Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 18.3: Compared to evil spirits, perhaps human hearts are scarier

Chapter 18.3: Compared to evil spirits, perhaps human hearts are scarier

Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Translator: Aeryn

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Chapter 18 Part 3

Ye Jingzhi answered immediately without taking the time to think, “If the current situation is maintained and without the spell, the real Xiao Juan will reincarnate once enough time has passed. After all, she has already been driven out of her body. Even if she’s bound by her parents’ beliefs, it will only last for a short period of time, and can’t be bound for a lifetime. If they switched souls, she requires half a year to replenish the yang energy, and will return to normal after. As for the evil spirit, the soul will fly away and scatter.”

After listening to everything, Xi Jia lightly nodded. He stepped forward and looked at the married couple whose faces were already streaming with tears. After looking for a long time, he seriously said, “Aunt, Uncle, you heard the words that Master Ye just said. If the souls don’t switch, the real Xiao Juan will reincarnate, and the daughter you have now will continue to accompany you. If the souls switch, the real Xiao Juan will come back, and the evil spirit will scatter. Have you guys thought over properly on what you want to do?”

The cornered evil spirit struggled even harder, and the entire apartment shook.

The time passed extremely slowly as if every minute was like a year. Just as Aunt and Uncle held hands and said the sentence “We want our daughter back” after, the evil spirit suddenly froze.

Xi Jia nodded his head. Ye Jingzhi immediately waved his hand, making the evil spirit come over.

The evil spirit and Xiao Juan’s soul stood together, shoulder to shoulder. The couple didn’t dare to turn around to look at it. This entire time, they didn’t overstep the boundaries, hid their faces, and cried. The evil spirit’s gaze was fixed on the couple the entire time. It was hard to tell if there was more hatred or more despair in its pitch-black eyes.

In order to cast the spell to swap the soul, the talisman that was suppressing the evil spirit naturally needed to be taken off.

This time, the evil spirit didn’t struggle after Ye Jingzhi took off the talisman. It remained standing there, coldly looking at the old couple. After a good while, a cold voice asked, “I only have two questions. One, why did you know that I’m not your daughter?”

The couple’s bodies trembled, but didn’t answer.

The evil spirit coldly laughed, “Even if I died, you won’t even let me die knowing?”

Aunt’s face was completely covered in tears as she slowly turned around, “Xiao Juan, you……you’re too good, you’re really too good. You’re so good, how could you be our daughter, how is it possible……”

A look of astonishment flashed across its deathly pale face. The evil spirit split open the corners of its mouth and laughed as if its crying, “It turns out that being too good was also my fault?……My second question, why choose her and not me!? Since I was so good, I only wanted to be a human, I only want to be an ordinary person. I’m filial towards you, I won’t pour hot water on you, won’t hit you, yell that you are an old beast at you, or ask you to go die earlier. Why her and not me?!”

Aunt’s answer was short but powerful, “Because you’re not our daughter!”

The evil spirit was stunned in place, and no longer made any sounds.

Ye Jingzhi started to chant the spell. The clear and unclouded voice softly echoed throughout the room, accompanied by the couple’s muffled cries. Golden runes flew out from Ye Jingzhi’s mouth. Half of them flew to Xiao Juan’s soul which made the emotions in her eyes more clear. The other half flew to the evil spirit, causing black qi to pour out from the top of the evil spirit’s head.

Aunt and Uncle made a cut on their hands and fed the fresh blood into Xiao Juan’s lips.

“Heavenly Lord Ling Bao, console the figure. Disciple’s soul, five visceras, deep and mysterious. Azure Dragon, White Tiger, contrary to each other; Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, serve and protect, I’m real. Urgently, by order of law!”1

The head of a fierce golden tiger impressively appeared above Xiao Juan’s head. The fierce tiger roared and rushed towards Xiao Juan, biting hard. It didn’t bite Xiao Juan’s body, but dragged out a trace of black evil energy. The evil spirit howled in pain, but it was unable to resist the golden tiger as it devoured it into its stomach.

Before the last of the black qi was eaten by the fierce tiger, the evil spirit used Xiao Juan’s body to desperately look at the couple with sorrow, look at the people it once called mom and dad. With a trembling voice, it smiled while saying, “Mom, I originally said that tonight I’ll help you massage your legs……I really only wanted to be a person, to be the most ordinary person, how great would that be……”

Aunt couldn’t hold it anymore and cried, “Xiao Juan!”


