a faint layer of dark circles under his eyes.

——Covering Brother Jia with a quilt was much more challenging than ghost hunting.

Ye Jingzhi heard Xi Jia’s words, but he seemed to suddenly think of something, “Right, this time, the evil ghost is somewhat powerful. For a few days, I won’t be coming back to sleep at night. I’ll chant for you first, then I’ll head out again in a while to kill that malicious ghost.”

Xi Jia was startled.

How powerful could this malicious ghost be that even Master Ye would say that it’s powerful?!

Without saying much more, Ye Jingzhi began to recite for Xi Jia. At night, Xi Jia hugged the quilt as he started to ponder. Since he came to S City for so many years, he hadn’t seen too many powerful ghosts. Could it be that the ghost recently appeared?

Of course Xi Jia didn’t know that starting tonight, S City’s malicious ghosts encountered eight generations of bad luck, and started to get wiped out one by one.

Wu Xiang Qing Li was still being worn by Xi Jia. However, dealing with these smaller demons, when did Hell King Ye ever needed a magic weapon? He directly used two fingers, pressed close together, and the malicious ghosts’ soul would be scattered once he pointed. After a few days, the main streets of S City would be completely empty at night. Not even a single wandering ghost could be seen. It’s even more clean than the capital enveloped by the aura of the dragon.1

When the black clothed King of Hell reaped the malicious ghosts and exorcised the evil spirits, in a high grade neighborhood near Jingdu Lake, an elegantly pretty young man hugged the quilt, and started to roll around with his extremely bad sleeping posture.

Xi Jia’s arm lifted and stuck out of the quit. This time, there’s no one patiently covering the quilt for him. But, a yellow colored little paper person suddenly appeared and diligently climbed up from the bottom of the bed. Its paper-thin little legs climbed onto Xi Jia’s quilt with difficulty, and then used its thin paper arm to cover Xi Jia with the quilt.

Once the arm was covered, Xi Jia’s left leg swung and landed on top of the quilt.

The little paper person quickly ran to the end of the bed, and pulled the quilt again. Once it finished covering the quilt and gasped for breath, Xi Jia completely turned his body, pressing the quilt underneath.

The little paper person stayed in place as if it didn’t know what to do. It foolishly looked for a long time before it once again went to pull out the quilt from underneath Xi Jia bit by bit. Perhaps this time the movement was too big, the bronze die around Xi Jia’s neck suddenly started to sway happily.

Wu Xiang Qing Li wanted to curiously look at this little paper person, but was tied to a string around Xi Jia’s neck. Wu Xiang Qing Li struggled hard to break free. When it finally broke the string and flew towards the little paper person, Xi Jia sleepily captured it, and frowned, “Wu Xiang Qing Li?”

Wu Xiang Qing Li awkwardly flailed. Xi Jia looked at it in confusion, and then tied it back onto the string.

Since he’s already awake, Xi Jia put on some slippers and went to the kitchen to find some water to drink. He never noticed that when he woke up, a yellow little paper person rapidly flew to a leg of the bed, and nervously pressed up against it. Only until Xi Jia left the room did it relax and fly back to the bottom of the bed.

Just waking up from a dream, Xi Jia passed through the living room, and walked towards the kitchen.

The living room was silent, the air was still, and it was so calm as if there wasn’t a single person.

Walking up to the entrance of the kitchen, Xi Jia pressed the light switch, but discovered that the kitchen lights seemed to be broken, and couldn’t be turned on. He tried a few more times, but the lights remained unlit. In the end, he mouthed a sentence, “Tomorrow, need to change the lightbulb.” Then, he groped around in the dark for the kettle and a cup, and started to pour water.

The “gulu gulu” sounds of water lightly echoed in the kitchen. Since who knows when, the clock in the living room started moving and making sounds again. The jet-black color of the night enveloped the entire apartment. Xi Jia slowly poured the water, and raised the cup. Once he raised his head, he saw that the mirror in front of him reflected a figure wearing a white dress.

His heart suddenly tightened. Xi Jia held onto the cup, and calmly looked at the person standing behind him.

The person walked out of the darkness, step by step. The delicate and pretty face during the daytime, now became somewhat stiff and rigid for some reason. Cousin Xiao Juan slowly curved the corners of her mouth. Her voice sounded like a machine, without any fluctuations in tone, “Cousin, did you come out to drink water?”

Xi Jia silently looked at her. After a long time, he turned around and smiled, “En, I was a bit thirsty…also a bit hot.” Saying this, Xi Jia unhurriedly took off Wu Xiang Qing Li that was around his neck, and slightly smiled while looking at the young woman in front.

Xiao Juan nodded, “Then, cousin, sleep early.”

“Okay, cousin.”

Xiao Juan turned to leave. The white long dress slowly faded away into the deep night. Xi Jia’s smile also gradually disappeared.

Wu Xiang Qing Li was extremely dissatisfied with how Xi Jia removed it again; however, Xi Jia ignored it this time. He carefully still kept his gaze on his cousin’s back. In his eyes, the woman in the white dress didn’t have a strand of black qi. Only her gait was a bit slow.

There weren’t any evil ghosts, or any yin energy.

“……Was I wrong?”

After drinking the cup of water, Xi Jia returned to his room. He thought for bit, and slowly fell asleep again.

And in the living room, the clock on the wall suddenly stopped moving again. In the noiselessly silent living room, lying on the camp bed, the eyes of the young women dressed in white widened as she tightly stared at the ceiling. Her zombie like face was deathly pale, and devoid of the color.

The Author has something to say:

Mirror: Wife’s sleeping posture isn’t good. What if he feels cold, really worried, ah!

Translator’s Notes:

1 龙气 Aura of a dragon – usually refers to the aura/qi of the emperor. ↵

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