Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 20.2: Purple clouds of a true dragon!

Chapter 20.2: Purple clouds of a true dragon!

Chapter 20 Part 2

After reaching Chang’an, Xi Jia found a hotel to stay at. Ye Jingzhi finished reciting the incantation for the relic before he set off for the First Emperor’s Tomb.

When the two of them parted, seeing Master Ye’s calm and normal expression, Xi Jia heavily sighed in relief. He naturally didn’t think that when Ye Jingzhi flew to the site of the First Emperor’s Tomb, a white bearded old daoist came over while “heehee”ing the moment he landed, “Young Daoist Ye, when will you find your future wife? This old man used to have a very good relationship with Yi Lingzi. I’m waiting to host your wedding!”

Ye Jingzhi was fairly open, “Already found.”

Everyone was stupefied.

The old daoist, who was just only joking and teasing, was also stunned in place. He never thought that he would get this kind of a conclusion.

Everyone speechlessly looked at each other. After a long time, Great Wanshou Temple’s current abbot and the whistleblower that no one knew about, Master Buxing stepped forward. He put his palms together and gave off a good-natured appearance, “Amitabha, this monk’s friendship with Fellow Daoist Ye Lingzi was good in those days, but this monk also has never heard him say the surname or given name of Young Daoist Ye’s fiancée.”

Ye Jingzhi’s ears slightly became red. He originally wanted to directly say aloud Xi Jia’s name, but after reflecting it over again and again, he ended up saying, “I still don’t know his opinion right now.”1

The eyes of every senior present brightened one by one: If the name of Hell King Ye’s future wife gets sent to “Ghosts Know,” how many points will that be?

This time, everyone gave it their all to ask for Xi Jia’s name. They’ve only just asked a few phrases when an old daoist wearing purple robes flew over from the horizon. The other person was completely unclear of the situation at the scene and just started to talk, “Just what is the thing that escaped from the First Emperor’s Tomb?”

With a bang, the gossipy seniors of the Xuanxue world only now recalled the original intention of their visit. One by one, they became serious.

Master Buxing stepped forward to explain, “Half a month ago, this monk noticed a malicious ghost with 300 years of experience in Yinxu. This malicious ghost has incomparable ferocity. After 300 years, at least several dozens of people have been killed and the blood on its body was soaring. Who knows what methods it used to actually hide for 300 years. This monk, as a Buddhist monk and merciful at heart, of course wants to enlighten the malicious ghost, perform ceremonies for all living things to find peace, for those several dozen innocent lives that had died……”

“Old bald donkey, cut the crap!”

Master Buxing widened his eyes. After finding out that the one who cursed at him was a Celestial Master wearing workout clothes, Master Buxing became withered in a flash and honestly said, “This monk wanted to catch that evil ghost, and chased from Yinxu all the way to Chang’an. And then, it entered the First Emperor’s Tomb. This monk was worried that something will happen but didn’t dare go in rashly. So this monk went to buy some materials from Tian Gong Pavilion, refined a magic treasure, and then went in.”

The sect master of Tian Gong Pavilion stepped in and said, “That’s right, half a month ago, Buxing bought sixty 100 year jumping corpses from my Tian Gong Pavilion for a total of 30,000 points.”

The sky above the First Emperor’s Tomb suddenly became an uproar.

“Buxing, you old bald donkey, since when did you have 30,000 points?!”

Master Buxing wiped the sweat off his bald head and hurriedly said, “That’s not the important point, that’s not the important point. The important point is that after this monk entered the First Emperor’s Tomb, this monk didn’t see the evil ghost at all but was instead trapped in the First Emperor’s Tomb. This monk cultivates the Buddhist path and doesn’t fast. This half month made this monk all dizzy from starving. In the end, this monk seemed to hazily see a shadow and thought it was the evil ghost. This monk wanted to chase after but then this monk saw black. Once this monk woke up, this monk had already ran into Fellow Daoist Yazhi.”

