Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 18.2: Compared to evil spirits, perhaps human hearts are scarier

Chapter 18.2: Compared to evil spirits, perhaps human hearts are scarier

Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Chapter 18 Part 2

Ye Jingzhi and Xi Jia walked to the front of Xiao Juan, hearing him indifferently explain, “These seven talismans were written using my blood, it’s very effective for suppressing malicious ghosts and evil spirits. Evil spirits are not the same as ghosts, but it is actually a type of life form created from evil and yin energy. Before, we couldn’t see the yin energy on its body was because evil spirits could conceal yin energy.”

Xi Jia saw ghosts for twenty-some years, but this was his first time hearing about evil spirits. He asked, “Are evil spirits and ghosts related?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “It can’t be completely considered as related, but it is certainly linked. Ghosts could form yin energy, but in this world, evil and yin energy are not necessarily needed for ghosts to take shape. The malice and evil in the depths of human hearts sometimes could take shape, and could have yin energy even more powerful than a thousand year malicious ghost. On Earth, the most evil really aren’t malicious ghosts, but rather people’s hearts. The evil from the depths of human hearts could develop into evil spirits. And this evil spirit is called a doppelgänger.”

Old people often said that in this world, there would be someone who looked exactly the same as you. They would be the same size as you, with the same appearance, and similar voices and habits. When they encounter you, they would use whatever methods in order to kill you. Afterwards, they would become you, replace you, and live your life. They’re your doppelgänger.

Ye Jingzhi continued, “Doppelgängers don’t actually really look like you, but it will get close to you. Doppelgängers will look for the most suitable host in this world and to enter your life afterwards. You will notice after each day, it will look more and more like you. Your friends and family will frequently mistaken you guys. Until one day, it will completely replace you and occupy your body. When no one else in the world will think that you are you, you will lose your meaning to exist, lose to the doppelgänger, and you will no longer exist.”

Xi Jia managed to understand, “Occupying the body of a host. So you mean, although Cousin Xiao Juan is an evil spirit, this body is actually her own?”

“Yes.” Ye Jingzhi thought for a bit, and said, “At present, those that believe in ghosts and monsters are very few. The people’s livelihoods are well-off, interpersonal relationships are frequent, and doppelgängers have a hard time taking over a host’s body. Ten years ago, I saw a doppelgänger, but it failed and didn’t replace the host. In the end, it disappeared. This is the first time I saw a doppelgänger that succeeded.”

Xi Jia lowered his head to look at Xiao Juan lying at the corner. At this moment, it was already not looking at Xi Jia, and buried its face in the darkness. He didn’t know what it’s thinking.

After a long time, Xi Jia said in a calm voice, “I think, I might know why it could occupy Cousin Xiao Juan’s body.”

After ten minutes, Xi Jia found the passed out couple in the second bedroom. Due to Ye Jingzhi’s spell, the two of them were awakened. Once Aunt was awake and saw her daughter lying in the corner, she quickly jumped forward and immediately tore away the yellow talismans stuck on Xiao Juan’s body.

Xi Jia wrinkled his brows and wanted to stop it, but saw that Xiao Juan didn’t run after recovering its ability to move. On the contrary, it helped Aunt get up, and quietly calmed her down.

Seeing this scene, Xi Jia’s throat became a bit rough, and didn’t know what he should say.

Ye Jingzhi walked forward a step, “You should know that it isn’t your daughter.”

Aunt’s body stiffened, then immediately raised her head to scream at Ye Jingzhi, “Nonsense! What is wrong with you, why would you say Juan isn’t my daughter? My Juan is already hurt like this, and bled so much blood. Go! Mom will take you to the hospital to take a look. Little Jia, if you don’t like us staying here, you can find this old woman to talk. Why did you treat your cousin like this, and even say your cousin isn’t my daughter!”

Xi Jia lightly sighed, “Aunt, you really don’t know?”

Third Aunt’s eyes became red and said in a loud voice, “We won’t stay here anymore! Old man, Juan, we’re leaving!” Saying this, she pulled her own family’s daughter and headed for the front door. Uncle was also following behind them.

At this time, Ye Jingzhi’s clear cold voice sounded, “What if your daughter still hadn’t died?”

