Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 12

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Admittedly, although Hard Cultivation Grandmasters were fierce and were more domineering than other Grandmasters in regards to destructive power, how could it be compared to these two, Chu Tiannan and Liu Zhengjun. Old Father Tang Zhenshan clearly understood in his heart about whom he had to give importance.

Yet, he was also embarrassed. If Jiang Xiu was really a Hard Cultivation Grandmaster, then this matter was fine as he could use an excuse to send him away. After all, with his identity as Tang Zhengjun at this place, none dared to offend him. But Jiang Xiu had saved their lives. He was their life-saving benefactor!

"Grandmasters, this won't look good." Tang Zhenshan began. "Mr. Jiang saved our lives just a while ago. Driving him out right now is inexcusable. I will tell someone to guard his room's door so that when the time comes, he'll stay inside!"

Driving their life-saving benefactor away wasn't good. Chu Tiannan and Liu Zhengjun looked at each other, though their faces expressed annoyance, they nodded in the end.

Tang Zhenshan finally relaxed his breath. "A'Dong, you'll handle this matter. Guard the door of the room Mister Jiang is staying in, don't let him come out when the moment comes."

A'Dong was the car's chauffeur.


He replied concisely.

"This time's enemy is quite fierce, so let him stay inside the room." Chu Tiannan spoke. "This also conforms to his wish." Saying so, he laughed, ridicule clearly evident as he gloated in his words.

His close friend, Liu Zhenshan also shook his head helplessly. It seemed to him that Jiang Xiu was going to conveniently benefit off of them.

"He naturally can't compare with Great Master Chu!"

Even if Jiang Xiu had saved his life using a shocking move like that, by grabbing a 1.5 ton Maybach similar to an overlord, A'Dong clearly understood that kindness was kindness and strength was strength. He agreed that Jiang Xiu had a tremendous potential, but he was still miles away when compared to Chu Tiannan.

He arrived at the door of the room Jiang Xiu was staying in and stood guard there!

He strictly obeyed what the Old Father had commanded and wouldn't let Jiang Xiu take even half a step outside of the room so that Great Master Chu and Great Master Liu won't feel insulted. There were many swindlers in the martial arts community, and once an expert had enjoyed staying at the top, they'd venture out to enjoy and indulge themselves. There was nothing wrong with this. A'Dong thought that though Jiang Xiu had saved them and it was a good thing, it'd affect Great Master Chu's great reputation.

And right now, Jiang Xiu had already fallen asleep! His bloodline had awakened, and he'd entered the Awakened Stage's 1st Mythical Realm, which exhausted him due to the large consumption of qi and blood. It was quite imaginable that he'd drift into sleep as soon as he laid on the bed.

He slept just like a baby, even snoring at times!

When the snores entered A'Dong's ears, veins popped out on his forehead. He really fell asleep. The Grandmasters were still awake seated cross-legged in meditation, and if it weren't that Jiang Xiu had saved them, A'Dong would've flipped out.

Didn't you come here to protect the Old Father?!

Time passed by and it was early in the morning, around 2 AM. Suddenly, screams filled with fear resounded within the quiet military compound. Everyone was awoken by them. Soon after, sounds of gunfire were heard. Jiang Xiu's eyes opened suddenly, and the scene which he saw was enough to make anyone dumbstruck.

At the room's windows, and even on the floor, all sizes of azure snakes were crawling. A few tens of them wriggled forward, leaving a silvery trace on the ground as they moved.

If it were an average person, they'd have been scared out of their mind long ago. On top of the bed, several snakes hissed towards Jiang Xiu, but he just laughed. "Poisonous snakes? They are even trained!"

After these poisonous snakes saw Jiang Xiu clearly, they revealed fear. Yes, it was fear, because they could sense that the human in front of them was far from ordinary.

"The enemy, have they arrived?"

Jiang Xiu ignored this nest of snakes. He was even more poisonous to them than they to him. He stood up, and the poisonous snakes quickly retreated back as if they were trying to avoid an extreme danger, withdrawing back to the corner and running away from the windows.

Jiang Xiu opened the door and found that A'Dong was on guard outside and was using his hand to block the door from opening completely: "Mr. Jiang. For your safety, please stay inside the room.

"Feel assured. Nothing will happen to you!"

"What is your intention?" He had come to help, and the enemies had arrived, so why were they making him stay inside the room?

A'Dong laughed. "It's nothing. You are our esteemed guest, so how can we let you face danger? Please wait inside the room safely. Great Master Chu and Great Master Liu will settle problem soon."

After saying this, he closed the door.

Click! It was even locked!

The defences of the military compound were strict, but it had collapsed under the poisonous snakes' noiselessly. The outer sentries and the hidden sentries, all of them were incapacitated by the poison.

If it were bright enough, it'd be possible to see that a layer of green fog had covered the entire sky.

A person walked in with great strides as if they were walking in their own back garden. "Tang Zhenshan. Today is your time of death!"

The voice was similar to an owl's, making a person's blood run cold.

"Lin Zhenbei!"