The black qi completely dissipated, the golden tiger disappeared, and Xiao Juan’s body also closed its eyes.

The couple cried on each other’s shoulders.

Ye Jingzhi raised his hand and drew a golden rune in the air. He made the rune hit Xiao Juan’s body. Immediately, a string of blood rushed forth from Xiao Juan’s body and wrapped up the young woman’s soul. The parents’ blood became a thread, pulling the girl’s soul towards her own body bit by bit. The instant the soul completely merged, Xiao Juan once again opened her eyes.

The moment she opened her eyes, she bellowed, “Fuck, it hurts! It hurts to death!” When she raised her head, she saw her parents not far away. Her face was full of anger.

Next, Xi Jia stood to the side, watching the girl who was hurt all over exhaust all the dirty vocabulary she could think of, reprimanding her own parents. The couple immediately rushed over to hug their daughter.

Because Xiao Juan’s injuries were indeed very heavy (due to being beaten by Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi separately beforehand), the couple immediately sent their daughter to the hospital. Before leaving, Xi Jia also heard his real cousin continuously curse and berate her parents, “What the hell happened? You two undying old people, quickly explain clearly, or else I’ll cut you guys!”

The ambulance took the cousin away. Xi Jia softly exhaled a breath and gently stroked Song Song’s head.

Song Song didn’t know what happened at all. It rubbed against Xi Jia’s palm and meowed coquettishly a couple times.

Xi Jia looked down at Song Song’s dark eyes. After a long time, he lightly laughed, “That evil spirit possessed someone else’s body. It’s indeed wrong, but there’s no law to judge that kind of situation, restrict or control. This time, only Aunt and Uncle was qualified to choose. This was their choice, we have no right to meddle. Moreover, as long as its their choice, whatever choice they make, it’s all correct.”

Ye Jingzhi’s deep and low voice sounded next to him, “The evil spirits are born from yin and evil energy, and their name is derived from it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re more evil than human hearts.”

Xi Jia turned to look at him. Their lines of sight collided in midair.

Song Song completely didn’t understand what it heard. It only squinted its eyes, and happily rubbed cat litter onto Xi Jia’s hand.

Xi Jia softly flicked the little brat’s head.

The situation finally concluded. No matter the ending, it was all aunt’s and uncle’s matter and their choice. It had nothing to do with Xi Jia anymore. However, looking at the broken glass all over the floor and the wall that was cracked by the evil spirit……

Xi Jia, “……” Aunt and Uncle, could you come back first and help clean the apartment?!!!

Even if there’s more things to do, they still needed to be done; Even if they’re more difficult, they still needed to be resolved.

Because all the light bulbs broke, there’s no way to turn on the lights. Ye Jingzhi took out a white jade colored pearl from his Qiankun bag. This pearl was the size of a light bulb and emitted a light that was unexpectedly not inferior to an incandescent light. It completely illuminated the entire apartment.

Xi Jia curiously looked at it a few times. Ye Jingzhi said, “This is Tian Gong Pavilion’s 100-watts Night Pearl.”

Xi Jia, “……100-watts? Don’t tell me there’s also 60-watts and 150-watts?”

Ye Jingzhi was surprised as he looked at him with a “how did you know” expression on his face.

Xi Jia, “……”

The seniors of the Xuanxue world’s naming sense was really too honest, succinct, and straight to the point!

With the brightness of the Night Pearl, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi earnestly cleaned the apartment. At the very least, the broken glass on the floor needed to be swept. When they cleaned for half an hour, Ye Jingzhi suddenly ceased his actions. One hand holding the broom and the other holding the mop (he really could use both with both hands), he turned his head to look at the front door.

In response, Xi Jia also stopped and looked at the entrance.

There was actually no movement at the door, but Ye Jingzhi kept on staring. Xi Jia also just watched. Then, his eyes watched as a blazing red dagger suddenly pierce through his door and proceed to slide to the side bit by bit. This dagger sliced the wood like it was cutting tofu. In a minute, an imperfect round shape was cut on Xi Jia’s mahogany door. Someone pushed it from the outside, and the round wooden piece fell down with a “bang” in front of Xi Jia’s eyes.

Xi Jia, “!!!”