Yazhi-daoren was precisely the first one to rush to the First Emperor’s tomb yesterday and the old Celestial Master that stuck a paper talisman onto Master Buxing’s forehead.

Yazhi-daoren said, “That’s right. When I saw Buxing, his consciousness wasn’t clear, and I used a Spirit Clearing Talisman to help him clear his mind.”

“Bald donkey, you chased the evil ghost all the way to Chang’an, and even chased all the way to the First Emperor’s Tomb. Why didn’t you tell this old man and Yazhi, but instead you rushed in alone?!” The one who spoke was the old Celestial Master that wore workout clothes. The old Celestial Master held a Taiji sword in his hand as he angrily glared at Master Buxing.

Master Buxing really wanted to say, “Can you not say bald donkey each time you open your mouth? This monk really wants face too,” but looking at the old Celestial Master’s seething-in-anger look, he ended up closing his mouth, fearing that the other would swallow him whole in the next second.

Yazhi-daoren exhorted, “Forget it. Fellow Daoist Jiqin, since the situation has already happened, we’ll face it calmly.”

Jiqin-zhenren was so angry to the point that smoke was coming out of his head——it was really discharging smoke.

Jiqin-zhenren and Yazhi-daoren were the two old seniors that were living in seclusion in Chang’an. The two of them were close to 90 years old with good moral standing and reputation, and they rarely went out. Among them, Jiqin-zhenren’s Dinghai Sect was also one of the Xuanxue world’s largest sects 300 years ago. However, in that one year while fighting the army of malicious ghosts in the First Emperor’s Tomb, Dinghai Sect’s losses were disastrous. They had lost 12 elites, and they hadn’t been able to recover or flourish again since then.

That’s why Master Buxing could still say about few words to Yazhi-daoren but had to shut his mouth with Jiqin-zhenren: He’s got a short fuse, ah!

His sect was in Chang’an, guarding the First Emperor’s Tomb for over 300 years. This time, Master Buxing entered to catch a malicious ghost and accidentally released something. Jiqin-zhenren not cutting him apart on the spot was already giving a lot of face.

Ye Jingzhi’s master passed away early and wasn’t too deeply connected with these seniors of the Xuanxue world. He only focused on the matter itself, “Although the malicious ghost has 300 years of experience and had killed many mortals, it shouldn’t be able to enter the First Emperor’s Tomb.”

As soon as his words fell, everyone started discussing.

“That’s right, let alone a 300 year malicious ghost, even if it’s a 500 year malicious ghost, it’s possible to break through the barrier that we set. But to break into the First Emperor’s Tomb? That’s absolutely not possible.”

Previously, Ye Jingzhi had told Xi Jia that the Xuanxue World had suffered heavy losses because of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor that had appeared 321 years ago. Therefore, they had arranged a barrier to guard against the First Emperor’s Tomb. But Ye Jingzhi didn’t say that the barrier was unnecessary, because if the thing that wanted to escape could rush out of the First Emperor’s Tomb, then breaking their barrier would be as easy as flipping a hand.

The Xuanxue world’s current most strongest Celestial Master was the hallmaster of Zi Wei Xing Hall, Cengxiu-zhenjun.2

Cengxiu-zhenjun was 103 years old this year. When he was younger, he was number 2 on the Modou Rankings, second only to Yi Lingzi. Although the gap between him and Yi Lingzi was like a moat around a castle, Cengxiu-zhenren’s cultivation base now was not any less than that of Yi Lingzi in the past.

However, even if it’s Cengxiu-zhenjun, only the first floor of the First Emperor’s Tomb could be entered today. There’s no way to enter the second floor. Even more so, the true depth of the First Emperor’s tomb was not known.

The first floor of the First Emperor’s Tomb only had some simple historical relics and antiques. There were no malicious ghosts. The gateway between first and second floor could prevent the Xuanxue world’s great masters from entering, then it naturally surpassed their strength. Since the thing in the First Emperor’s Tomb was capable of walking out of that gateway, then it obviously would have the capability to break through the barrier.

