Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 11

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The kind of despair one feels when facing a situation in which the car they are riding is about to run off a cliff, and even someone appeared at this to save them, their hearts would still feel the same despair. It's useless. No matter who comes, it's all useless.

The Benz Maybach weighed around 1.5 tons. Adding along the kinetic energy of the car as it sped along towards the cliff, even a group of people couldn't pull it back, let alone a youngster. It could be possible that he'd also fall along with them down the cliff.

"If this Deity couldn't even pull this insignificant car, what face would I have left!"


Deity Xiu raged, it seemed as if his eyes were melting as they completed became pitch black, looking very terrifying. The muscles on his arms had expanded so much that veins were popping out. A godly strength suddenly exploded out.

"Rise for this Deity!"

The people inside felt that the car had stopped abruptly and the initially falling Benz was now rigidly floating mid-air.


Along with this roar, the car was lifted by him, as if the Mercedes seemed as light as a feather.

The people inside the car were utterly stupefied. Perhaps they were terrified, but nevertheless, they were utterly stupefied by the unimaginable scene in front of them.


The Benz's back bumper was lifted up by him, and then he released it on the mountain path. The car was quite heavy, and hence it formed a depression on the wet soil as the tires smashed the ground.

"We… We didn't fall down?"

The four people in the car felt as if they had woken up from a dream. They immediately rolled out of the vehicle while crawling, trying to steady their steps on the ground. Only after feeling its firmness did they feel like their lives had been saved.

But the previous events still felt so unreal!

Jiang Xiu placed his hands behind his back. Under the deep of night, that silhouette seemed so extraordinary. As the front piece of his clothes fluttered, the svelte of a top expert could be seen.

Di… did this youth really use his hands to lift the car just now?

If it weren't for the 3 cm thick palm prints on the car's back bumper, they'd believed they had just seen an illusion.

"Thank you, little friend, for saying our lives!"

The old man immediately expressed his gratitude. As for the chauffeur who had a beef with Jiang Xiu, his face showed embarrassment.

"It was an easy matter for me!"

"I was blind before to belittle Little Brother, please accept my apology!"

Jiang Xiu snorted. "Driving a car on a mountain is dangerous even during the day, let alone on a night with a thunderstorm. Meeting this Deity today can be considered as your good fortune. You're on your own now."

Saying so, Jiang Xiu turned around to leave. The old man rushed to call out: "Mister, please wait for a second!" He hurriedly chased after him and handed a card over: "Although we are unable to return the favour to Mister for saving our lives, this old man is called Tang Zhenshan, I am somewhat established at Jiang City."

Currently, the old man's mind was a mess from the shock. Before he had already believed that Jiang Xiu's Inner Cultivation was fierce, but not speak of him pulling a rushing car back from falling down a cliff, he had even lifted it high in the air. This was really too shocking. Is he still human?

And as for the bodyguard accompanying Tang Zhenshan, he hadn't even realised that his senior officer had left his protection range as his line of sight hadn't even the palm prints caved in on the car. He had followed his senior officer for many years, and it was the first time he saw such a terrible martial art. He was thoroughly dumbstruck. This strength was enough to directly pinch a man to paste.

Truly terrifying!

"Tang Zhenshan?"

Jiang Xiu felt this name was a little familiar as he received the card.

Tang Zhenshan said, "Mister, I wonder who your master is? He's been able to cultivate such a shocking expert like Mister. I'm afraid you must have already reached the Hard Cultivation Grandmaster stage."

"A Hard Cultivation Grandmaster can do what this Deity had done just now?" Jiang Xiue asked.

Tang Zhenshan nodded. "Hard Cultivation Grandmasters are said to reach the pinnacle of their corporeal body's strength and are existences who stand aloof from humans. They can easily snap off a steel knife with their bare hands and explode a wall with a single punch!

"The powerful strength Mister showed just now is something only Hard Cultivation Grandmasters can accomplish." The reason why Old Tang believed that Jiang Xiu was a Hard Cultivation Grandmaster was that he thought that the power Jiang Xiu displayed was the result of a Hard Cultivation Art. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so domineering.

Jiang Xiu smiled faintly. How can a Hard Cultivation Art compare to Divinity Cultivation? But since they had only seen him use the strength of his body, it wasn't strange that they had misunderstood.

"Is Mister also a person from Jiang City?"

Jiang Xiu nodded.

"Jiang City, Jiang Xiu!"

Tang Zhenshan was talkative in nature. Since he had met this exceptional youth, the intention of making friends with him had already birthed in his heart. This child is bound to rise like a comet, perhaps his achievements will even surpass Chu Tiannan.