Tang Zhenshan turned paler when he saw the person who'd arrived, clenching his fists tightly. He had joined the army in his childhood, had gone through military affairs throughout his entire life, and even he didn't know how many times he had returned back from the edge of life and death. His heart had long ago become as hard as steel, but when he saw the person who'd arrived, he still felt fear.

"You should return!"

A voice came from afar. A person came from the left of the courtyard, just like a fast horse, he quickly rushed out from the house with a powerful momentum. It was actually Chu Tiannan. Liu Zhengjun, on the other hand, rushed out from the right side of the courtyard.

Two Great Grandmasters!

Lin Zhenbei's gaze swept past these two persons as he issued wild laughter, "are they… your confidence?" His aura soared with each step he took forward.

A killing aura similar to a real substance burst forth!


Chu Tiannan boasted ostentatiously as he pointed his index finger towards him. "Lin Zhenbei. The biggest mistake you've made in your life was becoming Old Father's enemy. The most stupid thing is that since you've seen me, Chu Tiannan, there's no escape for you."

"Why are you talking with that trash? Cripple him!" Liu Zhengjun soared, rising like a feather but dropping with quite the momentum. BOOM! He stomped the ground with all his strength, making all the tiles on the floor ripple like sea waves.

"Insignificant moves!"

Lin Zhenbei looked at the rippling floor and lifted his right foot, suddenly stamping it down. Incorporeal energy rushed towards it, causing the two energies to collide with each other with a bang.

A giant hole had opened up on the floor, making it a mess.

Within the smoke, Lin Zhenbei had already dashed forwards, a sharp awn flashing past. Chu Tiannan was startled and had already dived down to avoid it.

The identity of that cold awn was visible when it had neared Liu Zhengjun's torso. It was a dagger, a dazzling white dagger. It seemed so terribly malevolent under the night scene, and it was moistened with blood now.


Liu Zhengjun cursed in rage, but he was shocked too much. The enemy's speed was too quick. He was 20 m away just now, and in a blink, he had arrived before him and even injured him.


Lin Zhenbei sensed a strong wind from a fist attack coming from his side. He swung the dagger in his hand strangely, causing it to take an inverse curve as it slashed. If it were this direction, his dagger would collide with Chu Tiannan's fist. A Grandmaster possessed dipper fists, so even if it was a dagger, it couldn't injure him.

But Lin Zhenbei' body moved 10 cms to the side strangely, causing his dagger to avoid his fist and fall on the inner wrist side.

Screech! The dagger slashed, causing blood to puff out in its full scarlet hue.

The dipper fist hadn't changed its course and struck Lin Zhenbei's ribs. This attack was enough to incapacitate him, but a strange smile appeared on Lin Zhenbei's face. His waist became soft like a snake and twisted out of the way. Chu Tiannan's fist had no target now and swished past his side, making the two cross each other.

Lin Zhenbei looked at his dagger proudly, revealing infatuation within his gaze. It was because he was infatuated with his cutting blade skills and also liked dance as well as art.


"The true purpose for my visit is… Dao Soldier!"

"Aaahhhhh!" Chu Tiannan and Liu Zhengjun cried out in alarm simultaneously, their complexion changing paler.

"H-How is that possible!?"

"Open your eyes wide and look clearly!" With a whoosh, Lin Zhenbei suddenly disappeared. His speed was too quick. Let alone Tang Zhenshan who was far away, even the nearby Chu Tiannan and Liu Zhengjun couldn't see him and could only see his afterimage.

Puchi… Puchi…

Only a shadow flickered, revolving around Chu Tiannan and Liu Zhengjun continuously. Scarlet blood kept spewing from their bodies, creating a shocking scene.

"32, 33…"

He kept announcing each of his slashes.

Chu Tiannan and Liu Zhengjun crazily attacked the shadow, but all of their attacks had only hit the afterimages. They shouted like madmen… 'Aaaahhhhhhh'… but they were trampled like harmless sheep, their yells changing into anguished wails as they faced death.

"103, 104…"

Blood dyed the ground red, creating a ghastly sight. How much blood did a human have? And how long would it flow out?


Their yells became softer and movements slower. Finally, their voices stopped, even their speed became like an elderly lady's. They couldn't endure anymore and slumped down into the pool of blood.

Their severely undulating chests were the only indication that confirmed that they were alive!


The place became silent. Tang Zhenshan at the compound's entrance had become so pale there was no ruddiness to his face. The two Grandmasters he had asked for help were played like children by Lin Zhenbei.

What made Tang Zhenshan's heart shiver was that his speed was so terrifying. Just one move was enough to take their life, but he slashed over 300 times to torment them alive, make them slowly die in despair and fear.

Terrifying… It was too terrifying.

Lin Zhenbei… he's the same as before.

"H-How is this possible?"

Chu Tiannan's eyelids became heavier.

"Is this the strength required to become a Dao Soldier?" The difference in strength was too vast, there wasn't even a little chance of winning.

Now, Chu Tiannan was filled with regret and hate. Why did I have to meddle so much? Now, even my life is gone.

"I've toyed with you enough. It's time to send you on your journey."


Suddenly, a sound resounded. "Chu Tiannan. If you kneel down and beg this Deity, perhaps I can save your life."

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