After all, the First Emperor’s Tomb was a trap to begin with. The Xuanxue world’s people couldn’t enter from outside. The things inside also couldn’t come out.

At present, the Xuanxue world’s best force had gathered in the skies above the First Emperor’s Tomb, discussing the major matter at hand.

Tianji School’s Zhufeng-zhenren endlessly did divinations and fortune telling. He counted ten times in a row and still hadn’t found out what the thing that had escaped was. When Zhufeng-zhenren was about to try for the 11th time, Jiqin-zhenren slashed open his own palm with his sword. Fresh blood didn’t flow down. Jiqin-zhenren exerted his magic power, and a pearl-like ball of blood slowly drifted in front of Zhufeng-zhenren.

Jiqin-zhenren said, “My Dinghai Sect has been involved with the First Emperor’s Tomb for 300 years. We’ve been entangled in karma for a long time. By using this old man’s blood, perhaps you will be able to calculate the vital points among them.”

There’s no time to lose. Zhufeng-zhenren slapped the bead of blood, causing the bead of blood to loudly fall onto a white jade-like tortoise shell with a bang. The bead of blood on the tortoise shell magnificently grew like fire, slowly spreading down the lines on the tortoise shell. In the end, the tortoise shell seemed like white jade, and the patterns became warped into blood red color. On the white colored jade shell was a strange blood red decorative pattern.

Zhufeng-zhenren slapped the shell, and a strange aura rushed towards the sky.

“Four conditions to arise, sceneries to take form. Gather all righteous energies, gods come demons flee. Yin-Yang for 300 years, Dinghai and the First Emperor’s Tomb. First vice, begin to speak!”

The center of the tortoise shell suddenly lit up with a blood-red light.

“Second vice, continue to speak!

A second blood-red light suddenly lit up from the shell’s lower left side.

“Third vice, rise to speak!”

The third blood-red light appeared on top of the shell, flickering in between the first two red lights.

“Fourth vice, seek to speak!”


All the blood colored pattern lines on the tortoise shell became concentrated, once again changing into a red bead of blood. This bead of blood slowly rose into the air, flying little by little to the front of the third red light. The red light shot out a thin red line, gradually drawing towards the bead of blood.

The two points became a line. The red light and the bead of blood were about to point out a direction; however at this time, a muffled dragon’s roar sounded from the center of the earth.

Ye Jingzhi’s expression became cold as Wu Xiang Qing Li appeared in his hand. He flipped his palm, striking towards the ground.

Wu Xiang Qing Li’s baleful aura overflowed, ruthlessly smashing towards the earth. A small purple dragon circled towards the sky. The bronze die and the small purple dragon collided in the air. Wu Xiang Qing Li was hit and flew back to Ye Jingzhi’s palm, rubbing against his palm in grievance. The small purple dragon became a weak projection after being hit by Wu Xiang Qing Li, but still staked all its strength to hit the bead of blood on the tortoise shell, shattering it with a bang.

Zhufeng-zhenren sprayed out a mouthful of blood, exclaiming in shock, “Aura of a dragon! This is the aura of a dragon! Fellow daoists, the worst of circumstances has appeared. In the First Emperor’s Tomb, there’s a purple aura of a dragon from a real imperial Son of Heaven that prevented this daoist from finding out the thing’s whereabouts.3 This daoist fears that the thing that has escaped is a Son of Heaven, a genuine Son of Heaven!”

The Author has something to say:

Five Boxes of Green Pears: Today I went to hit against a dragon, ouchie T^T

Translator’s Notes: More Fengshui exerpts for spells. As usual, please excuse any mistakes as they’re liberally translated.

1 His/her and he/she sounds the same when spoken in Chinese. ↵

2 真君 -zhenjun: another daoist honorific, literally real/true lord, so a daolord. ↵

3 龙气 Aura of a dragon 天子 Son of Heaven: Both refers to the emperor. ↵

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