The piece of the door suddenly slammed down and kicked up a lot of dust. A white haired old man waved his arm to disperse the dust. He coughed as entered the apartment, muttering, “So much dust, how long as it since someone has lived here……the yin energy is so heavy, and there’s so much dust. Fortunately, this daoist is here. Otherwise, there must be a malicious ghost haunting……Eh? Young Daoist Ye?!”

Ye Jingzhi slightly nodded, “Senior Zhuzhao, long time no see.”

Tianji School’s Zhuzhao-zhenren2 waved his hand, and laughed out loud, “Long time no see, long time no see. It seems we haven’t seen each other since the time at Fengdu four years ago? If I knew earlier that Young Daoist Ye was here, this daoist wouldn’t have ran here. This daoist passed by S City, suddenly felt a rush of yin energy, and divined a bit. The divination showed there’s an oddity, and so this daoist came to see if there’s a malicious spirit being born. If this daoist knew that you, Young Daoist Ye, were here, this daoist wouldn’t have even need to come.”

Xi Jia, “……”

The Senior Zhuzhao of Tianji School that nearly caused a total wipe-out of the Xuanxue world’s younger generation at Fengdu because of a wrong calculation four years ago?!

Xi Jia fixed his attention on the piece of his door that was on the floor. He felt that his hand was a bit itchy and really wanted to beat up a person. Precisely at this time, Zhuzhao-zhenren rubbed his head, “heheh”ed, and poured oil to the fire, “The doors made nowadays are really too strong. This daoist had to put in a lot of effort to cut it.”

Ye Jingzhi asked, “Senior, why didn’t you directly knock on the door?”

Zhuzhao-zhenren’s expression became stern, “The yin energy is so heavy here. In case there’s a malicious ghost, wouldn’t it be inadvertently alerting the enemy if this daoist had knocked?”

Ye Jingzhi, “When Senior used the Heavy Flame Knife to cut open the door, the movements appeared to be not small either.”

Zhuzhao-zhenren all of a sudden became motionless as if he only now realize how stupid he just was. In order to cover up the embarrassment, he looked all around. With this peep, he saw that Ye Jingzhi was actually holding a broom in one hand and a mop in the other. He look again to the side and unexpectedly saw an unfamiliar young man!

This young man was incredible. He could stand that close to Ye Jingzhi, and his hand also held a broom!

Zhuzhao-zhenren’s eyeballs turned, “This daoist suddenly remembers that there’s still something to do, Young Daoist Ye, let’s talk another day.”

When the voice just fell, the white haired old man turned and ran. Xi Jia was still staring at the piece of his own door that died violently. He hadn’t had the time to react when Zhuzhao-zhenren ran. If he gave chase now, he definitely wouldn’t be able to catch up. Ye Jingzhi said in consolation, “It’s fine. I have a lot of money, really a lot, I can buy another door.”

The people of the Xuanxue world don’t lack money, but only lacked points. Xi Jia already knew about this, but today, how could he let Ye Jingzhi pay for today’s matter?

Ye Jingzhi looked at Xi Jia’s gloomy look and suddenly understood, “In a moment, I’ll notify Senior Zhuzhao on WeChat. He should be quite willing to compensate.”

Xi Jia finally felt a bit better.

But they naturally did not know that once Zhuzhao-zhenren, who was even more unreasonable than Pei Yu, left, he fished out his cell phone and rapidly opened a WeChat official account. He proficiently tapped open a chat box, and “papapa” typed away: 【 This daoist has a scoop, this daoist has a scoop! Heaven shaking big scoop! Editor, quickly come out, this daoist wants to break the news!!! 】

Translator’s Addition:

C+: My door!

Mirror: Don’t worry, I have a lot of money.

C+: That’s not the main point…Wait a minute…My window!

Translator’s Notes: I’m with Xi Jia on the spells. I know the words, but when put together, they make no sense.

1 灵宝天尊 Heavenly Lord Ling Bao/Ling Bao Tianzun – One of Three Pure Ones of the Daoist Gods. Also known as 上清 Shang Qing, the High and Clear One.

青龙/白虎/朱雀/玄武 Azure Dragon/White Tiger/Vermillion Bird/Black Tortoise – The Beast Gods that govern over a their respective cardinal direction and elements. Also known as the Four Symbols or Four Guardians. ↵

2 烛照真人 Zhuzhao-zhenren: Zhuzhao is his daoist name, Zhu can mean candle or to illuminate. Zhao also means to shine or illuminate. 真人 Zhenren is another daoist honorific. ↵

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