Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 17: What are you?

Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Chapter 17

The next morning, Xi Jia left his room, and distantly saw Cousin Xiao Juan being busy in the kitchen.

Still wearing a white dress covering her whole body, the youthful girl tied her hair in a high ponytail, and was very busy. When she turned and saw Xi Jia, she quickly asked, “Little Jia, do you eat green onions?”

Xi Jia nodded, and his cousin turned back to continue cooking noodles.

Walking to the entrance of the kitchen, Xi Jia reached to press the light switch. With a “click,” the bright lights immediately appeared. He then turned off the switch, pressed the switch on again and repeated it back and forth. The kitchen lights lit up perfectly each time. It seems that last night’s failure to turn on the lights was just a dream.

However, Xi Jia looked down at the cup on the table and knew clearly that it wasn’t a dream.

After breakfast, his cousin’s family still needed to go out to buy goods. Before heading out, Cousin Xiao Juan crouched on the floor with both hands holding up Third Aunt’s calf and lightly kneading. While massaging, she asked, “Mom, is it here? Does it feel a bit better?”

Third Aunt happily shook her head, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Juan, you don’t have to massage anymore. Mom was just a bit tired from walking yesterday. Today’s still fine.”

The pretty young lady seriously said, “Mom, I’m fine. How about you don’t head out today, and carefully rest.” In the end, Third Aunt stubbornly accompanied her daughter to buy things. Thus, Xiao Juan could only carefully help her massage her calf muscles.

The young daughter half crouched on the floor and massaged for her elderly mother. In this generation, this kind of filial child was truly very rarely seen. Xi Jia stood on the side and quietly watched until his aunt’s family went out.

Not long after they left, Xi Jia also went out to do something. When he returned, it was already dusk. When he entered, he saw Master Ye.

Xi Jia was slightly stunned, and quietly called out, “Master Ye?”

The two rarely saw each other these past few days.

Master Ye didn’t learn well, and stayed out all day and all night. Everyday, he only returned when it’s time to recite the incantations. Seeing Xi Jia, he immediately turned his line of sight and answered in a low voice.

Without wasting time, the two once again held hands and started to recite. After finishing the incantation, Ye Jingzhi retrieved his hand at the fastest speed, and went straight towards the front door. It seems he’s heading out to capture ghosts again. Xi Jia subconsciously asked, “Master Ye, are you also not coming back tonight?”

Ye Jingzhi’s footsteps paused, “En, S City’s malicious ghosts……there’s a bit much.”

Xi Jia slightly frowned, but didn’t say anymore.

After Ye Jingzhi truly left, hearing the elevator making a “ding dong” sound, Xi Jia suddenly remembered something. He grabbed his coat and went out. Rushing into the neighborhood’s garden, he saw Ye Jingzhi’s back. He shouted “Master Ye” twice, but the other party completely didn’t hear. Xi Jia subconsciously rushed forward, and grabbed the other person’s hand.

Ye Jingzhi’s five fingers gathered together, and was about to send a palm to hit behind him when he saw that the arriving person was Xi Jia. He widened his eyes and quickly retracted his hand.

Xi Jia pulled Master Ye’s hand, saying, “It’s like this, Master Ye, I have something I forgot to tell you.”

Ye Jingzhi looked down at the hand that was holding his own. Hearing these words, his eyes shined, somewhat pleasantly surprised and astonishingly looked up at Xi Jia.

From the start, Xi Jia didn’t pay attention to his actions, and continued talk, “It’s like this. Yesterday night, you weren’t home. In the middle of the night, I woke up and went to the kitchen to get some water, and felt……something wasn’t right. I could see ghosts since I was little, so last night, I took off Wu Xiang Qing Li and the relic to take a look at my cousin.”

The expectation in his eyes suddenly became fruitless, Ye Jingzhi silently lowered his eyes, looking at the youth holding his own hand. In his voice, there was a trace of disappointment that was hard to tell, “She’s not a ghost.”

Xi Jia didn’t sense it, and nodded, “Yes, she’s indeed not a ghost.” If she’s really a ghost, in that case, when Cousin Xiao Juan first entered through the door that day, he and Ye Jingzhi would’ve already seen that the other party was a ghost. However, Xi Jia said, “Master Ye, but I really feel that something’s not right somewhere……”

His voice suddenly stopped, Xi Jia’s expression became stern, and turned to look at the girl in white walking towards himself and Ye Jingzhi.