The three people’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

In the pitch-black room, the three of them were like statues, standing and not moving at the doorway. After a long time, Third Aunt tugged Xiao Juan’s hand and continued to walk out. However, uncle pulled her arm, and a rough and honest voice sounded, “He said, our daughter……hadn’t died……”

Third Aunt forcefully got rid of her husband’s hand, “You stinking old man, what nonsense are you spouting! Isn’t our daughter right here? Our Juan is right here! She’s always been right here, always always been……”

Third Aunt slowly stopped her sobbing cries. After yet another long time, she lifted her foot and wanted to leave, but that foot felt like a thousand catties.1 No matter how, she wasn’t able to move further. At her side, Xiao Juan silently looked on, and saw Third Aunt seemingly using all of her body’s strength and then bringing her leg back down.

She turned around. With a wrinkled face full of tears, she looked at Ye Jingzhi, and softly asked, “Juan really……isn’t dead?”


Xiao Juan suddenly attacked towards the aunt and uncle. Ye Jingzhi flicked his finger, and Xiao Juan was simply knocked down by an invisible force and flew towards the wall. The sounds of bones shattering could be heard. When the married couple saw this scene, they bitterly cried and wanted to run over to see their daughter’s condition; however, Xiao Juan’s pair of eyes were a deep red as it madly snarled and attacked them.

Ye Jingzhi extracted another talisman and pasted it onto Xiao Juan’s forehead. This time, it no longer moved again.

In the living room, Wu Xiang Qing Li brought Song Song running over to Xi Jia. The bronze die proudly fluttered all over the place as if waiting to be praised. Xi Jia reached out to tap it, then quietly said a phrase, “You’re the best.” Only then did it satisfyingly flew into Xi Jia’s pocket.

Cat litter was sprinkled all over Song Song’s head. It wanted to jump into Xi Jia’s arms, but Xi Jia avoided it and pulled it down. Song Song felt wronged as it circled around Xi Jia. Only then did Xi Jia helplessly held the little black kitten in his arms. Turning around afterwards, he started to hear his aunt tell a common story.

“Before, her dad and I didn’t want to give our family’s farm contract to someone else. So we’re always busy with work, wholeheartedly help her go to school, but never cared for her well. Only after she dropped out of college did we feel that something was wrong. But at that time, we already couldn’t manage her anymore……”

A mother hung her head low as she wiped her tears, spitting out the sadness of these past years.

“Juan grew up. She said words that we didn’t understand, but she went to school, and she learned to read. The townsfolk all said she also knows computers and will have great prospects in the future. The things afterwards, Little Jia, you also know. Juan stayed at home for several years, and won’t go out to find a job.”

With each spoken sentence, Third Aunt couldn’t help but turn to look at the daughter that was trapped in the corner. However, the daughter didn’t give them a single glance.

Third Aunt wiped her tears, and continued, “We’re also afraid. What if one day we died, what will happen to her? Who will cook food and wash clothes for her? Will she starve to death? So one year ago, her dad and I sold the farm, went to town, bought a store-front house, and planned on doing a small business. After we’re gone, Juan could stay at home and do business. At least this way……this way she won’t starve to death. Half a year ago, we planned to rent out a room on the second floor. Later……we encountered that girl.”

Half a year ago, in a distant mountain village, a young, shy girl knocked on his aunt’s family’s front door, and asked with a smile, “Excuse me……are you the ones renting out a room here?”

To be able to rent the room to a young girl that seemed very amiable was of course the best thing. The couple considered, and on the same day, the room was rented out. They, who grew up in the mountain village, also didn’t know how to handle any contracts, and only asked for rent each month.

This young girl’s name was also Xiao Juan, and looked exceedingly similar to their daughter. With a careful look, she also looked a bit similar, and Aunt even thought it was fate. Their daughter locked herself in the house every day and night, never willing to go out. This young girl would often help with work and accompany them.

In the morning, Third Aunt would bring noodles to her daughter’s room, but spilled it. “So hot, old hag, are you trying to burn me to death?!”

At noon, Aunt intended to wash clothes, but unexpectedly saw that the girl already washed their clothes.