"Mr. Jiang, I won't hide it from you. The reason this old man is going uphill on such a rainy day is to see Great Master Chu…"

Tang Zhenshan spoke with worry: "One of my enemies has secretly returned from abroad and is trying to make things difficult for me. This matter has happened so suddenly that I could turn to no one and can only go uphill to ask for Great Master Chu's help."

"Great Master Chu lives in seclusion at the top of this mountain!"

After the torrential rain, the mountain had a lot of landslides, and hence it was difficult to drive the car. Or else, if they again rushed towards another cliff, Jiang Xu wouldn't save them another time.

"If may be bold, can I ask for Mister's help this time?"

But was it so easy to request for Deity Xiu's help? Only, since he had already helped them once, if the person were to be killed just like that, wouldn't that be a waste of his efforts? It was the so-called Delivering Buddha to The West. Moreover, he always felt that this name, Tang Zhenshan, sounded familiar.

As Jiang Xiu was about to reply, two silhouettes quickly ran down from the hilltop. They actually traversed 3-4 m with a single step, as lithe as a swallow. "Hahaha. I was trying to guess who it was, so it's Old father, Tang Zhenshan."

Just as the person said those words, those men had already come down. They were two old men around the age of 60, but their bodies were still healthy and robust.

"Great Master Chu!"

The man to the right wearing a Tang suit was the Great Master Chu, Chu Tiannan. His figure was good and his gaze bright. He possessed the mannerism of a Grandmaster. The man beside him had muscular arms and legs, a reserved aura which for better or worse seemed very ordinary.

Tang Zhenshan was surprised. "I…"

"I already know Old Father's matter, so I especially invited my close friend Liu Zhengjun to protect Old Father Tang from harm." Great Master Chu's complexion was as tranquil as the spring wind.

"That's great!"

Tang Zhenshan was really pleased as he wondering how to climb the hill, and Great Master Chu had coincidently come down and also brought another Grandmaster as a helper.

"Who's this little friend?" Great Master Chu's sight fell on Jiang Xiu's body.

"To avoid any inconveniences." Tang Zhenshan bluntly spoke, "This is Mr. Jiang Xiu, a friend I asked to come with me. His strength is also pretty good. With the cooperation of you three, I believe we'll be safe today."

"A youth?"

Great Master Chu's gaze swept through Jiang Xiu. Disdain flashed in his eyes. Martial Cultivation could only be accumulated with the passage of time, and let alone, what kind of identity did he have? How could he bear being placed on the same level as a youngster?

"Return with us. We shall wait for the enemy to drop in!"

The Tang family's house was located in the most fertile land of Jiang City. It stood between a mountain and had soldiers patrolling on both sides. These soldiers were even carrying sub-machine guns with them. Only then did Jiang Xiu remember what kind of personage Tang Zhenshan was. He was a retired senior officer of the highest army rank at Jiang City.

Since his identity was so high-level, his opponents were by no means weaker. It was no wonder that they had asked the help of a Grandmaster.

All the way into the military compound, and even the doorway of the safehouse, was surrounded by soldiers. With sentries outside and hidden, three defensive lines outside and three defensive lines inside, there were at least 12 squads. Even though the defence was so heavily fortified, Old Father Tang was still anxious.

"Old Father can feel relieved. With Grandmaster Liu and me here, no can step a foot inside this courtyard!"

Jiang Xiu had tossed around a lot this night, so he was really somewhat tired. He said, "Old Tang, arrange a room, I'm a little tired."

"Mister, please come to this side!"

Old Tang's grandson, Tang Wenchen guided Jiang Xiu to the guest room.

"Old Father, what's the story behind this youth?" Great Master Chu said: "Forgive me for being so blunt, but Martial Cultivation is a lonely path, and one mustn't rely on others. It needs time to polish. Who knows where this youth has come from? Old Father mustn't be cheated by him."

Liu Zhengjun also agreed: "I couldn't even feel even a little bit of Inner Breath within his body. Most likely, he only knows a few foreign arts. Why don't we test him to see if he's truly skilled?"

"That'd be really improper!" Old Tang spoke.

Great Master Chu glanced at Liu Zhengjun. "Old Father, if you really needed to ask someone for help, why did you bother to come find us first? For us to work together with this youth, wouldn't that be too difficult considering our identities."

Old Tang revealed a distressed face. "I understand what you mean. I didn't notice this matter, but since the person has already come, if I tell him to leave now, wouldn't that be…"

"Grandmaster Liu, it seems that we are acting too meddlesome today."

Saying so, the two of them unexpectedly planned to leave.

Old Tang's face became ugly. "Grandmasters, please wait a second."

"I'll go ask Mr. Jiang to leave."

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