Ye Jingzhi also turned to look at the girl in white. The girl had her head lowered. Her hair was a chaotic mess like a lump of weeds. Like this, she silently looked and walked straight towards them. Right when she’s about to walk in front of them, Ye Jingzhi lowered his eyes, and his right foot stamped down.


A breeze spread from his feet, and the weeds in the garden were blown backwards. The white clothed female also suddenly raised her head, a pale and bloodless face expressionlessly looked at the two of them. But not long after, she turned her body, and walked in a different direction.

Ye Jingzhi, “Only a wandering soul, that’s all.”

Xi Jia said, “I heard Pei Yu say before, besides malicious ghosts, these wandering ghosts in the world are divided into two types: wandering souls and wild ghosts. Wandering souls usually will stay in the world for a day or two, and then reincarnate after. Wild ghosts will stay in the world until they realize that they are dead, or they will settle a wish and then reincarnate. Master Ye, how can you tell that the female ghost was a wandering soul or a wild ghost?”

Talking about these kind of things, Ye Jingzhi was not as shy as before. He answered with an unperturbed expression and the air of a great master that Charlatan Pei strived hard for, “On the body of the female ghost just now, the life energy is still very strong, and ought to have died not long ago. It’s impossible to judge if she’s a wandering soul or wild ghost, but wandering souls staying in the mortal world is ten times more likely than wild ghosts. It’s not very often that there’s a wild ghost.”

Xi Jia lightly nodded. Once he lowered his head, he suddenly realized he was actually still holding Master Ye’s hand; therefore, he let go in a hurry.

The hand that was held suddenly was let go. Ye Jingzhi slowly looked down, looked absent-mindedly at it for a while, merely hearing Xi Jia say, “Actually, when I went out this morning, I also saw this female ghost at the foot of this building. Most likely is a wandering soul that just died recently.”

Both of them talked for a moment, and Ye Jingzhi still left first. On one hand, since the aunt’s family still hadn’t come back yet, even if he went back now, he would wait in vain. On the other hand, Ye Jingzhi really did find a 300 year wild ghost on the other side of S City. Although it’s not a malicious ghost, with its profound ability, he must go in person.

Besides this, he also bought a lot of magic treasures to protect Xi Jia. Even if he ran into a real malicious ghost, they could all be used to delay for a while until he came back. Furthermore, Wu Xiang Qing Li was also always worn by Xi Jia. If it really didn’t work……

Ye Jingzhi sternly said, “If it really doesn’t work, it’s also okay if you throw it.” Raising a finger, he pointed at Wu Xiang Qing Li that was hanging around Xi Jia’s neck

Xi Jia stared blankly, and nodded his head with a strange look.

Waiting until Ye Jingzhi really left, Xi Jia cupped the bronze die, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Even your master would let me throw you……”

Feeling wronged, Wu Xiang Qing Li immediately squeezed into Xi Jia’s clothes, and started to shake in tears.

With this out, the haze from last night was also swept clean. Not long after Xi Jia returned home, his aunt’s family also came back. This time, the couple bought a lot of ingredients. They said that they would personally cook, letting Xi Jia have a taste, and thank him for letting them stay here.

Third Aunt gratefully held his hand, and repeatedly said, “Little Jia, we’ll move to your cousin’s house the day after tomorrow. Thank you so much these two days.”

Xi Jia shook his head while smiling, “It’s no problem, Aunt, it’s only a small matter.” When others were good to him, he also didn’t mind being good to them.

Where would the honest Third Aunt listen to Xi Jia’s words? She called out to her daughter, “Juan, you happen to have to be free, quickly help Little Jia clean the apartment. These two days, we’ve been staying here, and made their apartment all dirty.”

