Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 20.1: Purple clouds of a true dragon!

Chapter 20.1: Purple clouds of a true dragon!

Chapter 20 Part 1

Leaving the plane, a middle aged soldier dressed like a major general stepped forward to interact with Ye Jingzhi, and Xi Jia simply followed behind. Along the way, because Hell King Ye wasn’t there, the other Celestial Masters surrounded Xi Jia in succession. Each one of them widened their eyes, looking at him up and down, front and back, and all over.

“Fellow daoist, can I also add you on WeChat?”

“This fellow daoist, I’ve never seen you before, what are you called? I’m Li Sheng, and I study under Taiyue-zhenren.”

“I heard this fellow daoist’s yin energy is extraordinarily rich and powerful. Everyone, how about we use Yin Yang Eyes to take a look?”

Once this was said, the Celestial Masters immediately drew a rune, recited the spell, and tapped their eyes. Then, they looked at Xi Jia.

“Holy shit!”

Xi Jia, “……”

Three Celestial Masters ran to Xi Jia’s left, four Celestial Masters ran to Xi Jia’s right, and there’s also one Celestial Master who remained standing in front of him. The eight of them shook their heads, their actions orderly, using their eyes to meticulously look at Xi Jia all over again

“Yin energy’s leaking out! The yin energy’s actually leaking out! Sure enough, the yin energy’s rich and powerful!”

“Although this fellow daoist’s yin energy is stronger than an ordinary person by a hundred times, but it’s also not as bad some Bodies of Extreme Yin. Didn’t ‘Ghosts Know’ upload a public announcement after they deleted that article? It said that although this fellow daoist isn’t a woman, the yin energy far exceeds that of a woman with a yin attribute physique. Yin energy that leaks is rarely seen, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Can this still count as a Body of Extreme Yin?”

“Fellow Daoist Wang, I don’t approve your words. There are times when yin energy does leak out, but you and I have been ghost hunting for over ten years, have you seen a mortal whose yin energy would leak out?

“Fellow Daoist Li, then why don’t you say something. Since this is a Body of Extreme Yin, in any case, it should be different from other people to some extent, right?”


This group of Celestials Masters began to quarrel in front of Xi Jia. There’s someone that said, “This Body of Extreme Yin is personally approved by ‘Ghosts Know,’ go argue with ‘Ghosts Know’ if you have the ability.” There’s another that said, “I saw with my naked eyes that it’s precisely the yin energy leaking. Seeing is believing, believe it if you want.”

Both sides quarreled to no end. Even the one and only female Celestial Master among them joined in and said as she arranged her sleeve, “Argue, why argue? Are you even a man? If you’re a man, then fight!”

Xi Jia, “……”

There’s 10,000 marvels in the world, and the Xuanxue world monopolized 9,000 of them!

By the time Ye Jingzhi came back, this group of Celestial Masters that were just shouting and fighting suddenly wilted like Chinese cabbages, calming down in a flash. Each one of them became obedient like kittens as they lined up. Where were the savage looks and the yelling from a moment ago?

Xi Jia followed Ye Jingzhi onto the bus. The other Celestial Masters also lined up and got on in an orderly fashion. When choosing seats, everyone modestly declined to sit in front of Ye Jingzhi. That was called a harmonious friendly affection. When everyone got on the bus, they even feigned astonishment and greeted, “Fellow Daoist Ye.”

Xi Jia, “……” You guys clearly just yelled Hell King Ye on the plane!

The vehicle slowly exited the airport. It’s finally quiet on the bus. Xi Jia didn’t rest, and also rejected the snacks that Ye Jingzhi fished out from somewhere. He unlocked his phone and opened the WeChat official account that he hadn’t read in a long time. He swiped a few times and found an announcement.

After he read the announcement, Xi Jia wrinkled his brows. Thinking a bit, he went to find Pei Yu.

Five minutes later, Pei Yu replied back: 【 Brother Jia, you actually don’t know? Last week, “Ghosts Know” uploaded fake news and deleted it the same night. And then, they sent out an apology post. “Ghosts Know” is truly too insincere. We used real money……real points to read the article, and they actually uploaded fake news. Forget it once its uploaded, the compensation is only just a little bit. “We’ll give you a point, we can consider this situation as over.” I bet they were definitely thinking like this! 】

Xi Jia had already read the announcement, and he asked:【 The announcement had my name, how did that come about? 】

Pei Yu: 【 Of course that has your name, Brother Jia, because that scoop said that you’re Hell King Ye’s future wife. 】

Xi Jia, “……@#%@[email protected]$#!!!”

