Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 10

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This night was especially gloomy. It seemed as if the curtains of the night were looming overhead and a layer of strange radiance appeared to cover the moon. The Yin qi was quite heavy and the sky was filled with black clouds that occasionally flashed with thunder. It looked as if a thunderstorm was looming.

RUMBLE! Suddenly, a loud piercing sounds exploded out, as if a hole was smashed open in the sky. Lightning and thunder rumbled continuously as the heavy rain poured down.

An aloof and domineering silhouette was climbing the mountain. Each step of his was filled with might. Bearing the heavenly oppression, he appeared incomparably valiant. Thunder and lightning illuminated his face as he raised his head to look at the heavens. Of course, there was a grave expression on that face; his pupils gleamed as his aura soared "The Night of Heaven's Obscuration. The time when the heavens are covered up is the perfect time to awaken the Divine Race bloodline."

Bloodline Awakening depended on Body Refinement Arts, and there were several Body Refinement Arts in the Immortal Martial Continent, each having their own ups and downs. Although Jiang Xiu had never paid much attention to it during his cultivation, after moving unhindered for about 3 millenniums in the Immortal Martial Continent, he had gathered several secret arts, battle skills, divine arts, treasures, artefacts, they were just too many to count. Just for simple Body Refinement Arts - there were around 103632 Arts.

He had already calculated it in his mind. As the current Sect Master of the Heaven Treading Sect, he naturally chose the supreme technique of the Heaven Treading Sect, Void Heaven Treading. This was created by the Old Madman from the previous generation of the Heaven Treading Sect. Although he was deranged, he had tyrannised everyone with his Void Heaven Treading, and defeated everyone in the heavens unarmed.

The stronger one's opponent is, the stronger one becomes. This was the Old Madman's dogma. Fiercely forging ahead, such a method was quite suitable to awaken his bloodline. If he isn't crazy, he isn't insane. If he isn't insane, he won't fight.


A loud roar surged out from Jiang Xiu's mouth. His aura soared up along with the continuous rumbling of the lightning and thunder in the sky. It seemed that even the Heavens were alarmed by Jiang Xiu's might today.

"Law, return to the origin. Void, return to me!"

Jiang Xiu looked at the world with contempt. Even before he had completed the mystical art using his hand, the blood inside his body started circulating faster. He felt as if he was on fire. The rain resembled drops of water falling on a hot iron panel as it dropped on his body, turning into vapour with a sizzle. The Divine Race's genes hidden within his bloodline slowly started activating; those chains which had accumulated dust for several millenniums of years had begun to open up.


Once again, another roar resounded through the mountain along with a thundercry. This roar was more extreme than the previous and seemed to arrive from an ancient era, its frightening aura enough to terrorise any person.

"Such awful weather!"

A black Benz was going along the path towards the mountain's top. The chauffeur was a short person with his hat worn low. A few people were sitting behind him, but their appearance weren't visible as it was too dark.


Jiang Xiu's eyes transformed. His pupils enlarged and now almost occupied his entire eye, making it look completely black. Scarlet blood dripped from his eye's rims. The veins on his face, neck, body and arms expanded unceasingly, pulsating rhythmically.

Bloodline Awakening had begun!

"Rooarrr. Roarrr…."

Jiang Xiu screamed with pain, just like an ancient beast.

"Such a terrifying howl. Are there still beasts inside the mountain?"

All those inside the car felt their hair stand on end when they heard the howl.

"It's possible!"

The mountains ran so far, and its secrets were endless. Before, in the news, it was mentioned that a leopard was found over at the Nanjing Rd. Inside Jingshan Hill. That hill was pretty small so a lot of people used to climb it to toughen themselves. The outcome left two men dead and one injured before the leopard was finally brought down with an electric shock. This event was really unimaginable.


Another roar!

Jiang Xiu felt as if a fire was lit up on his skin. All his body muscles throbbed, issuing a crackling firecracker-like sound from within his body.

He clenched his fist and felt the endless power within his body.

"Which Divine Race is this?"

BOOM! It felt as if the entire body had opened up, the world before his eyes wasn't the same as before - the colours had become more vibrant and the sounds clear. Jiang Xiu's bloodline had already awakened, but it was a kind of never-before-seen Divine Race. The only indication seemed to be the two pitch black eyes which had appeared from the bloodline.

He sent his fist towards the tree in front of him. That 30m long tree shook violently, and several withered leaves fell down.

"I have never heard of it before. Perhaps it's a new Divine Race!"

There were innumerable Divine Races, and they didn't have such a thing called genetic isolation. In other words, any of the Divine Races could mate with each other, and the next generation would possess unique genes, which result leads to having the Divine Races bloodline become more complicated.

"Its might isn't bad!"

The old trees in the depths of the mountains were naturally robust and their hardness was greater than the sloppy ironworks in the city's marketplace. A deep imprint had formed from his punch and caused the tree bark to rupture. Such might after just awakening the bloodline was pretty good.