Xi Jia wanted to stop them, but Cousin Xiao Juan already picked up the broom and began to clean. After she cleaned the living room, she directly entered Xi Jia’s room. Upon seeing this, Xi Jia quickly said, “Cousin, you don’t need to clean my room, really it’s okay!”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Xi Jia entered his room. He saw this cousin of his curiously holding a small copper mirror, carefully observing it, “Cousin, this mirror looks very unique, but the glass is actually not very clean. The reflection’s too blurry, can’t even see the face clearly.”

Xi Jia paused in his footsteps, staring helplessly at the Big Dipper Eight Trigrams Mirror in his cousin’s hands.

Cousin Xiao Juan smiled and looked up, “I’ll help you wipe it clean, so you can see your face.” Picking up a cleaning rag, she started to wipe the mirror. The diligent girl wiped each corner attentively, and then handed the mirror over to Xi Jia. Her smiling expression on her face was very warm, “Take a look, can this reflect clearly now?”

Xi Jia took the mirror and looked down. He calmly looked at the Big Dipper Eight Trigrams Mirror’s surface. There’s only the reflection of the room’s furniture. There’s no reflection of anyone.

After looking for a moment, Xi Jia raised his head and looked at his cousin. This 20-some years old cousin, diligent and warm hearted, helped him sweep and mop the floor seriously. The dust in the corners were even wiped clean using the cleaning rag. When she started cleaning the bookshelf, she even used the rag to try and wipe the tiny gap between the bookshelf and the wall.

Xi Jia didn’t stop her anymore, and only watched indifferently.

However this time, Cousin Xiao Juan wiped halfway and suddenly stopped moving. She stiffly stayed in her bent position of wiping the bookshelf for a very long time. Then, she slowly lifted her back, turned her head, and looked at Xi Jia. Her fair and pretty face showed a strange smile as she waved a yellow colored little paper person. Her voice carried a smiling expression, however, hearing it was incomparably sinister, “Cousin Xiao Jia, when did you……start playing with papercutting?”1

Looking at the little paper person, Xi Jia’s eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment, but he didn’t reply.

Cousin Xiao Juan lightly laughed. Her five fingers slightly spread, and rolled the little paper person into a paper ball bit by bit. The little paper person was still struggling in her palm at first, but after it was completely squeezed into a paper ball, the little paper person finally lost its breath.

On the other end of S City, Ye Jingzhi was currently negotiating with that 300 year wild ghost, and setting a Mt. Lian contract.

Mt. Lian in exchange, thus a deed was formed. Jurisprudence as a boundary, thou shalt not pass beyond the dried lake.

However, right when he was about to sign his name on the virtual contract using the golden rays of light from his two pressed fingers, he suddenly ceased his actions.

Upon seeing this, the cunning wild ghost cackled, “Little kid, you don’t want to sign anymore? This old ghost doesn’t want to sign either!”

Ye Jingzhi’s expression became cold. Immediately, a golden light hit the old ghost’s body. The old ghost’s anger skyrocketed, but hadn’t had the time to attack when the gaze of the young Celestial Master, who had been indifferent and calm this whole time, suddenly became cold. Staring at it, he said one word and one phrase at a time, “If you dare to harm human life, I, Ye Jingzhi, will make you to go down to the Eighteen Layers of Hell, and suffer the pain of being burned by the raging inferno!”

Once this was said, Ye Jingzhi turned his body to leave and quickly disappeared over the horizon, no longer caring about the Mt. Lian contract.

The old ghost looked at the deed for Mt. Lian floating in the air. After a long time, it covered its burned cheek that got hit, and muttered in a low voice, “If this old ghost wants to harm people, then that would be malicious and evil ghosts. If I am a 300 year malicious ghost, can you, this little brat, still hurt me with one finger? Young people nowadays, don’t even know how to respect the old and cherish the young……”

At this time, in a high grade neighborhood next to Jingdu Lake.

Bang bang bang!

After a series of sounds of light bulbs breaking, the entire neighborhood suddenly fell into darkness.

There’s someone loudly complaining, “Why didn’t Power Supply Bureau notify about the power cut, this is crazy, I want to file a complaint!”

Nobody noticed that within one of the apartments, all the lights were broken. It wasn’t as simple as a mere power cut.

In the kitchen, his aunt and uncle who were just cooking suddenly disappeared without a trace. In the living room, the clock that hung on the wall stopped at 19:32 (7:32 pm), and no longer moved.