The phone was clenched so tightly that it made creaking noises. Ye Jingzhi heard the subtle sounds, ears moving, and he turned to look, “What’s wrong?”

Looking at Celestial Master Ye’s face, Xi Jia suddenly remembered the phrase “You’re Hell King Ye’s future wife,” and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He quickly looked away, “Nothing……”

Ye Jingzhi looked at him a few more times in confusion. He relaxed once he made sure that nothing’s wrong.

Xi Jia was already gnashing his teeth, cursing this unreliable Xuanxue world in his heart.

The people of the Xuanxue world are unreliable, the official account of the Xuanxue world is unreliable, your entire Xuanxue world is absolutely unreliable!!!

On the phone, Pei Yu was still proudly seeking praise: 【 It’s all thanks to me. They actually said that you’re a girl, Brother Jia. Nonsense! Brother Jia, how could there be any girls as formidable and powerful like you? Tearing ghosts with bare hands, and kicking evil ghosts. I’ve lived for this many years, and I haven’t seen a girl as valiant as you. Even Hu Die who’s ranked third on the Modou is a slag compared to you. 】

Xi Jia typed some words: 【 I’m a guy. 】

Pei Yu didn’t notice the “at the end of his patience” implied in that message as he continued to seek praise:【 That’s of course. Brother Jia, if you’re a girl, how many people in this world would dare say they’re a guy. Luckily there’s me, and I exposed the fake article’s lies. “Ghosts Know” didn’t even give me any special reward. So stingy. 】

【 They published my name and age on the official account, and even said some of my personal circumstances. This is an infringement on my privacy rights. 】

Pei Yu was shocked:【 Brother Jia, you and “Ghosts Know” discussed about privacy rights?! 】

Xi Jia: 【 ……? 】

Pei Yu: 【 Brother Jia, there are not many people in this world who dares to confront with “Ghosts Know.” Their background is strong. Before, even my master’s illegitimate child’s sex scandal was exposed……oh that’s right, they won’t dare offend Hell King Ye. The year before, “Ghosts Know” had a scoop on Hell King Ye’s master. It was about Senior Yi Lingzi’s past romances when he was young, said that he’s a skirt-chaser and played with numerous fellow female daoists’ feelings. It’s said that Hell King Ye brought Wu Xiang Qing Li and charged into “Ghosts Know” on that day. The next day, “Ghosts Know” deleted that article. Brother Jia, you can go find Hell King Ye and talk to him, ask him to get revenge for you! 】

Xi Jia: 【 ……Master Ye did those things to cover up his master’s shame. Why would he get revenge for me? 】

Pei Yu “heehee”ed: 【 Brother Jia, aren’t you Hell King Ye’s “future wife?”~ 】

30 seconds later, Pei Yu decided to send a message when WeChat sent a prompt like so——

『 C+ has enabled Friend Confirmation, you are still not his/her friend. [Send a friend request] to chat. The other party must verify first before you can chat. 』

Pei Yu, “……”

Brother Jia, I was wrong QAQ!!!

Xi Jia couldn’t read the original text of that “Ghosts Know” fake news, but that didn’t stop him from feeling incomparably awkward once he saw Master Ye’s face.

Future wife?

You’re a future wife! Your whole family’s a future wife!!!

After carefully thinking, Xi Jia realized who released the scoop for that article. Pei Yu was the one who exposed the fake news, and he also knew that he was a guy. He couldn’t be stupid enough to expose himself as Master Ye’s future wife. Then, there’s only Zhuzhao-zhenren who had drilled a hole through his front door that saw him.

Xi Jia tentatively asked Ye Jingzhi. The latter didn’t seem to know what had happened on “Ghosts Know” during this period of time. He probably rarely went on to read these kinds of gossip news. Thus, Xi Jia quickly pretended that nothing had happened, simply skipping over the topic and avoiding the awkwardness.

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