The Bloodline Awakening had used a lot of energy, so he took out the food he had prepared earlier.

Two pieces of fillet steak worth 1888 RMB each, he didn't feel full even after eating them. After that, Jiang Xiu sat in a lotus position and began to meditate, to comprehend his Divine Race's traits.

He intended to awaken his Divine Race's Divine Skill as soon as possible.

The sounds of the car's wheels crushing the stones came through. A car was going uphill. Jiang Xiu felt that this was very strange. On such a terrible day, and even more so during the night, how could someone drive a car towards the mountain's top? It was pretty dangerous!

A streak of lightning passed by along with a rumbling sound!

The youth inside the Benz spoke: "That Chu Tiannan, is he really as fierce as the legends say?"

"He even troubled Grandpa to appear personally!"

The old man said, "According to legend, Chu Tiannan's martial dao and cultivation are pretty high and he even had strength exceeding that of ordinary humans. He's a modern era eccentric. This kind of man, you can harbour reverence but can never anger!"

"Isn't it dangerous to go uphill in such bad weather?"

The chauffeur also said, "Old Tang, the road is becoming more and more slippery. There looks to be a pavilion ahead. Why don't we wait for the thunderstorm to end and then set out again?"

The old man muttered to himself and then said, "Alright!"

The car rushed towards the pavilion and the men inside finally got down.

"There's someone here!"

The four of them entered the pavilion and laid their gazes on Jiang Xiu's body.


The old man was astonished, even the two men behind him exposed astonishment.

"What is it?" The youth asked, feeling baffled.

The old man replied, "Take a careful look at him, do you notice anything different?"

The youth looked at Jiang Xiu, "No. There's nothing different. Only, for this person to sleep the night at this pavilion in the mountain during a thunderstorm, he is indeed strange."

"Observe his breathing!" The old man said.

"That is?" The youth raised his sword-shaped brows.

The old man said, "This is one kind of ancient inner cultivation method. Many ancient sects' inner cultivation methods require special climatic conditions. Just like today's thunderstorm. If I haven't seen it wrong, he should be cultivating right now."

The youth approached him curiously to verify his Grandpa's words. It seemed as if there was an incorporeal attractive (magnetic?) force on Jiang Xiu's body which drew all the surrounding air. After trying to listen carefully, he even noticed a faint thunder cry between every breath.

"Amazing. Indeed truly amazing," said the old man."Such a young age and his inner cultivation is already so profound. It's even possible he might form True Qi."

Jiang Xiu opened his eyes slowly. His pitch black eyes seemed abstruse and mysterious like the starry skies. To be able to figure out that this Deity was cultivating, not bad. Only, to relate an Immortal Cultivation method as a shallow Inner Cultivation breathing method, it's indeed ridiculous.

The old man who saw that Jiang Xiu had opened his eyes hence spoke, "Excuse me, Little Friend, do you know Chu Tiannan?"

Jiang Xiu shook his head.

This made Old Tang feel surprise, "You're not Chu Tiannan's disciple?"


Jiang Xiu said coldly, "That shi*thead is nothing compared to my Master." In Jiang Xiu's heart, his late Master had a very high position. None could compare to him on the Immortal Martial Continent.

The chauffeur behind the old man was very startled. "You… You're humiliating Great Master Chu!"

Jiang Xiu sneered. "Humiliating him? This Deity has already spoken highly of him."

Chauffeur. "Brat, though you have trivial skills, your tone isn't small."

"I see that you've just succeeded in entering the beginning stage of Inner Cultivation. Do you know what realm Great Master Chu is in? He's in the Grandmaster stage. It's possible that he has even broken through to the next stage."

"Let me offer you a line of advice. Keep your remarks to yourself and don't act like a frog in the well, croaking blindly!"

Jiang Xiu smiled, "Is that so?"

When words get sour, adding words is useless. Jiang Xiu closed his eyes and minded his own business.

The pavilion became silent again.

Roughly after 10 minutes, the thunderstorm stopped. Those people left to go uphill. The road had become worse, and it also appeared that there was a landslide at the top, due to which the car shook a lot as it went upwards.


The sound a tire bursting sounded out. The Mercedes Benz worth more than 3 million RMB suddenly veered off to the side. The mountain path was quite narrow and at its end was a cliff (it ended at a cliff's edge). The car was out of control as it dashed towards that cliff.


The people inside the car screamed in alarm.

"Old Tang!"


At this moment, they only felt fear and despair. They understood that what awaited them was… Death.

They'll thoroughly disappear from this world.

"Somebody save us!"

"Save our lives!"

Half the Benz had gone off the cliff. At this moment, a person suddenly shot towards them. He rushed through the mountain's paths, going against the mountain rocks, and then, just like a godly soldier dropping from the sky, he grabbed that car.

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