Xi Jia coldly looked at the young woman in white in front of him. After seeing the little paper person get crushed into a ball by her, it suddenly bursts into flames. Golden flames burned in Cousin Xiao Juan’s right hand, but she simply didn’t know pain, and let the ball of fire burn into ashes.

The two looked at each other.

After a long time, Cousin Xiao Juan lightly laughed. Her jet-black eyeballs seemed to have been immersed in ice water, giving off a penetrating coldness that was enough to frighten people.

“I never thought that my cousin, besides having a bit of a strong yin energy……is also a Celestial Master.”

Xi Jia indifferently said, “Am I your cousin?”

Xiao Juan smiled even more happily, “Cousin, you are my cousin.”

Xi Jia turned his eyes and glanced at the magic treasures that were placed on the desk. Before, he didn’t care in the slightest about these gadgets, so he casually just placed them on the desk. Who would’ve thought that today, this cousin would find out.

“The person that I saw two years ago should be my cousin. But what are you……I don’t know.”

“I am your cousin, Cousin Xiao Jia.”

Xi Jia coldly looked at it.

Cousin Xiao Juan smiled for a long time before it suddenly stamped its foot. A dark wind rose up from the ground, blowing its long hair away.

“I am your cousin! Look, I am your cousin!”

Xi Jia stepped forward. He only took one step, however, he saw all the magic treasures being swiped from the desk to the floor by that thing’s long hair. Xi Jia never walked in that direction. Upon seeing this, he was slightly stunned. He heard that thing giggling, “Without magic weapons, Cousin Xiao Jia……What should you do?”

Xi Jia, “……”

After a moment, he stroked Wu Xiang Qing Li that was endlessly agitated around his neck, and took it off, “I won’t throw you. You go find Song Song, and protect it. It’s definitely scared and hid its head in the cat litter. That’s too dirty, you go drag it out.”

Wu Xiang Qing Li froze for a bit before happily flying away in the end.

Originally, Cousin Xiao Juan suddenly tensed up when it saw Wu Xiang Qing Li. It never thought that Xi Jia still carried another magic weapon. It was even a magic weapon that had an extremely strong baleful aura, and made it feel danger. But seeing that Xi Jia actually let the magic weapon leave, it immediately began to laugh at this young Celestial Master’s stupidity.

“Cousin Xiao Jia, your cousin really regrets it. Why do I need to stay at your place, why……or else, you could still live a few more years……”

The sinister laughter constantly echoed throughout the room. The young woman in a white dress laughed loudly. All of a sudden! Its hair sharply rose. Each hair was like a sharp sword, mixed with the strong, black evil energy as they rushed towards Xi Jia.

Xi Jia flexed his fingers as a blood red aura wrapped around them.

The girl’s sharp laughter was like fingernails on a chalkboard, ear-piercing and unpleasant to hear. The laughter only sounded for a moment before it suddenly stopped.

In the deep darkness, the pretty and refined black-haired young man grabbed the hair that was piercing towards him. The black yin energy frantically tried to rush towards him; however halfway, it seemed to have encountered something extremely frightening. The black yin energy was instead swallowed up by the blood colored aura.

On Cousin Xiao Juan’s stiff face was a pair of pitch-black eyes with no whiteness. It intently stared at the young man that grabbed a hold of its hair. One of his hands was pulling its hair while the other hand was in the air as it gently clenched into a fist.

The cracking sounds of friction between the flesh and bones sounded throughout the quiet apartment.

The elegant and delicate young man tilted his head, and said with a slight smile, “You’re not a ghost, then what are you? I’m curious about this question. If you tell me, your cousin will spare your life, and won’t hit you……What do you think?”

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Cousin: I’mintroubleI’mintroubleI’mintrouble QAQ!

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Translator’s Notes:

1 小嘉表弟 Cousin Xiao Jia – I’ve been translating most suffixes and prefixes into English (except for daoist honorifics). I didn’t expect both an affectionate prefix and a suffix. Since I feel that saying Cousin Little Jia or Little Cousin Jia is a little awkward…Xiao Jia it is. Contemplating on changing all the other mentions of Little Jia into Xiao Jia. Thoughts? ↵

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