Aunt hurriedly ran over, “Xiao Juan, this is unacceptable, how could you help me wash my clothes?”

The young and delicate Xiao Juan wiped the sweat from her forehead, and smiled brilliantly, “It’s nothing, Aunt. I also need to wash clothes myself, might as well wash it together, it’s good.”

Since then, Aunt liked this Xiao Juan more.

They both were Xiao Juan. Everyday, her Xiao Juan would berate, hit, and yell at them. After dropping out of college, she stayed at home, and who knew what she did with the computer everyday. And this Xiao Juan would talk to them and help them with work. When they’re tired, she would help knead their shoulders and massage their legs.

As time went by, the neighbors all praised their Juan for being sensible, and said that they could live at ease in the future. Aunt and Uncle also didn’t refute. They gradually became somewhat dazed. This Juan looked more and more like their own daughter. Was this their own daughter……

“If Xiao Juan was my daughter, how great would that be……”

Third Aunt naturally knew that her husband was talking about this Xiao Juan and not their own biological daughter. But she didn’t speak up. Instead, a little voice in her heart was thinking: If Xiao Juan really was their daughter, then how many lifetimes of good fortune do they have to cultivate……

Then one day, Xiao Juan went out of the room. Xiao Juan left.

The one who went out of the room was their biological daughter. The one who left and was no longer renting was that Xiao Juan.

Their Juan became better and better, taking the initiative to do housework, look after the store, and even found a job in S City and would go to a major city.

“She really is very good, especially especially good, really……especially good……” Third Aunt became choked with sobs as she talked, tears incessantly pouring out from her eyes.

In the quiet apartment, only Aunt’s and Uncle’s muffled cries could be heard. After a long time, a faint voice sounded from the corner, “Why did you guys figure out……that I wasn’t your daughter?”

Third Aunt’s cries suddenly stopped. She didn’t dare turn to glance at that daughter, and could only continuously wipe her tears.

Ye Jingzhi’s low voice said, “Doppelgängers need to occupy other people’s bodies and live other people’s lives. It needs to make everyone believe that it is that person. Because your neighboring friends all think it is your daughter, and even you yourselves also think so, only then could it take over your daughter’s body.”

Uncle asked, “My daughter really isn’t dead?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Deep in your heart, you know that this isn’t your daughter. In fact, it hasn’t obtained everyone’s recognition. If you also believe in its lies, then your daughter will immediately reincarnate. But because you don’t believe, your daughter has actually been following beside you this entire time, carrying a strand of vitality, and became a wandering ghost.”

Xi Jia widened his eyes and looked at Ye Jingzhi as if suddenly understanding something.

Ye Jingzhi’s fingers changed rapidly, and golden rays of light flashed at his fingertips. He exhaled in a low voice, “Soul Return!”

Slowly, a white figure slowly drifted through the door.

The silly and foolish young girl in a white dress with a head of messy weeds looked at the ground with a lowered head, walking forward in a daze. Seeing this ghostly girl, the evil spirit on the floor constantly struggled. This was precisely the female ghost that Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi saw during the daytime in the neighborhood’s garden!

The moment Third Aunt saw the female ghost’s face, she was shocked, “This……It’s Xiao Juan! It’s that Xiao Juan!”

A doppelgänger occupied your body, and took over your life. Henceforth, it was you, and you were it.

Ye Jingzhi said, “She’s not that Xiao Juan. She is your daughter. Because you guys didn’t believe her, she wandered around nearby this whole time. She didn’t reincarnate because your convictions bounded her. Right now, there’s still enough time. Because you are her parents, by using your blood, I can help you draw back her soul to her body, then she will be able to wake up.”

The evil spirit trapped in the corner struggled with all its might, creating banging sounds against the wall.

Ye Jingzhi turned a deaf ear, and immediately prepared for the two to change souls. But, Xi Jia stopped him.

“Master Ye, if you cast the spell to swap the soul, what will happen to Xiao Juan? What will happen to the evil spirit Xiao Juan? If you don’t cast the spell and let this go, what will happen?”

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1 1000 catties/jin = 1,322.8 lbs or 600 kgs. ↵

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